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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch recap Episode 7 of Big Brother 16.  Tonight Rob and Brian recap all of the drama around the ongoing HoH week of Devin Shepherd who ultimately nominates Zach Rance for eviction.

Devin and Caleb feud in the Big Brother House leading to a Bomb Squad Team Meeting.  Ultimately, Devin realizes that Zach is his new target and Uses the Veto on Brittany

Rob begins the podcast by commending Devon for all of the drama he has brought to the world of Big Brother this summer.  Rob predicts that Devin will be the next player eliminated from the show next week (and possibly by self-eviction).

The episode discussion begins with Devin patting himself on the back for being a #BBpuppetmaster after his plan to get Brittany on the block has worked.  Hayden describes feeling very awkward when Devin was giving him a hug and potentially putting his tongue in his ear.

The drama continued to rise after Devin and Caleb got in to a big fight in the early morning hours of July 5th.  Caleb confronted Devin to tell him that some of the women were scared of him in the house, but Devin accused Caleb of just being lovesick for Amber.  Devin then stormed downstairs to break off the alliance between himself and Caleb.

When Caleb and Devin work things out, Caleb tells Devin that he is not against him like some people.  Devin pushes Caleb to tell him who wants him out and the Bomb Squad hosts a team meeting.  Zach puts his foot in his mouth and becomes a target for Devin.

Once Devin wins the veto, he decides that Zach will be his new target and makes a deal with Brittany to remove her from the block.

Join us on Thursday night to see the epic fallout from the veto ceremony and discuss it with Ian Terry and Matt Hoffman.  Plus, we’ll give you the first reactions to the new HoH for Week 3 in the Big Brother 16 house.

Big Brother 2014: Live recap of Wednesday's BB16

Big Brother 2014: Live recap of Wednesday’s BB16

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