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Big Brother 2014: Hayden Moss Recaps A Zach Attack on BB16


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Hayden Moss weighs in on the Zach Attack that took place during Zach’s HoH speech against Christine & Nicole and this week’s Battle of the Block making Victoria and Jocasta the nominees on Big Brother 16

Tonight, Rob and Brian welcome in Big Brother 12 winner, Survivor contestant and divvie creator Hayden Moss to talk about tonight’s Big Brother episode. They talked briefly about divvie, which is a video app available in the Apple Store, before beginning the talk of the goings-on in the house this weekend.

Since winning one of the HOH spots, Zach has gone crazy this weekend, which all agreed was great fun to watch. While they felt he’s been providing great TV, he’s playing a terrible game. Hayden said Zach has zero chance to win. Rob wondered if such a big personality like Zach could be counterproductive to the Detonators, with the chance of the rest of the houseguests banding together against him. He pointed out how quickly they all were to console Nicole and Christine after the nomination ceremony. Hayden agreed, bringing up how in his season, the first six weeks of the game were spent trying to get rid of Brendon and Rachel.

Rob asked Hayden what all the guy alliances do wrong that the Brigade did right. Hayden thought that the Brigade was built on loyalty and trust, but they succeeded because they didn’t have huge egos, and got admittedly lucky along the way, too.

Seeing that Amber is Zach’s target, Rob asked Brian if Amber actually said that she was targeting Zach initially. Brian confirmed while she didn’t really say it earlier, we saw the clip of her in tonight’s episode saying to Christine he was on her radar. It was why she went to do damage control with him at 5 in the morning before nominations. Rob asked Hayden if he thought getting rid of Amber was the right move. Hayden said yes, but it’s really just about keeping the alliance together. He wished that they wouldn’t get rid of her though, since he thinks she is fun to look at.

At the nomination ceremony, Zach’s big speech was certainly crazy enough, but didn’t cause the huge argument Team America was hoping for to complete their task. Hayden wondered if aggravating Christine might have been a bad move, possibly turning the house into a girls vs. guys scenario. Rob asked if he is rooting for the Detonators to fail, keeping the Brigade in the top spot of alliances. Hayden wasn’t rooting for that, and would congratulate them if they stayed in tact until the end, knowing how hard it is to do.

Rob wondered if Derrick and Cody were perhaps too early in making their final two deal. Hayden said no, as long as it’s the right pair, who can trust each other. He added that it’s too dicey to make multiple final two deals this early on, but is fine to do toward the end. If approached by a second person about a final two deal, it’s best to accept their offer, but not to make anything concrete that can backfire on you later.

Rob asked if there is a difference in alliance making on Big Brother vs. Survivor. Hayden described how in Survivor, the pace of the game moves twice as fast as Big Brother, so quicker decision making is necessary. Big Brother is three months long, more like a marathon, so he thought that a more subtle approach is necessary.

They next talked about the love triangle and Zankie showmances. Rob asked Hayden if he’s seen a showmance go quite like the triangle between Caleb, Amber and Cody. Hayden felt strongly that Caleb needs to get his head in the game since Amber obviously doesn’t like him. When asked about Zankie, Hayden said it’s his favorite showmance this year, but no, there wasn’t quite the sexual tension in the Brigade as there is between Zach and Frankie.

With Zach asking Christine to go up on the block and throw the Battle of the Block, Rob asked Hayden if he thinks she should have gone along with being the pawn. He said no, pointing out that Christine was savvy enough herself to know that a pawn goes home in Big Brother too frequently to risk it.

They next talk about the other Hayden, Hayden Voss. Hayden Moss did not want to like him, but can’t help it, thinking he has a legitimate chance to win the game. Rob shared his thought that Cody might just be the Hayden Moss version of the Detonators that he was to the Brigade. Hayden thought it was a good correlation. He thought that Cody is one of six or seven players that is in a great position to go deep in the game.

Frankie’s diary room comment at the end of the show about possibly needing to backdoor Zach if the house is too tired of his antics sparked a discussion about whether this is something Frankie would actually do, or if he was just talking tough in the DR. Hayden thought it was good game play by Frankie to consider that as a possibility, and felt that he would actually go through with it if it was warranted.

Hayden shared his thoughts on Team America. He liked how it puts a highlight on some of the popular players, and the fun, quirky tasks make for good television. Rob shared how happy he was that they didn’t get the money for a completed task, especially since last week’s task of putting Amber up as a physical threat was a reach.

They move on to emails, where Hayden is asked if any of this year’s houseguests would be worthy of the Brigade. He said Donny would definitely be welcome, adding that they’d give him the nickname of Grizzly Adams. He’d make a great member of the Brigade because of his loyalty. Next they are all asked if someone in the house should be worried that all of Derrick’s alliance names are crime related. Hayden said yes, and wondered if it is confirmed that Derrick is actually a cop.

The next question was do they think Christine is a floater. Hayden was there for Rachel saying the famous line about floaters needing a life vest, and thought Christine definitely is not a floater. He mentioned that she is playing the game hard and making moves. A floater in his definition is someone who has little to no involvement in the social strategy. Rob agreed, saying that Jocasta and Victoria are floaters, and that Christine is no Jen City.

An emailer asked if they think Zach is pulling a Dr. Will by thinking people will bring him to the finale because he’s hated and nobody will vote for him. Hayden didn’t think this was Zach’s plan. Rob mentioned that he read someone’s comment that Zach was a cross between Dr. Will and Primetime Alex Stein.


Brian provided some updates from the live feeds, revealing that Hayden Voss won the POV. Hayden’s plan is to use it on Victoria, so Frankie and Zach’s plan of backdooring Amber can be completed. Amber has not caught wind of this plan, and neither has Caleb. Brian added that both Frankie and Zach have been subtly prepping Caleb for this to happen, keeping him from blowing up their plans.

They discussed whether there is concern from the Detonators that there could be a Christine, Nicole, Hayden and others alliance to unite against Zach. Rob felt that Christine was a bad person to target, since she’s close with the others, and knows where the bodies are buried by the Detonators. Hayden agreed that she could pull off uniting the house against Zach if she’s irked enough. Brian added that damage control was done successfully in regard to Zach’s antics at the nomination ceremony. He told them he just wanted to make entertaining TV. Brian thought even though he smoothed it over, Zach will still be a target next week.

They moved on to more emails. They were asked if the many alliances of Christine will cost her later. Brian thought that Christine will be exposed soon, but she’s not in immediate danger. Next, they talk about a fake fight staged by Caleb and Zach. Derrick and Cody run up to the HOH room to break things up, but the whole sequence may have inadvertently brought to light the Detonator alliance.

They are then asked if Amber is campaigning to Hayden not to use the veto. She has been, but he said that he plans on using it. The next question was what if the HOH’s were not allowed to talk to each other. Would that improve the broken twist? Hayden said it’s interesting, but impossible to pull off. When asked if they think Jocasta is boring, Hayden provided a very diplomatic answer, saying she’s a sweetheart, just doing her thing. Another emailer asked if they think Christine has enough social currency to align with others and go after the Detonators. Hayden said no, that Christine isn’t a natural leader. Brian thought she is at a crossroads and could actually go in a different direction.

Hayden was asked if he still talks to the Brigade, which he does. Lastly, Hayden was asked if he would play Big Brother again, and he confirmed that he is not retired. It’s a fun way to spend the summer, and a shot at a big check at the end. He confirmed with Rob that he thinks he has a better shot at winning Survivor over Big Brother.

Join Rob and Brian on Wednesday as they will recap the next episode of Big Brother.

Big Brother 2014: Big Brother 16 Episode 15 Recap with Hayden Moss

Big Brother 2014: Big Brother 16 Episode 15 Recap with Hayden Moss

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