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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 11 of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Rob Cesternino & guest David Wright recap this 11th episode and answer your questions!

Junior Varsity and Varsity Tribal Councils

In place of Stephen Fishbach, Rob was joined in the studio by Millennials vs. Gen X’s David Wright, sporting a “LaBelle’s Lobstahs” hat. Rob actually liked the idea of having two tribes temporarily but notes that the show got incredibly unlucky with the breakdown, comparing it to having junior varsity and varsity tribes.

Michael’s “Idol” and Vote of Confusion

While Rob was really confused that Michael voted for Wendell and did not try to get on the same page as Kellyn, but David thought that Michael did everything he could have given the unfavorable split. Rob said that Kellyn had another bad week because she really panicked over Michael’s “idol” without insisting to see it. Laurel surprised Rob by not telling Domenick and Wendell that Donathan has an idol, instead of Michael, but David postulated that she did not want to ruin her relationship with Donathan potentially. David said that Domenick and Wendell really put Kellyn on the bottom of their alliance. Rob also questioned whether Domenick’s fake idol comes with a note to fool someone.

The Tribal Council of the Irrelevants

Rob thought Donathan was a little too quick to shoot down Michael’s request to borrow his idol but understands why he did it. Rob and David also noted that Jenna and Sebastian must have gotten together after the show. Rob’s main issue with Jenna’s plan was that she kept trying to rush Tribal Council, which Rob notes for future players, is a sign that the person is deceiving someone. Rob and David also shared a good laugh with how Jenna’s awful night went, from Donathan not playing his idol on her, to not getting any hugs like Michael, and not getting any final words as well.

Domenick and Wendell Losing at Final Tribal?

Rob now thinks that his winner pick Kellyn will be the next to go. David said that in order for Domenick and Wendell to have a shot to win, they must not sit together at final Tribal. Rob noted that when a pair is in a final 3, the jury typically votes for the person not in the pair. Rob also noted that if Domenick and Wendell were separated, then every idol in the game could have been played. David also said that even though Donathan misplayed his idol, he understands where his paranoia was coming from and adds that he can always go and find another one.

What Did the Listeners Have to Say?

When asked about whether Domenick and Wendell not trying to save Laurel by voting for Kellyn, David says that she might be upset with them, but hopes that she doesn’t stir the pot.

David said that Donathan was smart to play his idol with the craziness of only having five people on a tribe.

Rob and David both agreed that Michael will play Survivor again if he wants the opportunity.

David was confused by most of Jenna’s plan but Rob liked her move to tell people to vote for her until she tried to speed up Tribal Council.

Rob thinks that if Kellyn goes next, Laurel has a good shot to go with Donathan to try to split up Domenick and Wendell at final 7.

When asked about Kellyn’s use of her advantage, Rob thought she wasted it because of Michael’s lie, but David liked her move.

David thought it would have been a good idea if Donathan pretended he had two idols.

When asked about whether Chelsea would have been allowed to give her immunity to Kellyn, David thought so but Rob thinks it wouldn’t be allowed.

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