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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 7 of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap this 7th episode and answer your questions!

Did This Move Make Any Sense?

On a night where the obvious hidden vote did not happen, Rob and Stephen were both puzzled with Domenick’s move to take out Bradley over Libby, most likely doing it because he was so insufferable. Rob points out that not only did Domenick take out one ally in Bradley, he could have lost other allies by taking out an original Naviti in the process. When Rob tried to find logic in Domenick’s decision, he pondered that he could control Libby more than Bradley, but ultimately thought it was more likely that Domenick had big-move-it-is, which Stephen agreed with.

The Night of Odd and Cursed Advantages

When discussing the impending Domenick vs. Chris battle next wonder, Rob thinks that Chris would only have Jenna, Sebastian, and Donathan, but could maybe gather some of the original Naviti, especially Kellyn and Desiree, that would be upset with Domenick taking out Bradley. Rob also pointed out that he is really excited to see the legacy advantage played at 13 instead of 6, which is very likely. Stephen was completely dumbfounded again that Desiree and Angela let Michael go off looking for the idol and not follow him when he is the obvious target on a tribe likely to lose again, while Rob did not realize how cursed the f__ing stick really is. Rob and Stephen also agreed that Kellyn made the right decision to risk her vote, but Rob thinks she would have lost it at her next Tribal and Stephen thinks it would be for the next one, whether or not she goes. On a night of puzzling moves, Stephen awarded the Fishy to Michael and Wendell for their idol finds.

Did the Listeners Understand Domenick’s Rationale?

Rob and Stephen agreed that keeping Bradley would not have prevented the Domenick vs. Chris civil war and Rob thinks the five Malolo would be pulled into the civil war and then potentially join together to gain an advantage.

Stephen wondered whether Domenick’s rationale was to gain Donathan and Libby as allies, and both think that Bradley will not play again.

They both laughed as to how Wendell could hide the giant immunity necklace he has.

Rob and Stephen don’t think that Domenick’s awkward jumps in the water meant that he threw the challenge because the show would have told us that.

Stephen thinks that Domenick or Chris will be the second boot at the merge, and Stephen thinks Kellyn will be the merge boot, while Rob thinks it will be Sebastian.

Rob was very happy to see the carnival game in the challenge over a puzzle, while Stephen prefers a mix of the two.

Rob also pointed out how they skipped over a lot of the Michaela story and Stephen is worried that we won’t see his vote steal come into play.

Rob ended the show noting how puzzled he was by this vote and how excited he is for the merge now.

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