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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 5 with Willow MacDonald

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother Canada 3‘s Willow MacDonald!


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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 5

I hesitate to say “it’s been a slow week” because this twist has me on edge. But it has been (for the first time since this season started) a slow week inside the BBCAN6 house. Trust and alliances are shifting, targets are growing, and anxiety around an upcoming triple eviction is looming large. If you’re a Daela fan, this week must have been pretty disappointing. If you’re a Johnny or Erica fan, this week was great (so far). If you’re a Paras fan, you’re finally able to let out a little YAAAAAAS as she pulled off some impressive maneuvering with an old forgotten ally. As slow as this week has been, regardless of how the vote goes, next week should be right back into the wild BBCAN6 we had gotten used to over the first month of gameplay, so there’s that to look forward to.

I’m joined this week by Big Brother Canada 3‘s Willow MacDonald! I had a little extra time this week so I checked in with Willow to get her thoughts on this season, her doppelgänger Erica, and what she thinks we should do with the twist this week. Follow Willow (@low_faith) and myself (@mattliguori) on Twitter, tweet us to let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below! If you want more Willow, she’s very active on her YouTube channel, so definitely check that out as well!

bbcabarThere’s been a lot of talk in the house lately about the triple eviction. As somebody who fell victim to the cruel fate of being a triple eviction evictee, do you think it’s smart of them to be planning their games around the triple? Are they overthinking it?
It’s smart to plan, but plan all you want… a triple or double never goes as planned. Everyone is used to schedule and structure from Big Brother: play HoH… have a day to talk… nominations… veto… all in a week. In a triple you have to do all of that in 1.5 hours, maybe less, while putting up three people. You have to be careful with saying who you would put up, because if the wrong person wins that HoH, it’ll be used against you. You need someone who will get in the HoH’s ear because those 3 mins are crucial. ( Thats all you get.. is the commercial time to talk!)

There have been a ton of comparisons made between you and Erica from even before the season began. What are your thoughts on Erica and how have you felt about her game so far?
This poor Erica girl, is going to come out and see she’s been compared to this old, short girl who threw her game away for love (lol) and be like who the hell is Willow and please don’t compare me to her. We both wear a black baseball hat and are the “tomboy” in casting so I think that’s why?

I’m blown away by Erica. Her interviews were great but it’s so different when you’re actually in the house, and she has been herself this whole time. I’m impressed. She’s getting to play Big Brother as herself with no fluffy character stuff. Not a lot of people can do that or get to do that. I think that’s why her social game has done so well. It’s the way she talks to people and is so careful with how she delivers info, or adds to a conversation.

Her beasting out in the comps is so kick ass and so motivating to see. I can see this girl in final two if a twist doesn’t ruin her game.
Are there any standouts of the players who have already been evicted? If Big Brother Canada brings back players again in the future, is there anyone out of the game (or in the game) that you think should be a lock to come back?
Rozina needs to come back!!! I think she needs to have her chance. Hamza’s also great TV and will shake up the house for sure. Even Jesse, watching him campaign was amazing and I think it was a week too early to go against the house. The first three weeks no one wants to stick their neck out. I would have to go with Hamza just for the TV factor and feeds.

So what do you think… should we use the twist this week? Should Canada save Ryan? Will? Not use it at all and save it for next week? What’s your ideal outcome with the Canada’s save?
If you’re an Erica fan, do not use it. She will go up and home this week. Daela fans… next week, you might need that veto for them. So save it for next week. But if you want good TV and good feeds save Ryan. I’m not voting or doing anything. I can’t be apart of these twists, it hurts me too much hahah.




1. Paras

Somehow Paras’ game continues to be working. Paras is off just about everybody’s radar going into next week. There’s some strong duos that need to be broken up, and while Paras and Will or Paras and Maddy could obviously be considered duos by us, they’re nowhere near the house’s radar. Her work on Kaela this week to push her into the Ryan direction was pretty incredible and if she can keep up what she’s doing, she may slide right past the potential triple.

 1. Olivia

She’s not only the most entertaining houseguest, and so hilarious to watch.. I truly believe she’s in the best spot right now and holds a lot of power. Even if she does get put on the block with Ali, I believe she stays. The only person I think might stay over her is maybe Will. Erica wants her closer to her, Johnny already feels close with her and wants her closer to him. Plus, she clearly can win comps… she hasn’t even been trying yet.

2. Olivia

It’s pretty hard to see a scenario where Olivia goes home next week. Shots will be fired, but I have to think they’ll be fired towards Daela or Erica and Johnny. Olivia is the much less vocal partner in her duo with Ali, but she did scare a few people this week by lasting so long into the HoH comp.

 2. Paras

Paras is a close second and arguably, could be first. She has a lot of control and influence with every houseguest. Some are onto her, but she’s done a perfect job of not looking like a threat. Maddy is so loyal to her and in her corner and hopefully she can keep that up. I know Paras can win some of the comps. She’s just waiting and I think it’s smart of her. Her jury management has been great… even though there is no jury yet.. lol.

3. Maddy

Maddy’s stock continues to rises for her longevity in the game, but her win equity is simultaneously plummeting.There’s a very strong field out there, and if Maddy wants a shot to win, she needs to win some comps and make those late-game power moves. The house keeps voting out all the pawns, but when one pawn goes, another one emerges. There’s got to be a point where they stop taking out the “weaker” players and plan to have them in their final 4s.

 3. Erica

You have to give Erica all the props for winning four comps, putting four people up, and still not having been on the block or even really the main target yet. She has Johnny as her number two, and that’s perfect for her because I think the girls keep Erica over Johnny. You always want to have a “person” in the house but make sure they’re a bigger target than you. This is where Erica’s great social game and calm demeanor come into play. Ali and Liv trust her more than Johnny at this point.

4. Will

Pretty high ranking for somebody sitting on the block, but I do feel comfortable about Will’s spot this week. While it’s been acknowledged that he’s a threat because he’s so likable, he hasn’t been winning comps to help that target grow. However, he is another player who really needs some comp wins if he wants to guide the game in a direction that’s beneficial to him, rather than making one of the nomination seats his to keep warm.

 4. Johnny

Johnny was in full control until Kaela won HoH. Everyone brought up Johnny’s name. Kaela mentioned to Ali that Johnny said her name. I think he might be a target next week with a few people. Like I said, I think Erica stays over him, but he can try to win the veto and save himself. He actually could win HoH and get full control again… just wining out isn’t a bad way to get to the end. Just get to the end!

5. Derek

Derek’s position is relatively unchanged since last week. He let Kaela do all the dirty work this week while he sat back and watched. Shots are coming at Daela soon, but nothing has changed in terms of who is the bigger threat; Kaela is still way more likely to go if both of them are on the block together.

5. Kaela

For someone who is clearly very athletically built and smart, having been in a showmance since day two, you have to give Kaela credit for her social game and laying low. She’s obviously going to be a target, and being paired with Derek, we know he would stay over her. Her move with Ali and Johnny might (and hopefully will) push the target away from her and Derek next week. Or hopefully Derek can pull off his first win.

6. Johnny

It took so long, but it finally happened. Johnny’s stock has taking a big dump this week. While his abilities as a player haven’t changed and he hasn’t made any bad moves per se… there are a lot of people looking at Johnny like a juicy target for next week. Olivia, Ali, Kaela, Derek, Paras, and Maddy have all discussed Johnny needing to go. Johnny needs himself, Will, or Erica to win HoH next week to ensure total safety.

 6. Ali

Ali we need a win girl!! I think she’s going to gun for this HoH and I can see her winning it if its physical. Having Liv in her corner is great because if a double or triple happens, Liv can try and keep her off with her connections or try and rally votes for her. Ali can get a little heated and I think that might not help her in the long run. I think next week, it’s going to be Johnny vs Ali and whoever wins HoH, the other might be in trouble.

7. Erica

Not much has changed for Erica either. While I’m impressed that her social game was so strong it kept her totally untouched the first week she wasn’t in power/safe the entire season, her resume is staring everybody in the face. Everybody loves Erica. Nobody can beat Erica.

 7. Will

Will has done a phenomenal job at laying low for someone who is 7-feet-tall. He has a great social game. Yes he’s on the block right now (that’s why he’s so far down on my list) but he does have Paras and Maddy that somewhat have his back. I know Will’s been throwing a lot of the comps so far, which has been a great strategy, but he’s gotta build up that resume now. It looks like he’s sliding down the target list with the other pairs going after each other.

8. Ali

Ali gets messier by the week and I love it. I love it because I see how much she wants to be there and how hard she’s trying to play this game. Ali has been opening her mouth a little too much to the wrong people. Sharing so much information with Kaela could really come back to bite her next week. She’s openly discussed targeting both Johnny and Erica, two people with high chances of winning the next HoH. Lucky for her, Daela still exists. It’s hard to imagine Johnny or Erica targeting Ali directly instead of Daela, but if this triple rolls around like they all expect, the comp beasts will show her no mercy. Just ask Dre and William how the triple went for them last year when their “ally” Demetres won the HoH after finding out they’d been plotting against him and Ika.

8. Maddy

My sweet Maddy! I know she’s trying so hard, but its just some bad luck for her. Problem is, once you’re on the block, its so easy to have people throw you up there again. Maddy put too must trust and faith into Paras, and sadly for her Paras is playing her game… not hers and Maddy. Maddy not having a true pair is a blessing and a curse. She isn’t the biggest target, but it’ll be easy to throw her up there because she’s alone and an easy pawn. We all know pawns go home, especially during a triple or a double. Maddy needs to win HoH or veto and start making deals. She’s a number and she needs to sell that more.

9. Kaela

I couldn’t figure out what order to put Ali and Kaela in, but I think I’ll stick Kaela further down this week due to her nominations alone. Kaela was prepared to make a big move and take out a strong player (Johnny) who is actively targeting her. She let Johnny and Paras work their magic to convince her to instead target Ryan. Yes, Ryan was also coming after Daela, but this was the perfect opportunity to rope him in (at least try!), keep him safe and some fake final 3/protection deal with the one guy in the house who has absolutely nobody. Instead, she’s taking out a weaker player and still has Johnny and a pissed off Will coming for her.

9. Derek

Derek is in a great position in the house, but just doesn’t have much power. If he goes up with Kaela, he stays. He needs to win some comps and build his resume and show people he’s playing his own game.

10. Ryan

I’ve got nothing left to say about Ryan. I haven’t enjoyed watching his game much, but I did start to feel bad for him this week. Truthfully, he did nothing wrong by giving accurate information to the HoH at the start of the week, but he didn’t do it subtly at all. He took the only people who might’ve slightly had his back and threw them under the bus like they were useless to his game. I’m truly baffled that the biggest goat in the game’s social game is so poor that he’s being evicted at final 10 instead of dragged to the final 2 (unless, you know… the twist).

10. Ryan

If Ryan didn’t put his two best friends on the block, I honestly believe he would be in the final 3. If he stays this week, he deserves some credit, but it’s not looking good for him. Like I said, you just need one person in your corner. He sadly already voted those numbers out.


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