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Big Brother 2014: Exit Interviews with the BB16 Final 3

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Rob Cesternino hosts exit interviews with the final 3 players from Big Brother 16

Exit Interview with the Winner of Big Brother 16, Derrick Levassur, the Undercover Police Detective from Rhode Island

Rob talks with Derrick about the following topics from his game:

  • How confident was Derrick that he would win once Cody took him to the final 2?
  • Was Derrick nervous at all that Cody might consider taking Victoria to the end?
  • What does Derrick believe was his biggest move in the game?
  • Was Derrick surprised that Donny voted for Cody?  What about Jocasta?
  • Derrick had so much control over the entire game, what was the point that Derrick was the most legitimately concerned?
  • At what point did he realize that Victoria was the perfect pawn to keep with him for as long as possible?
  • How difficult was it for you to deal with the fact you wanted Donny out but also that he was a part of Team America?
  • How did Zach react to the news that he was the key cog in so many Team America missions?
  • Would Derrick say that he played a “perfect game”?
  • What does Derrick think about people comparing his game to Dan Gheesling and Dr. Will?

Exit Interview with Cody Calafiore, Runner-Up of Big Brother 16

Rob talks with Cody about the following topics:

  • Did Cody think he could beat Derrick in the Final 2?
  • Did Cody ever consider taking Victoria to the Final 2?
  • Why was Cody so combative with the jury?
  • After leaving the house, does Cody feel like there may have been some parts of Derrick’s friendship that were disingenuous?
  • What were the votes that Cody thought he had going in to the Final 2?
  • Was Cody hurt to find out that Derrick had been keeping all of the Team America secrets from him this summer?
  • Was Cody aware of how closer Derrick was with Victoria through the game?
  • What did Cody think about Frankie’s last plea?  Did Frankie Grande choose the winner of Big Brother?
  • A lot was made on the show about Cody’s relationship in the house with Christine, did Cody have an awkward encounter with Christine’s husband?
  • Shouldn’t a social media mogul be able to get in to the Final 3 of America’s Favorite Houseguest?

Exit Interview with Victoria Rafaeli, Third Place Finisher of Big Brother 16

Rob talks with Victoria about the following topics:

  • Did Victoria feel betrayed by Derrick after he told he that he wanted to take Cody to the Final 2?
  • Could Vicoria have beaten Cody in the end?
  • How surprising was it for Victoria to find out about Derrick’s job as an undercover detective?

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