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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 12 of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap this 12th episode and answer your questions!

When Will Laurel and Donathan Make the Move?

The debates began bright and early tonight when Rob and Stephen actually agreed that Laurel and Donathan should’ve made the big move, but disagreed on who they should’ve tried to take out. Rob thought the ideal move for them was Sebastian, because he is just a number for Dom and Wendell, while Stephen said they should’ve gone straight for Wendell. Rob thought that Wendell would’ve been able to sniff out if Laurel and Donathan flipped on him.

Donathan’s “Strategy” at Tribal Council

Rob pointed out how the loved ones visit always gets the players focused on why they are playing, and he said that happened again this season. Rob then questioned whether Donathan was trying to scare Wendell into playing his idol or trying to keep the women calm, and Stephen thought Donathan was just being his talkative self.

Stephen Being Fency-Fencerton

Rob felt that Kellyn had a golden opportunity to take out Wendell last tribal, knowing Michael was voting for Wendell, and having nobody know about her extra vote. Rob added that the optics of Sebastian picking all the men to go on the loved-ones reward just looks awful, and let the women start plotting against them.

What Did the Listeners Have to Say?

Rob had a lot of fun “contemplating” whether or not Sebastian will catch a clue that the “secret four” alliance is more visible. To that, Stephen added that Laurel has a better chance to win if she takes out Dom and Wendell, instead of going to the end with them.

Rob thinks that Domenick has a better chance to win than Wendell, but Stephen wouldn’t give a straight answer.

When asked about whether Laurel lost the game tonight, Rob and Stephen think that her chances were hurt a lot, but she still has a small shot.

As to whether Laurel or Donathan will be a zero-vote finalist, Rob said that it is Donathan because Laurel is more aware of her predicament at least.

Stephen said it was a great read by Wendell not playing his idol, knowing that the vote would be 5-3 in either direction, instead of just luck.

Rob thought that Donathan’s truth bomb at tribal was mainly to keep Kellyn in the dark about the vote.

Stephen also gave the Fishy to both Domenick and Wendell, which was very upsetting to Rob.

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