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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 4 of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap this 4th episode and answer your questions!

How Did the “Boston Rob/Kim Spradlin” Not Go Home?

Even more than last week, Rob and Stephen were both gobsmacked and Rob even said he was 130% sure Bradley would be sent home, especially after he compared himself to Survivor legends Boston Rob Mariano (Marquesas, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, winner of Redemption Island) and Kim Spradlin (winner of One World). When discussing Bradley, Stephen did mention that he did not care for Rob’s Bradley impression.

To Say a Name or Not to Say a Name

Rob exclaimed how masterful Michael was showing his idol at Tribal, and making up a believable lie that it could save two people, but did not like that he said that the Malolo 4 would vote for Bradley because it makes the other 4 Naviti members less worried. However, Stephen pointed out, by doing that, and by choosing a person you want to flip, it makes them think that taking the risk could really hurt them if they are wrong. Thus, Stephen liked that Michael targeted Chelsea and Sebastian as the people he wanted to flip to his side. Rob then postulated that the best option was to target one person and offer them the idol as a reward for them flipping. Stephen then mentioned that Bradley really hurt his position when he shut down the possibility of working with Stephanie in an arrogant way, unlike Kellyn who was really nice about it.

Kellyn’s Decision was Great for This Vote, but Could it Hurt Her Chances to Win?

Stephen, especially liked Kellyn’s decision to not play the game at Ghost Island, as did Rob, and while it had a beneficial impact on this vote, Rob mentioned that almost all of the last 7 or 8 winners have had some advantage or idol to help them and he wonders if that will hurt Kellyn in the long run. Stephen also gave the credit for Naviti staying 5 strong to Bradley as the ring-leader, while Rob said that it was actually Kellyn behind-the-scenes running the show.

Can James Clement Sleep a Little Easier Tonight?

Stephen and Rob both said that they thought Sebastian would flip on Naviti tonight. Also, Rob did follow the edit in that since the show showed nothing from Malolo before Tribal, he knew that Naviti would complete that great comeback in the immunity challenge. Rob also noted how Laurel had a big coming-out party tonight, making allies with almost everyone on her new tribe and winning the reward for them. Rob also was surprised that Chris has made it 4 rounds so far, but thinks he could be the consensus merge boot. Lastly, Rob joked that James Clement can sleep easier tonight, knowing that Michael misplayed one of his idols. Then, a discussion occurred as to what the worst move of all time is, and Rob said it was Woo taking Tony to the end in Cagayan, while Stephen countered that Colby taking Tina in The Australian Outback was just as bad. Stephen also pointed out that since Michael showed the parchment, someone should have asked to read it to catch his lie, but Stephen applauded the lie, especially since he could not come up with a believable one in Cambodia for his vote steal.

What Did the Listeners Have to Say?

When asked about Domenick’s move to tell Laurel about his idol, Stephen liked the move because the idol is no longer a secret, so making allies with it is his best move.

Rob also thought that Malolo should have targeted Sebastian for his vote, but Stephen said that if he had flipped, he could have been blindsided by his original tribe.

Stephen did not like that Naviti did not make a fake plan with Malolo and was surprised with how quiet Brendan was.

When confronted with the dilemma as to whether it would have been better for Chelsea and Sebastian to flip, Stephen said no way, but Rob thought there was a chance it could have been good for them to make new allies, if they are at the bottom of the Naviti 5.

On the other hand, when discussing the remaining Malolo 3, Rob ranked their position, from best to worst, as Jenna, Stephanie, and Michael, where Stephen flipped Stephanie and Jenna from Stephanie’s better relationship with the Naviti 5.

Additionally, Rob and Stephen both did not like changing Ghost Island this week but Stephen said it had to happen at the merge, and Rob said that the Malolo 4 got really unlucky with this change.

Rob joked that Kellyn reversed the curse by not playing the game at Ghost Island. Bradley did not get the Fishy for his arrogance and lack of flexibility but did not disclose the Fishy winner here (check out his blog below). Lastly, Rob mentioned that Heidi in The Amazon wanted him and his allies to join her in opening a Sonic, and Stephen laughed that John in Tocantins successfully opened a frozen burrito store, leading to the hashtag of the night.

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