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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 13 Recap

LIVE after the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 13, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions!

Some “Suspense” and an Interesting Early Move

On a night where Stephen joked of recently seeing the Survivor: Philippines movie about the Tandang tribe called The Disaster Artis, Stephen really liked Devon’s game-changing move of getting Ben to play his idol. On the other hand, Rob thought the game changing move was Ben being the first person to ever play an idol before the votes were cast, which drove a wedge in the group but also gave him a little less power. With regards to Ben not being shown finding his idol, Stephen thought it was partially to add suspense, but mainly because they could not have gotten good footage of Ben finding it without blowing up his spot. Additionally, Stephen had no problem with Ben being allowed to play his idol before the votes were cast, which Rob felt added some excitement.

Voting for ANYONE Else Would Be Better

Stephen went on his first rant of the night, exclaiming how he was dumbfounded as to why everyone voted for Ashley, essentially wasting a vote. Rob rebutted with that he thought it was a good move for Chrissy to keep her final 3 with Devon and Ryan. Stephen’s main issue with Rob’s argument was that Chrissy should not want to go to the end with Devon, while mentions how Devon has made some enemies. Stephen felt that when Chrissy and Ryan voted out Ashley, they were left with three other people who could beat them at the end. Rob also mentioned how he retroactively likes Ben’s decision to vote out Lauren last week even better now.

Some of the Worst Gameplay Ever Seen

Rob and Stephen were both completely dumbfounded with how NOBODY went around following Ben the whole day when he went looking for the idol. Stephen actually called this some of the worst gameplay he had ever seen. Rob liked how Ben was playing with the jury by shaking things up at Tribal Council. On a night with some puzzling moves, Rob said that he was more puzzled with Devon’s decision to go with Chrissy and Ryan over Dr. Mike and Ashley. Stephen hated Chrissy’s move to tell her alliance members that she will make a last-minute decision at Tribal Council. Stephen mentioned how Ashley played well for the most part, but Rob pointed to her poor sportsmanship and not engaging Ben in conversation back at camp.

Listener Questions

Stephen did think it would have been the right move to vote out Devon over Ashley. When asked on whether Devon lost Ashley’s jury vote, Rob mentioned how Devon has a chance to win her over, but that she could also poison the jury at Ponderosa. Rob thinks that the title of “Goatiest Goat” should go to Ryan because Chrissy can articulate her game better and almost certainly has JP’s vote, while Stephen said Chrissy because there is greater ire towards her. With regards to Devon, Stephen mentions how Devon’s running of the game without the jury knowing is a failing strategy, while Rob questions if Devon should have given Ashley a sympathy vote. Both Rob and Stephen think that there will be one more idol put in the game. They agreed that Devon’s path to victory is to make it to the end with Ryan and Chrissy. When asked about whether or not Ben should have pushed for a rock-draw, Stephen said that it is better for Ben to maximize his idol play in front of the jury. Lastly, they acknowledge that while Ben maybe should have gone with Dr. Mike and Ashley, they also mention how he tried to work with them and is not great strategically.

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