Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers: Marbles, Idols, and Double Agents

Logan Saunders recaps Episode 10, 11 & 12 of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.

EPISODES 10, 11 & 12

Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers: Marbles, Idols, and Double Agents


Ashley, Joe, Devon. Chrissy, JP, Ryan, Mike, Lauren. Ben


hhh-barEPISODE 10

Previously on Survivor: After the merge, the majority alliance was running the game, but trust came into question and cracks began to form. At Tribal Council, Mike tried to change the game. He caused chaos and played an idol. In the end, the majority stuck together and sent Cole to the jury.

Nine are left; who will be voted out. . .a week ago?!



Joe said it was hilarious and told Mike it was dumb and funny to watch. Chrissy says Mike’s idol play came out of left field as “The Seven” plan to stick together against the two.

JOE: Mike exploded as the villain . . . That’s my role. That’s my game . . . Now we’re just two swing votes with no idols and no power.

. . .And that’s the perfect time for the majority to use the minority who have no advantages to start eating their own when they have enough pieces left.

I can’t tell if Joe is more pissed that everybody isn’t hating him right now or that he is powerless.

Mike says that he now has a block of two with Joe rather than being alone with Cole. His next goal is to convince the majority that they need to splinter.



It’s the same ol’ challenge we have seen several times since San Juan Del Sur. You can only use your feet to stack three towers of blocks in a circle then plant a flag in the middle. First person to finish wins reward in the form of a seaplane and take a tour of the islands. They will then enjoy cheeseburgers, French fries, and ice cold beer.

We begin. Kelly Bruno would not be too fond of this. Probst somehow makes an analogy for stacking blocks with your feet to building a foundation of an alliance in Survivor. It’s a bit of a stretch, but whatever.

This is typically reserved as an immunity challenge which makes it odd to be just a reward for a seaplane and cheeseburgers. We see extreme close-ups of Mike’s toes as he attempts to put in the flag. Nope. He messes up.

Lauren is really close with her flag but has it. It’s her second challenge win in a row. Ryan kicks over the tower in frustration.

Lauren picks Devon for reward.  Then Ben.  Then Ashley.

Probst asks Ryan if there is anything to be read into it.

RYAN: Devon is a big guy and Ben and Ashley haven’t been on reward.

In other words, Lauren did the right thing.

LAUREN: Ryan is wrong. I picked those people for strategic reasons.

These choices are going to burn two rounds from now.

hhh-barDAY 25 – REWARD

Joe moons the seaplane as it flies by. What’s with everyone mooning each other this season?

BEN: Attaboy.

I don’t think that is how Tom Westman defined ‘attaboy’ from what I remember.


DAY 25

Mike is annoyed but wants to create a Siskel and Ebert duo with Joe to entertain JP, Chrissy, and Ryan.

MIKE: Can you do me a favour and get into a fight with Chrissy?

CHRISSY: You’re in perfect form today.

Mike decides to come up with the Coco-Nuts comedy duo. Ryan rolls his eyes.

RYAN: This makes it a lot easier to get to that seven than in a normal season of Survivor.

Well, that’s a burn.

Ryan and Chrissy talk about eliminating Ben. They want to oust Ben at seven. Both are convinced they will survive to the seven.

CHRISSY: My intuition tells me.

Betsy’s intuition is different from Chrissy’s intuition.

hhh-barDAY 25 – REWARD

Lauren creates the new four-person alliance within the seven. Devon and Ben reveal the secret about Ryan’s idol. Lauren reveals her Extra Vote. Ashley is amazed by all of this brand new information.

Ben is tired of being referred to as King Arthur (I wish the subtitles during Ben’s confessionals would switch to KING ARTHUR just to piss him off).

DEVON: Lauren is surprising me. . . Lauren is really good. She is as good as me.

Devon, ya gotta be humble. No one expects this side from you.

They have letters. They cry.


DAY 27

Ben talks about being a veteran once more before breaking into Idol Hunting Mode. He finds the magical ‘X’ on a rock. It’s a map to the idol. There is a clay pot on a hook. Ben nearly wakes up the whole island when he eventually finds the clay pot on the hook. He jumps, he throws his hat Rick Nelson style, and keeps jumping until he decides to stop and claim it. Ben nearly pops out his own eyes in relief.



It is the challenge we saw debut in Survivor: Caramoan–balance on a doghouse. At regular intervals, you will move up on the doghouse higher and higher until you are at the top.

Probst tempts everyone with foregoing the challenge just to eat peanut butter and chocolate. Clothing optional.

Devon, Lauren, and Ben eat chocolate.

For some reason, we see everyone start on the third of four levels on the doghouse. Clearly, the first two levels were cut on the editing room floor.

PROBST: What will your kids think when they see you in your filthy yellow shirt?

So we’re starting to diss a contestant’s fashion choice now, eh?

Joe’s legs tremble. JP is doing an odd YMCA dance. Ben offers Probst some chocolate. He laughs at Probst’s commentary.

JP is now doing a robot before he is first out.


We are magically on the final level. That beam is narrow for both feet on top. Everyone is off-balance. Chrissy is in. Mike is doing a 90-degree rotation to find stability.

Joe is next in.

Ryan is in a crouch; Ashley is surfing; Mike is in his 90-degree rotation.

Ryan jumps in. Mike loses his balance. A quick immunity challenge is done.

PROBST: What a challenge.

Not as good as drawing marbles.



Everyone compliments how long Mike lasted.

RYAN: I was very surprised that Devon, Ben, and Lauren chose to eat. . . like what am I–a Romanian gymnast doing backflips off the platform? That left a bad taste in my mouth.

Meanwhile, the only taste the other three had was chocolate.

Chrissy is stoked to split up Coco-Nuts.

CHRISSY: Coco-Nuts is making us all bananas.


Devon notes how confident Ryan, JP, and Chrissy are acting.

LAUREN: This whole trust in the seven is crap and we need to act for ourselves.

No kidding.

Lauren thinks they could go after JP’s challenge prowess, Chrissy’s social game, or Ryan’s  idol.

Devon comes up with a plan. He goes up to Ben to throw his vote against Joe or Mike and have Ben act as a double agent for a few days.

My god. Devon. You are brilliant.

Ashley and Lauren tell Joe and Mike to join them with Devon to make a new alliance of five. Joe and Mike couldn’t be happier.

MIKE: The court jesters become Merlins and I am going to make them disappear.

Mike is carrying a torch and a cane as Lauren cannot wait for the 4th of July fireworks at her camp.






Mike says everyone will believe him because he is a doctor from now on. The Coco-Nuts comedy act is revealed.

Ryan says using Joe and Mike doesn’t make any sense.

Devon says the Coco-Nuts are looking for cracks; Lauren expects a perfect storm.

The Seven is a mirage. The game doesn’t end at seven. Joe and Mike keep laughing to themselves over random statements.

After Ryan and Lauren talk a whole bunch, JP says something. I don’t remember what it is.

Chrissy says you have to play Survivor while you eat, sleep, and pee. If only that was the slogan for Survivor.

It’s time to vote.

Joe pretends to play an idol.









Ryan curses.


Chrissy is stunned. Ben pretends to be stunned. Coco-Nuts and the eliminated healers are laughing.

JP’s torch is like, you know, snuffed.

JP: Damn. They got me good.

And those are the last words we hear from JP because we don’t get any official final words from him.




Ashley, Joe, Devon. Chrissy, Ryan, Mike, Lauren. Ben



CHRISSY: Can everyone explain what happened?

JOE: We’re Coco-Nuts but we’re not idiots.

BEN: That’s interesting coming from a guy who said he wouldn’t be a puppet.

Chrissy is pissed by how the five treated her back at camp. However, we don’t see any snarky responses from anyone.

Ryan does a better job than Chrissy as he congratulates everyone on their move.

Ben repeatedly attacks Joe while mocking Joe secretly for being his puppet behind the scenes. He wants his Academy Award for acting like he is in the minority with Ryan and Chrissy.

Strategy talk continues until Devon and Ryan have a conversation.

RYAN: I have given him every single ounce of information in this game.

. . .As well as Ben.

Devon tells Ryan that he knows that multiple people knew about the idol. Devon admits he has a fear of trusting Ryan again.


DAY 28

Devon invites everyone to grab a seashell. None of these seashells are idols, sadly.

Devon says his Survivor game has been cloudy until now. He sits down with Ben alone to eat rice.

DEVON: One more person and we’re guaranteed to be Final Four. We can be open and not have to hide. . . with Ben as an ally, I know where the idols are, I know where the advantages are, and what each person is thinking. . . nobody realizes how good I am at this game.

Sounds like the build-up to a magnificent downfall. In other news, Devon is the only person who can say things that would seem very cocky but say it without everyone hating him.



They will be divided into two teams.

They will swim out to a boat, paddle to shore while collecting three bags of logs along the way. On shore, they will use those logs to push a bunch of puzzle pieces through a tunnel. Once all of the puzzle pieces have fallen, they will put together a puzzle.

First team to complete the puzzle will enjoy a spa, a shower, a massage, and eat chicken, veggie wraps, fresh fruit, and for dessert key lime and pecan pie.



Blue is paddling well together. Devon’s lanky legs lets him collect the pieces quickly.

Ryan tries to collect the first bag but needs everyone else to help hoist the bag.

PROBST: The bag weighs more than he does!

Ben has the second bag, but the boat drifted away for a minute. He is stuck waiting until the boat returns to him. Mike collects the last two bags while Ben has the final bag. Both teams make it to shore at roughly the same time.

Lauren is the only one carrying a bag by herself. Everyone else works together to drag pieces.

Chrissy and Ryan are having a really hard time with the final bag. They need Mike’s extra muscle to get it to their mat.

Blue is first with delivering the bags. Devon and Ben alternate pushing the logs through the tunnel. Lauren meanwhile is using upper body strength as she presses her chest against each individual log.

The blue team is working on the puzzle. It’s just Ben and Ashley. Chrissy and Mike are now at the puzzle for red.

The blue puzzle has a couple pieces out of place as they helplessly stare to see what’s wrong. Chrissy and Mike are getting extremely close. Ben and Ashley make a swap. They barely beat Mike and Chrissy. That initial headstart made the difference.

JOE: I am no longer on the bottom. I am finally on top and now it’s time to eat and get a massage.

Oh, Joe. This is not going to end well for you.



Ben continues to play the role of being betrayed.

BEN: Cheers to my disloyal knights!

The act has to be played for Joe. Devon mocks Ben’s dethroned position in front of Joe. It’s amazing how much Ben and Devon have eaten over the past few days.

JOE: Ben has been the leader of his pack since the beginning, and now he is at the bottom. He doesn’t know how to play this game without power and control.

This episode is set up to completely humiliate Joe, eh?

Ashley is scared by how good of an actor Ben is during this whole ordeal. Devon plays around as he puts on Ben’s cowboy hat. Devon and Ashley further solidify their alliance. The hat suits Devon, to be honest.

ASHLEY: I feel like this is my game to lose.

That might be a bit premature, Ashley. This isn’t a field that can be easily streamrolled.


DAY 28

Ryan is really down on his own position.

RYAN: I can’t even win a veggie wrap. That’s how bad things have been.

Really down.

Ryan pulls Mike into the jungle. Mike is insulted because this is the first time Ryan is willing to work with him after Mike wanted to work with Ryan for ten days straight.

MIKE: Right before Tribal he said was not voting for me, then he voted for me. Now he says he always wants to work with me?

Yeah, Ryan may have fallen for the classic “I didn’t plan enough contingencies because I was comfortable in my majority alliance” Survivor trope.

Chrissy does a similar thing with Lauren, and Lauren has an identical response.

Chrissy believes herself, Ryan, and Ben will be the next three to be eliminated. At least Lauren built everyone a swing in camp. Weeeee.


DAY 29

It’s raining. Chrissy is miserable and hungry. Mike adds to all of the elements that Chrissy is fighting.

MIKE: Do you need a hug or anything?

CHRISSY: Maybe just come sit here.

Chrissy’s ass is kicked because she is used to being in control, and right now the control is out of her hands. She discusses her sixteen-year Survivor dream.

CHRISSY: I hope I can have the last laugh.

I can’t picture that at the Survivor reunion show where she just points and laughs at everyone after being told she is the winner.



Ashley is the first person to take off the talisman and hand it to Probst. He usually has to do it himself.

It’s another new Survivor challenge.

JOE: Oh, hell no.

It’s not even marbles, buddy.

A Survivor dragon wheel will be used to transport a key through a variety of obstacles. The key will then unlock a bunch of letter blocks. These letter blocks must be transported to the mat. Once all blocks are delivered, they will then be used to create a word. First person to solve the word wins immunity.

This is kind of a cool new challenge. I wish the ocean would be used somehow, but it is not meant to be.

Ben is first to the block station. Devon is second. Joe is third. Ashley is fourth. Everyone is trying to figure out a unique way to stack the blocks whether it be on top or against the dragon wheel. Chrissy is fifth. Devon pops up his first delivery of blocks but it goes beyond the mat–he has to scoop them up into the mat. So much for being efficient.

Ashley tries to copy Devon’s wheel popping technique but also happens to make the same error as Devon.

Lauren is sixth to the blocks. Mike is seventh and Ryan is last.

Ashley breaks the challenge by stacking eight blocks at once rather than the four like everyone else.

In the words of JLP from Australian Survivor, everyone is staring at their bin of letters. They need Dorothy Hui or Desi to solve this fast.

Devon stares at Chrissy’s puzzle. He catches on and starts scrambling.

Chrissy wins individual immunity. Lauren casually congratulates her.

CHRISSY: I have been waiting for this for sixteen years!

Chrissy is beyond stoked to win immunity.


She truly believes she was going to be voted out tonight. I think she’s right. It came at the perfect time.


DAY 30

Devon, Ashley, Lauren, and Ben decide to vote Joe. But now what are they going to tell Joe?

Devon decides they will tell Joe that the vote split will be between Ryan and Ben. Lauren’s extra vote will be put on Ben along with Ashley. Devon, Joe, and Mike vote for Ryan. 3-3. In the revote, Ben goes home. Mike is happy because Ben has been betrayed him many times and will do whatever it takes to win the game.

In reality, Joe is absolutely screwed.

Chrissy, Ryan, and Ben strategize. Ben has to pretend to be clueless.

RYAN: How did we get tricked by two twenty-five-year-old surfers?

Hey. Bethany Hamilton is a genius.

BEN (to RYAN): If I had an idol, I would play it to get myself to day 31.

That’s one way to manipulate Ryan.

BEN: Put a sucker in my one hand and a balloon in the other and I’ll be like a kid in a candy store watching Joe get his torch snuffed.

We cut to Lauren and Ashley who think about eliminating Ben tonight. Ashley says she would vote for Ben to win at the end of the game.

Ashley pitches the Ben blindside to Devon. Devon’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. He does his classic “oh wowwwwwwwwwww that’s craaaaaazy man” series of reactions.

Ben, Lauren, and Ashley seriously consider eliminating Ben tonight. . . but does it really matter if they originally wanted Ben and their idol with them to the Final Four anyway?





Mike is smiling; Chrissy is also smiling because she started applying back in 2001.

Cole attempts to send signals to the other players during Tribal Council.

Ben pretends to be on the bottom as being blindsided.

BEN: The rogue knights and the court jesters have teamed up.

Coach is crying that he missed on an entire post-merge that used Middle Ages lingo.

PROBST: Do you take a little joy–

JOE: A little joy? No, I take a lot of joy. A lot of joy.

Joe takes more jabs at Ben for not respecting the allies around him.

Mike makes another doctor analogy about being surgeons.

Probst keeps asking Ashley about the roller coaster.  Ryan throws in a prom analogy.

JOE: This is the first time I have felt comfortable at Tribal Council.

Famous last words.

Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol. Idol #5 is in play.









Ben pumps his arm the same way Joe pumped his arm during the Alan elimination.

CHRISSY: That was an incredibly tight alliance.

They didn’t see that coming.

Ryan and Chrissy glare at Ben. He didn’t even receive a single vote.

Joe got completely pwned by Lauren, Ben, Devon, and Ashley. I hope he gives them major kudos for what they did.


Next Time on Survivor: Love brings everyone together, but it’s every man for himself.

Joe said he gave it 120 percent and found a couple idols. He played his game and nobody else’s. . . except Ben’s, but whatever.

In all seriousness, the double agent Ben storyline is one of the most devious plans I have seen created in Survivor.




Ashley, Devon. Chrissy, Ryan, Mike, Lauren, Ben


Previously on Survivor: Ben found an idol and was playing double agent while his true allegiance was to his core four, but they saw Ben as a major threat. At Tribal Council, Ryan played his idol but the core four stuck together stunning Ryan, Chrissy, and Mike.

Seven are left; who will be voted out tonight?



Mike laments over being blindsided once more. Ryan notes he is in an awful spot.

RYAN: I played an idol which they flushed. I have no allies except Chrissy who has no power. Other than that, it went really well.

If only sarcasm was an immunity challenge.

Ben refuses to tell Chrissy and Ryan his plan. Chrissy cusses out Ben for betraying their trust. Chrissy insists she had Ben’s back to the end.

CHRISSY: So can you explain what happened tonight?

BEN: Yeah, Joe went home.

CHRISSY: . . . What you did today showed your true colours–

BEN: Well listen listen listen. Anybody who goes against you is all of a sudden the bad man.

CHRISSY: Oh my god you’re such a jerk, Ben.

BEN: Oh my gosh, it’s not gonna work. You’re not gonna mother me, Chrissy.

CHRISSY: I never expected this from you. . . How am I mothering you? I never call my kids a jerk.

BEN: Whenever anybody goes against you, you start doing this.

CHRISSY: Doing what?

BEN: It’s a game of Survivor.

CHRISSY: Good night.

BEN: OK. Night night.

I never expected Ben to quote Mike Tyson’s Punchout.

I think Chrissy is suffering from PTSD–Post Tribal Stress Disorder. She and Ryan, the guy who wants to be mothered on the island, try to figure out a way to get back in this game.



We see only two logs for the challenge build.

PROBST: It’s another new Survivor challenge and you will be running in pairs, but not with each other–with your loved ones.

Ashley’s dad Jim emerges. His hair indicates that Ashley is a minimum second generation lifeguard.

Probst comments on a woman falling into the arms of her dad. We proceed to Probst going into Talk Show Mode where a whole lot of nothing occurs.

Ryan’s dad Steve comes out. He is stylin’.  Probst doesn’t talk about a man falling into the arms of a father.

Mike’s wife Mary comes out. They show Ashley crying and Ben bending over (no pun intended) for some reason as they see Mike and Mary embrace. Probst orders Mary to give her man one last hug, but they opt for a kiss instead. I wonder what the penalty will be?

Lauren’s sister Sunny comes out. Sunny 2 Funny decides to hug Probst first before Lauren.

PROBST: 35 seasons! I get a hug!

Maybe this is what Probst wanted all along. This is going to be the last family visit perhaps. It is no longer necessary.

Sunny is a huge superfan who dragged Lauren to an audition.

Chrissy’s husband of over twenty years Keith comes out. They talk for a while. Chrissy wants to dedicate the rest of her life to her family.

Devon’s mom Sonja comes out.

A woman carrying a ukulele comes out of the jungle–nah, I’m just joking.

DEVON: A day spent away from you and family feels like a day wasted.

ASHER ROTH: A day isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted.

That reward last night was completely crazy I wish we taped it. . . Joe danced his ass off and Alan ordered JP to get completely naked. . .

Ben’s wife Kelly comes out of the jungle. She smells good. Apparently, Professor Farnsworth’s Smell-A-Vision is not available yet because we have to take Ben’s word for it.

As my parents say when they watch the family visit (or as my parents say, the “dreaded” family visit episode) is that it has only been twenty-eight days and that other close relatives of ours have been out of contact for longer periods of time. They are convinced the tears each season are exaggerated by production encouragement. I personally agree but not quite to their extreme.

PROBST: The only way to guarantee you get to spend time with your loved one is if you are really in sync with them.

Inside a bag are two marbles. One black and one white. There are two bags.

If you and your loved one pull the same coloured marble, you stay in the challenge.

The last couple left standing wins reward. A BBQ back at camp.

Wow. . . Wow. . . WOW. This challenge is TERRIBLE. I hope John Kirhoffer and the Dream Teamers tested this challenge repeatedly because this is so freakin’ dangerous. What if they pull on the marble too hard and it gets in their eye?

It is such a tough challenge that not even Flo from The Amazing Race 3 would do it; Probst’s niece can’t even do this challenge unless a parent and/or guardian signs a waiver on her behalf.

LAUREN: White SUNNY: Black


MIKE: White MARY: Black


RYAN: Black RYAN’S DAD: White


PROBST: This is how Survivor goes!

BEN: Black KELLY: Black




DEVON: White SONJA: Black.



BEN: Black KELLY: White



Twenty rounds of Shuffleboard where the last person goes is guaranteed victory was more pleasant than this.

Chrissy picks Ryan and Steve to join in on reward. She also chooses Mike and Mary.

There is one last pair. Ashley and Jim are instantly chosen.

PROBST: No hesitation. Like an assassin!

A Marble Matching Assassin! Chrissy has won two challenges in a row! What a beast!


DAY 31 

That challenge was for all of the marbles. . . well, for thirty-two marbles. Yes, I counted.

Chrissy reveals she picked Ashley because she would be “the easiest to break” like a terrorist withholding information on 24.

Chrissy pitches to Ashley to conduct some Hero-on-Hero crime and wipe out Ben.

Ben makes a convincing fake idol to plant to fool Chrissy, Ryan, and Mike as a way to buy time in order for the majority to find the real deal.

Lauren, Devon, and Ben find one half of an idol. Well, Lauren found it. Oh, and she talks about being pissed with Ben’s fake idol because she secretly believes Ben’s fake idol is just a tool being used to humiliate Chrissy. If Chrissy finds the fake idol and plays it, Ben gets to go all Nelson Muntz as he points and laughs as Probst throws the fake idol into the fire.

The other half of the idol is at the immunity challenge.



There are seven balls in a bowl. Each ball has their name on it. Whichever ball is drawn will represent immunity for the person whose name is on the ball.

Just kidding.

Arms will be stretched out with fingerprints pressed against two discs. If they let go, the discs fall. Last person standing wins immunity.

Lauren’s station is positioned directly in front of the seashell idol.


The chimes represent hope according to Probst. Everyone is slipping constantly. This is a messy challenge.

Ben’s biceps are friends and we are down to six. Chrissy is out next. Probst gets really excited. Ryan is crouched to the max before the chimes die.

Lauren asks Mike to drop the discs.

PROBST: Lauren just.  . . quits! She doesn’t even drop!

LAUREN: My shoulders.

Lauren casually picks up the idol. Baseball shoulders weren’t gonna hold much longer, anyway.


Devon does the hula. The hula. Mike drops out.

Devon wants to know from Ashley if they want to fight it out. They agree that the loser gets a shoulder massage. This is enough for Devon to drop. Ashley earns individual immunity.

As we head back to camp, Lauren reviews the fact she holds the idol.


DAY 33

Ashley pulls a Will Wahl and starts talking about resumes.

Ashley asks Lauren and Devon if they should eliminate Ben. Devon responds that Chrissy is more of a threat in challenges and at the jury. However, he agrees Ben needs to go eventually.

Ben hides in the bushes momentarily as Ashley, Lauren, and Devon suddenly stop talking when they notice him. It’s super awkward. The four of them agree to vote Chrissy, but Ben is becoming uber paranoid.

Ben and Mike retreat into the jungle together. Ben leaks out Lauren’s Extra Vote and Hidden Immunity Idol.

MIKE: All of a sudden I feel like I am back on top.

Hasn’t he said this every episode since the merge?

Ben pulls aside Ryan. Ryan is happy to go along with it.

Chrissy goes up to Devon. Even with Ben in earshot, she indirectly references wanting Ben out.

Ben and Chrissy momentarily fight before they talk candidly about eliminating Lauren. After the conversation breaks up, Mike tries his damndest to get Chrissy to vote against Lauren rather than Ben. Mike is not pleased with Chrissy’s vendetta, and decides to go up to Devon and Ashley about Ben’s blindside plan.

Things get even crazier as Devon talks to Lauren about Ben’s assassination attempt.

Seconds before Tribal Council, Lauren opts to give Mike today’s half of the hidden immunity idol.

MIKE: It falls into the pool of Dumbest Moves in Survivor History. The question becomes if the gods make her pay for it.

Did Mike just refer to himself as a god?






Probst makes Ashley and Devon talk about how close they are with the shoulder massage. Everything is out in the open as Probst remarks on Ashley’s huge eyes.

LAUREN: What part of a game move was you telling people about the idol today? We’ve got a game for you too.

BEN: . . .I was definitely gunning for you today.

Lauren says her extra vote is at camp. She adds that Mike has half of the idol. Ben removes the fake idol out of play and shows it off. Mike tosses the seashell into the fire.

MIKE: I wanted to do this for fifteen years.

A pure game has been restored to Survivor after 35 seasons.

Everyone volunteers to be the recipient of the extra vote. While everyone is fighting, Ryan and Mike whisper to keep the vote against Lauren. I don’t even know what the hell the other five are saying. Ryan and Mike keep whispering as the fighting resumes.

Devon stands up and walks over to Mike. Chrissy whispers to Ryan REALLY close to his ear that he is ready to vote Lauren.

Mike, Ryan, and Chrissy keep having their conversation.

BEN: I am writing Lauren’s name.

DEVON: We knew that a long time ago.

It’s the one certainty.

CHRISSY (to MIKE): Be brave.

  1. It is safe to say that Mike is on top. He is deciding whether it is Ben or Lauren.

If anybody has a not-so-hidden immunity idol, now is the time for it to be played.

Ben hands in his real hidden immunity idol. Lauren buries her face into her hands. She is not so Sunny Funny tonight.







One vote left.


Well, it finally happened. Somebody got idoled out with just one vote. That extra vote would have saved her tonight. . . or at least given her a chance. Or guaranteed her safety if she had voted on somebody other than Ben.

What an odd odd odd episode. Marbles to seashell idol halves being thrown into fire to twenty million betrayals.

Next Time on Survivor: Ben’s big move creates fear, but when all hope is lost a nemesis can turn the tide.

Lauren views it as a classic blindside. She blames her “dumb dumb” self. Let the record show that she managed to shift a 4-3 vote against her mid-tribal to a unanimous vote against Ben.


So only six players remain.

We currently have three pairs.

Devon and Ashley.

Chrissy and Ryan.

Dr. Mike and Ben. While rarely voting together, Ben has always kept an eye out for Dr. Mike. I don’t know why exactly, but he has always been eager to protect him.

I think the pair perceived to be the least threatening is Devon and Ashley. I feel like the other four players are under the impression that they can outwit this pair whenever they deem it necessary. I don’t think either of them will be eliminated next round, but one of them will be ousted at five. Most likely Ashley due to multiple challenge wins, and she tends to be a bit more aggressive with her relationships than Devon.

The pair perceived as most threatening seems to be Chrissy and Ryan. Chrissy is a name that has been floating around for quite some time, and nobody else appears to have any one-on-one trust with Ryan. Ever since Ryan tried to dupe key players Ben and Devon with his idol lies, I think everyone will be more eager to eliminate Ryan than Chrissy. Furthermore, Chrissy isn’t as big of a jury threat as Ryan.

Dr. Mike has been able to get dirty without drawing too much attention to himself. He won’t be going right away, but everyone will be crazy for letting him get to a Final Three. He is a prime candidate to be voted out at Final Four. With three Healers who all support him on the jury, a Dr. Mike win is inevitable if he gets to day 39.

At this point, I see Ben being able to get to the end. I think this round cemented his spot as being the jury goat of the season. Yes, he may be a Marine veteran, but nobody in the history of Survivor has ever been awarded the million bucks because of their occupation. The sympathy vote just doesn’t exist with a Survivor jury.

Presuming Dr. Mike can’t win immunity on day 38, I think we’re looking at a Devon or Ashley victory. Devon and Ashley are well-liked, and although they haven’t had flashy games, they haven’t been viewed as being lazy or carried to the end either. Either of them should have an easy enough time beating Chrissy and Ben in the end.

If Devon or Ashley get to the Final Three with Dr. Mike and one of Ben/Chrissy, we should have a close vote of 5-3-0 or maybe even 4-4-0 on our hands. However, in the end, Dr. Mike should come out on top in this scenario.

Unless two idols are re-hidden next episode, the rest of the season should play out along these lines.


And now it’s time to say farewell to Lauren. She was easily my favourite contestant this season. Lauren had one of the strongest social games in Survivor history. If she played her dang idol, no votes would be counted and we likely see Devon eliminated tonight. If she played her extra vote and threw it onto anyone else, we see Chrissy eliminated tonight.

Lauren was so close to being one of Survivor‘s greatest winners ever. It’s too bad she had to go out this way.

Lauren was funny. Lauren was strong in challenges. Lauren could manipulate people half her age and form relationships with them.

There have been very few players like Lauren in Survivor history, and it’s too bad she choked really bad right before the end of the game when she had an alliance, an idol, and an extra vote in her corner.

And as I said before, I hope people note that she took a 4-3 scenario heading into Tribal Council tonight and turned it into a 1-6 vote against her opponent. Very few people are able to do that.


And yes, I was happy to see a real idol get thrown into the fire. I just wish it happened to anyone else. -_-


Out of six idols this season, only one has been used to rescue a majority vote. Yep. Just one.


That marble challenge is the worst challenge I have ever seen in Survivor history.


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