AJ Mass Reveals the 13 Archetypes of Survivor: Ghost Island

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AJ Mass Reveals the 13 Archetypes for Survivor: Ghost Island

Rob Cesternino is joined by’s AJ Mass to discuss his 13 archetypes for Survivor: Ghost Island.

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Survivor: Ghost Island 13 Archetypes

  1. Diplomat: Donathan
  2. Marriage of Convenience #1: Kellyn
  3. Mad Scientist: Domenick
  4. X-Factor: Angela
  5. Captain Loophole: Michael
  6. Idiot Savant: Libby
  7. Marriage of Convenience #2: Desiree
  8. Old Reliable: Wendell
  9. Narcissist: Sebastian
  10. Loose Cannon: Chris
  11. Cheerleader: Laurel
  12. Ninja: Chelsea
  13. Fresh Meat: Jenna

Rob and AJ’s Fantasy Draft

1 point – making it through tribal council without getting voted out
2 points – winning immunity
2 points – playing the hidden immunity idol
3 points – making final tribal council
3 points – each vote received at final tribal council
  1. Michael (AJ)
  2. Kellyn (Rob)
  3. Wendell (Rob)
  4. Domenick (AJ)
  5. Donathan (AJ)
  6. Laurel (Rob)
  7. Chris (Rob)
  8. Sebastian (AJ)
  9. Jenna (AJ)
  10. Desiree (Rob)
  11. Chelsea (Rob)
  12. Libby (AJ)
  13. Angela (Ghost)


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