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Big Brother 2014: McCrae Olson on Wednesday’s BB16 Episode 16 Recap


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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Brian Lynch (@lynchmgm) are joined by Big Brother 15’s McCrae Olson (@mccraechum) to recap Episode 16 of Big Brother 16.

In the  first true backdoor of Big Brother 16, Hayden won the Power of Veto and used it on Victoria forcing Frankie to nominate intended target Amber in her place.

Rob started off the podcast wondering who was more out of touch with what was going on in the house Jocasta, Victoria, Caleb, or Amber. McCrae thought it was a toss-up between Caleb and Victoria, as they are both easily manipulated.

McCrae compared Zach’s game to a mix of both BB2 and BBAS Dr. Will based on the antics and unpredictable way he does everything. He thinks Zach will have many enemies and may make it far due to that. Brian agreed and McCrae said what will determine if Zach is a good game player or not will be whether he is consciously playing this way on purpose or if it’s just the way he is.

Rob brought up the Frankie and Brian confirmed that he now wants to go to the end with Derrick and not with Zach. Brian also brought up Frankie’s idea that this season is Superfans vs. Students. McCrae said this is basically every season and the only fans on his season were himself, Helen, Judd, Spencer, and Elissa.

Onto POV selection and the players are Frankie, Donny, Jocasta, Hayden, Victoria, and Christine. Rob and Brian were confused about the Jocasta on the show as she is completely different than on the feeds. Rob and McCrae both agreed that this POV competition was one of the worst ones and a lot of the contestants were complaining about groin pain after it was over.

HAYDEN! Wins the veto and Rob mentions another forced #BBLoveTriangle between Hayden, Nicole, and Victoria. Brian doesn’t believe that Victoria likes Hayden but has heard Christine mention that Nicole is jealous of her.

On this week’s episode of Guiding Amber Caleb mentions that he is no longer talking to Amber and is upset with her. Amber mentions that #BeastModeCowboy is the king of the house and she can’t talk to him. In a plot twist Zach decides to play a little game with our lovers and instigates a little conflict between the two. First he gets Amber to say something bad about our BMC and instantly runs to Caleb to tell him what she said.

McCrae thinks our lovers would be perfect to play with because they’re so easily manipulated. Brian said Caleb helped Zach come up with his POV ceremony speech and that Zach and Caleb talk a lot about what the storyline will look like on the show.

Rob moved next onto Zankie and McCrae believed they’re both playing each other at this point and are keeping each other close for later game. McCrae is a fan of Christine but questioned her thought process behind not wanting to use the POV had she won it. He believes she can go against the Detonators if she properly built up her forces on the other side of the house.

Rob thinks the house will eventually split into 2 factions with Frankie, Zach, Derrick, and Cody on one side and Christine, Hayden, Nicole and floaters on the other side. Brian thinks it’ll split but is unsure of what exactly the sides will be.

Team America has a new task!

A) Vote against the majority of the house and publicly accuse 2 houseguests during eviction fallout.

B) Get 2 members of Team America to win HoH by winning it or convincing others to throw it.

McCrae endorses option A as it will create the most drama even though it is an outside influence in the game. Rob however brought up that the scapegoats will probably be the Jocasta, Victoria, etc. to keep the status quo.

Listener Questions

Andy Del Negro asked:

“Do you think the girls should’ve listened to Joey as it looks like they are going to get picked off one by one? Also do you think the others in the house (Nicole, Donny, Hayden, and Christine) see what is going on and will they band together?”

McCrae is a fan of the girls working together and thinks they missed a chance although alliances based on gender alone are shaky.

AmazingRaceKnowitall asked:

“Will Zankie be a bigger romance than MCranda?”

Rob and McCrae both strongly agree YES.

Andres3ify asked:

“With now ¾ evictions being complete unanimous votes making the season predictable do we think that we will start to see more split votes or will this trend continue?”

Rob suspects the trend will continue and McCrae thinks the next 2 will be also, although once jury starts people may be more aggressive.

MacKenzie Vattimo asked:

“Question for McCrae: Does the DR help to convince the players what is going on in the game?”

McCrae said no, but DR does tend to create more paranoia with every question they ask.

@BillsMac (Bill) asked:

“@robcesternino I’m calling BS. Did Frankie tell Zach about Team America? Zach keeps helping with every mission. #RHAP #BB16”

Rob said no and that it just doesn’t take much to get Zach to do stuff like that.

Riley Rage asked:

“Is Donny playing a good game? Or is he not even playing?”

Brian said yes and he is playing so low that it looks like he’s not playing but he is making subtle moves that do benefit himself. He is just sitting back and watching the entertainment.

Michael Clark asked:

McCrae, if you could replace someone in the house and play their game, who would you choose?”

McCrae would want to Quantum Leap with Hayden, as they are both very similar.

Be sure to check out Thursday’s show live after the eviction with Ian Terry at 10:15 PM ET / 7:15 PM PT to talk about the eviction and the new HoH. Then catch Rob’s interview with the latest evicted houseguest Friday morning.

LadyJay882 asked:

“Can you explain how evicting Amber is in any way good for Frankie’s game? She’s now a link to the other side of the house; she’s a better link than Christine ’cause she’s easier to control and more loyal overall”

Rob agreed 100% and does not understand the logic of evicting Amber for most of the Detonators. Brian explained that Zach planted this seed as she was coming after him and it just spread throughout the Detonators. McCrae compared it to Cody evicting Brittany last week.


Eviction Watch update, according to Brian the vote will be unanimous this week to evict Amber and neither Caleb nor Amber are in the know yet. Rob thinks evicting Amber is a huge mistake as she is the only one occupying Caleb’s attention and now the others have to babysit him from talking game 24/7.

Caleb recorded 2 goodbye messages as he was crying in the first one and the panel all agrees that that’s the one that will be played. According to Brian, as more time goes by Zach’s target gets smaller and smaller especially with the amount he sleeps.

Frankie seems to be in a bit of trouble currently due to a story he told Caleb about. He told Caleb that Nicole told him that Amber said she was going after the guys and it caught up with him, and now the houseguests are currently discussing when to get rid of Frankie. McCrae thinks it’d be best during a double eviction and the earliest one of those will be next Thursday.

Brian said BB started putting video loops on the memory wall that will probably be used in tomorrow’s HoH competition.

Viewer questions

Gabby Wu asked:

“Can you talk about the Nicole/Frankie lie from the live feeds? To me, it seemed like Nicole was being super paranoid and Frankie didn’t lie.”

While Frankie didn’t lie, the drama came from Caleb’s understanding of it all.

FruitLoop Dingus asked:

“I don’t think Frankie is playing a good game because everyone is targeting him, what do you guys think?”

McCrae agreed that Frankie isn’t playing that good of a game and his decision to stick with power players will hurt him in the end. He thinks Derrick and Donny are playing the best games.

MacKenzie Vattimo asked:

Is it a bad idea for the Detonators to tell Caleb about Amber? How do you rate Zach’s gameplay? I think it’s pretty smart starting all those fights, but he is not becoming a target.”

Brian said Caleb’s already been told about Amber and McCrae rates Zach’s gameplay with a solid B; it all depends how it turns out.

Nicki Roy asked:

“If Christine made it to final 4 with Derrick, Cody, and Frankie was then evicted, would she be better than Brittany Haynes because she knew about the alliance, or worse for the same reason?”

Brian and Rob agree worse because she would’ve made it to the same spot as Brittany but without the amazing DR sessions.

Dawn S. asked:

“Do you know anything about an alliance with Nicole, Hayden, Donny, and Derrick? If they had the conversation is it for real?”

Brian said they’ve talked but right now it’s very hard to tell who’s in a true alliance right now and whose alliance is all for show.

Spring Willis asked:

“If Team America choose to throw votes to Jocasta, and Nicole and Christine save Amber, could Amber stay this week”?

Brian thinks that Frankie’s push for Amber to go really hurt him in Derrick’s eyes as Derrick was unable to control him. The panel doesn’t think Amber can be saved this week.

Mustlovedogs4ever1 asked:

“Do you think team America should not be completed why they NEVER plan anything with Donny? They only go and ‘tell him’ what the plan is every time! I don’t think they should have won the last couple! It annoys me!”

McCrae thinks CBS is making it up as they go along and wants to see more of Donny.

@Cyclican (Cy Young) asked:

“#RHAP Team America Mission A is blatantly targeted to get Frankie/Derrick out of control. Do you prefer strategy winning or entertaining TV?”

McCrae thinks a good player can be both entertaining and dominant with strategy.

Alex Wilpon asked:

“McCrae, as a superfan and former houseguest, how has your viewing experience changed?”

McCrae said he gives the houseguests a lot more credit now and empathizes with them. He said it’s a lot tougher than it looks and show more respect to the houseguests.

Be sure to check out Thursday’s show live after the eviction with Ian Terry at 10:15 PM ET / 7:15 PM PT to talk about the eviction and the new HoH. Then catch Rob’s interview with the latest evicted houseguest Friday morning.


Big Brother 2014: Big Brother 16, Episode 16 Recap with McCrae Olson on July 30, 2014

Big Brother 2014: Big Brother 16, Episode 16 Recap with McCrae Olson on July 30, 2014

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