Survivor: Ghost Island

Survivor: Ghost Island Power Rankings—Week 8 with Angela Bloom

Matt Liguori ranks the players each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Survivor Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by another of our great Reality TV RHAPups hosts, Angela Bloom!

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Survivor: Ghost Island Week 8 Power Rankings

This episode wasn’t my favorite, but I won’t let it bring me down on a season I’ve really been enjoying. The emergence of Angela this week (the Survivor, not my guest!) was entertaining. Michael playing his idol to save himself added in some strategic positives. Libby going home (from a TV perspective) was perfectly fine. Everything in the episode was basically just OK.

As for Libby, she was the “sneaky blonde” who… ultimately didn’t do all that much to be sneaky or untrustworthy, but she tried… I guess? I don’t know, I’ll just be thankful this episode happened last week instead of this week when a few hundred of us will be gathered in Boston to watch Survivor together.

My guest this week is a woman who you all know well if you’re up to date on the various Reality TV RHAPups she appears on, the wonderful Angela Bloom! Angela covers So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and the currently airing American Idol reboot, all of which you should absolutely be checking out if you watch any of those shows. Follow Angela (@angpalaggi) and I (@mattliguori) on Twitter, tweet us to let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!





1. Domenick

Sooner or later, a group will come together and realize Domenick needs to go. Laurel recognizes how much power he has in the game, and if she wanted to, she could blow that up in a second. But, he continues to play well with the group (and sub group) he has on his side, and with an idol still in his pocket Domenick gets the top spot this week.

1. Laurel

I’m incredibly invested in the Laurel/Donathan storyline and happy to see them actually having some game chops. So I’m putting them at the top of my power rankings because I like them. I think it’s a hard road for them to win but I do think Laurel could have a shot if she plays her cards right with the other big players like Dom/Wendall or even Kellyn. She also strikes me as someone who will pull out an immunity win when she needs it.

2. Kellyn

We didn’t hear much from Kellyn this week, but it looks like her troops are still in line behind her. She wanted Libby gone… and Libby’s gone. Not much seems to be working against Kellyn right now and I really don’t think she’ll have much turbulence on the path to the finale.

2. Donathan

Again, I’m not so naive to think he really has a shot, but I genuinely am rooting for him to get to the finals! And he does have a mind for strategy which I don’t think we expected from him given his pre game image so we shall see!

3. Laurel

It was nice to finally see more from Laurel. She’s got her four with two of the game’s biggest targets which currently serve as a nice meat shield, but it seems like Kellyn’s group can’t fully figure out where Laurel stands. If the Malolos keep getting picked off, I worry for her chances.

3. Kellyn

I think out of the rest of these people I see her being the most liked among the group while also playing the best game. She wins immunities, finds idols, and has allies. So I would say if I didn’t love my other two so much as characters she is the pick.

4. Donathan

Just like Laurel, I don’t hate the spot Donathan is in. The problem is that the original tribal lines seem really strong, and I’m not sure when things will change to save the Malolos from going extinct. Donathan should be fine for now if he continues to lay low and keep Domenick and Wendell close.

4. Domenick/Wendell

Grouping them together because at this point I don’t even see them playing separately. I’m not a huge fan of either to be honest but if we are talking power rankings then I guess they go here because they seem to be calling the shots!

5. Wendell

Not a great week for this guy. On one hand, he correctly read his tribemates and didn’t waste an idol. On the other hand, it seems like there’s a lot more attention on him than he probably realizes. His read on his talk with Laurel was pretty bad, but perhaps this week will open up his eyes a little and he’ll be more alert going forward.

5. Domenick/Wendell

See above!

6. Sea Bass

What is this, three weeks now with invisible Sebastian? Whaaaatever. At least Probst with his “high” comment gave everyone a chuckle.

6. Sea Bass

He’s a goober but he’s playing that goober game well under the radar so I give him credit for that. I think there are others who are tryin’ harder and doing more but I see him going farther because people like him and he’s not threatening.

7. Jenna

No game 4 u. Sorry, better luck next time. I still feel like the episodes have been making a point to give us Jenna’s thoughts in a lot of times where you wouldn’t think it’s needed. I still feel like she’s sticking around for a while, but just like 60% of this cast, I have no idea what she sees as her path to the end.

7. Michael

It was hard for me to let this stud fall so far down the list, but after his idol play this week I down know where else he can go. I think he has so much potential as a player and is clearly a good character but I’m just worried he’s our next boot, so I can’t put him too high up unfortunately.

8. Angela

Well well, look who finally showed up to the party. Angela’s breakout episode was… interesting. It’s weird, because she was shown strategizing and taking a shot at targeting Michael… but just like Desiree with Libby last week, Angela’s shot missed. Michael played his idol. Does Michael find out Angela was gunning for him and find a way to get her out?

8. Chelsea

Out of these last four women I would have to say she stands out as being at least part of the group. She seems to have her ins with the people who are making the calls so I think that puts her in a good spot. I have not connected with her as a human though, so it’s hard for me to care much unfortunately… but if she gets farther perhaps that changes!

9. Chelsea

It’s so tempting each week to keep making Purple jokes but I guess that’s getting old. Realistically, Chelsea does seem to have a healthy amount of input on the way her alliance votes, and nobody has once mentioned her as a target. So maybe she’s playing an okay game? Is she??

9. Angela

My namesake and the star of the gross food eating challenge. I was happy to see her come out of the shadows this week but I don’t know if that was enough to get her that far in the game. If anything, people are now threatened by her.

10. Desiree

So one week, Desiree calls her shot on Libby and then doesn’t get her way. This week, Libby goes home and we hear absolutely nothing from Des?! Explain that to me because it makes absolutely no sense.

10. Desiree

I don’t know much about her as a player since we don’t get to see much. One thing I do know is that she tends to get worked up quickly, and I just don’t think that’s gonna go over well in the long run. It doesn’t seem like she has a true partner out there so I’m not sure how long she has.

11. Michael

Well, goes without saying Michael looks pretty in danger here. I had him ranked high last week but that was mainly because he had an idol and I had faith in him to play it correctly. With the idol gone and another of his potential allies voted out, he’s really running out of room to make anything happen.

11. Jenna

Who? But really. I just don’t have enough to go on to put her any higher in a list like this. Even for me, who is ranking both game and character, I just can’t see much from either end with Jenna.


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