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RHAPpy Hour 31 The OC: Series Retrospective | with Eric Stein

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In what has easily become the longest episode in RHAPpy Hour history, Jordan is joined by Big Brother 8’s Eric Stein to discuss one of their favorite shows of all time, The OC. In addition to breaking down the main characters seen throughout the course of the show (11:00), they discuss each season in depth. Starting with Season 1 (49:30), Jordan and Eric talk about where the show begins and the main challenges facing the Core Four to start the series. They then get into the drama that ensues following Ryan and Seth’s return to Newport at the start of Season 2 (2:14:30). Following the major death at the end of the second season, the two dissect the craziness that is Season 3 (3:13:39) and Season 4 (4:08:40). Once their series recap concludes they discuss putting together a Kickstarter to convince Josh Schwartz to create a Season 5 (4:59:10). To wrap things up, the two put their producer hats on and debate as to which Survivor and Big Brother personalities they would use if they were to recast the show with only reality television personalities (5:03:30). If you’re a crazy person like Jordan, Eric and Oliver Trask you should enjoy listening to this podcasting marathon as much as Luke enjoys listening to Rooney live in concert!
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