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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 2(3?) of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap this 2nd episode and answer your questions!

Did Stephanie’s “I Dissent” Change the Vote?

Although the Heaven vs. Hell theme is on Big Brother Canada 6, the blindside reaction began with comparing Rob’s colorful clothing to Stephen’s black clothing. Rob began by pointing out how Stephanie saying she dissented to Donathan being sent to Ghost Island, and the rock draw that followed suit, helped to change the vote from Chris to what eventually became Morgan. In regards to the vote, Stephen thought it was best for the old Malolo (on new Naviti) to break up Wendell, Morgan, and Domenick, a big trio, while keeping Chris and Domenick together not getting along. Additionally, Stephen thought it was better for old Malolo to take out Morgan, an easier vote, than taking a risk going for Domenick, who has an idol. Stephen points out that keeping Angela helps to keep someone who is not very strategic, along with Chris, as a small threat, on your side.

Ignoring the Numbers

Rob and Stephen pointed out that the Naviti 5 clearly made a mistake taking out one of their own. Rob noted that Wendell did not seem concerned with increasing Naviti’s numbers advantage. Rob also feels that Libby could be the villain of the season, because of her look as a sweet quiet girl, but then showing her clear willingness to lie whenever she needs. Next week, Stephen thinks that Chris and Angela will almost definitely vote with old Malolo and blindside Wendell and Domenick if they go to Tribal Council again. Rob said he is really excited to see what Domenick does with his Legacy Advantage, his real idol, and his fake idol. Unlike Ashley Nolan from Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers, Rob exclaims that Bradley has found his thing: complaining. Rob also said that he enjoyed watching exasperated Wendell in this episode.

Is Malolo Beach an “Ugly Baby?”

Rob really enjoyed when Kellyn called Malolo beach an “ugly baby.” Stephen said that he was torn with Kellyn telling Stephanie and Jenna that she really liked them but that it was unfortunate the way the numbers worked out. Rob said that it was good that she at least made a social bond with Stephanie and Jenna and that she can work on the strategic bonds later on in the game. Rob said that he wonders who, on the new Malolo, that Brendan, Michael, Jenna, and Stephanie, think the leader of the Naviti members on their tribe (Bradley, Chelsea, Desiree,       Kellyn, Sebastian).

What Do the Listeners Have to Say?

When asked who on this season he would align with, Stephen said he’d probably be attracted to James, Kellyn, and Laurel, even if he would probably lose against them. Rob said that he would start with someone who knows the game and dump them later. He also points out that Bradley is a perfect alliance partner because he is a superfan but has already gotten on everybody’s nerves. Rob did not think that James made a move too soon because it helped to keep the rift that was growing between Angela and Chris. Even though he is happy that there was not another advantage in the game, he does wish that he could have seen Chris get the opportunity to play a game at Ghost Island. Rob and Stephen agree that Libby made the right decision to stick with the other 3 Malolo members on her tribe. Stephen is not sure if Naviti should throw the next challenge and Rob joked that he thinks Domenick will give Wendell his fake idol, then play his idol to control the vote. Rob said he was annoyed that people are calling Chelsea “purple Chelsea” after only three episodes. Stephen said he enjoys Ghost Island taking someone away from Tribal and Rob noted that Wendell has almost certainly lost Angela’s trust.

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