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Big Brother 2014: Exit Interview with the Latest Evicted BB16 Player – 7/25/14

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Every Friday, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who is evicted from the Big Brother 16 house.  This week Rob speaks with Brittany Martinez, who got evicted from Big Brother by a vote of 10-0.

Exit Interview with Brittany Martinez, Fourth player evicted from Big Brother 16

Below is the full transcript of the interview between Rob and Brittany, written by Kayley Ashman (@kayleyandcolour )

Brittany: Hi, Rob.

Rob: Brittany, good morning. How are you doing?

Brittany: I’m doing good. How are you?

Rob: I’m doing fantastic… very nice to talk to you this morning. You seem like you were a very, very nice person to be in the house this season, very excited to get into some of these things.  Now, I know you’re sort of new to the Big Brother game, were you surprised at all about just how tough it is in there?

Brittany: I actually wasn’t shockingly. I kind of expected to walk into chaos and kind of take me back to like high school just with grown-ups in a sense. I was actually shocked at how nice some of the girls were and they weren’t as catty as I was kind of expecting for them to be.

Rob: So one of the big things on the show this week was you kicking the 2,400 goals, which was you know, very amazing to watch; it was great TV, but did it ever occur to you to maybe not kick all the goals for strategic purposes because you’d be able to say that you weren’t such a big threat in the competitions? …and also if you can’t play in the veto next week maybe people would think about keeping you around longer.

Brittany: You know that definitely did cross my mind but I also did feel like I definitely had a high chance of possibly going home. There was a 50/50, so I figured I can use it as ‘Hey I’m proving myself, how bad I wanna be here’, because either they can hold that against me or they can hold it against me that I gave up. So to me if I was to be walking out the door, I wanted to walk out the door as giving it my all, and completing the challenge, or walk out the door as giving up. And to me walking out the door just challenging myself and all of the above was a greater feeling than walking out the door giving up.

Rob: Yeah, in fairness it’s probably a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.

Brittany: Exactly. Either way, they already had their minds made up so there was really no changing it no matter which direction I went. I just felt like it was more of a personal goal for me and just kind of something, you know, it gave people something to talk about.

Rob: Why did the guys in the house view you as such a big threat?

Brittany: I think because they thought that I’m not one to be a pushover, and I definitely speak up and stick up for myself… that’s just how I am as a person outside of Big Brother, so I kind of wanted to continue that and they knew that I said what was on my mind, and I was gonna play Big Brother as my game, not somebody playing it for me. So to them, they knew I would be the girl, out of all the girls and even some of the people in the house to kind of step up and make a bold move.

Rob: You said at times this week that you felt like that you were reluctant to flirt with Cody as much as some of the other girls in the house is one of the reasons why he wanted to put you on the block. Do you feel like that’s what ultimately made you Cody’s target?

Brittany: No, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that at times you know Cody and I were very, very close. He was one of my closest friends in the house, so sometimes I guess I am hard to read and I had distanced myself a bit more and I think Cody was just so used to getting attention from all the girls. So if I wasn’t giving him some attention, he was kind of taking it as “What did I do wrong?” you know? He loved attention just that’s it, period. But I felt like I was ancient in the house, all these 21, 22, 23-year-old girls…

Rob: Yeah, but you’re only what, 29?

Brittany: Yeah, but still, there’s a big difference and I’m kind of torn in between being like the mom, and also I felt like I had to be a little more immature also to kind of fit in with like the twenty-year-olds just because we all lead different lives and they don’t have the responsibilities like I do, so being in the middle was kind of tough.

Rob: Did you know that after you had that conversation with Frankie that he went back and told Cody most of what you had told him about how you felt about Cody?

Brittany: Definitely, and to me Frankie is trying to play it safe, so he definitely talks a lot and tells people what they want to hear and kind of twists and turns stories to kind of benefit him, so I knew there was going to be a change or a twist to the story. I think Cody had just put me on the block, to be honest, because he did feel like I was still questioning him and he did go out of his way to kind of keep me from going home the following week and I think that’s all it comes down to. So I still adore him, he’s a sweet, sweet guy and I definitely will always continue to be friends with him outside of the show.

Rob: Now did you know how close Cody came to potentially trying to backdoor Caleb this week when it came down to making the replacement nomination?

Brittany: Good God no, I don’t.

Rob: Yeah well, that was a big part of the show on Wednesday that Cody felt like Caleb was a threat because of how Caleb viewed his relationship with Amber and whether or not Caleb felt like Amber and Cody were getting too close and he wanted to make the first move but it was really Frankie and Derrick that talked him into putting Donny up on the block instead. But Cody wanted to backdoor Caleb.

Brittany: Wow. Yeah, it was interesting when somebody had thrown out the idea of possibly putting Caleb up, and I thought God, it’s genius, of course, but would Cody be bold enough to do it, you know? But yeah, I definitely didn’t look into it too much or think he was even considering it. Wow, that’s awesome.

Rob: Yeah. He was very upset about it. He felt like he made the wrong decision. He didn’t want to put Donny on the block.

Brittany: Yeah, you know, if Caleb would have went up, I do think there possibly would have been a chance that I actually would have been still in the house as a houseguest.

Rob: Were you disappointed that Caleb didn’t try to get the power of veto and take you off  after you guys had sort of seemingly gotten on the same page a little bit? You also told him that he looked yummy. Couldn’t he have taken you off the block?

Brittany: Well, you know Caleb just…God, Caleb…he really didn’t look yummy. I just kind of wanted to give him that little…I felt bad for the guy. He was getting absolutely no attention from Amber and anyways…but no, that’s kind of a move that I would have expected from Caleb, and especially being that I had only talked to Caleb that one time, maybe one other time, within the whole time we’d been in the house. If it would have been somebody else that I would have been closer to like Cody or Derrick or Donny, it would have definitely hurt but I didn’t expect anything less coming from Caleb and I don’t know, it never bothered me until towards the end. Everybody came up to me and was completely shocked that he did what he had done but I honestly did not take it personal whatsoever.

Rob: Speaking of Caleb, what’s your read on the BB Love Triangle? Do you think it’s just sort of a harmless crush or do you feel like it’s starting to get out of hand?

Brittany: I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. And I think Caleb is going to walk out of the house, and all his friends are going to give him the hardest time, and I think he is going to kick himself in the butt because he looks like a complete idiot right now and it’s definitely going to take over his game. I mean you can’t even have a conversation with the guy without him just completely going on and on about Amber. And she’s making fun of him. I mean, she’s making him look like a complete idiot on national television.

Rob: All right so this week you had a lot to say about Victoria. I think it was starting on Sunday night you were complaining that you didn’t want to play in the Battle of the Block with her, but you also said that nobody wants to sleep in the room with Victoria and nobody wants to share a bed with Victoria but nobody really said why. What is the problem about sharing the bed with Victoria?

Brittany: Victoria is just so much work; I mean, it’s ridiculous. When it comes to eating she’d…you know. I think if it wasn’t for me telling her basically people weren’t taking her serious, don’t know why the hell she’s like in the house, and I think at times I was just a bit too honest, to be honest about it…Victoria just, when it comes to bedtime, she constantly has to be on top of you basically. She giggles at night and keeps you up, like she has these laughing attacks at night and everything is just over the top for attention and I don’t know… she’s just a very needy, needy person and she’s very immature, you know? So I think when it comes to bedtime and there’s a challenge, or people are just exhausted and want to go to bed, it’s more work with Victoria. It just never ends. It’s like having a needy toddler.

Rob: Is that why you stay up all night, so you don’t have to go to bed with Victoria?

Brittany: No, there’s definitely a lot of…it’s emotional when you’re up on the block. You feel like you’re being shunned and you’re trying to save yourself and there’s just so many different things that go through your mind, so for me definitely I was staying up ’cause my mind was constantly working and it was really the only time that I can kind of try to think about the game without anybody else interfering. And then it came down to I would tell my kids and my family, when the stars are out we’re looking at the same stars and the same moon, or when the sun comes up I’ll be thinking of you, so when it’s 3:00 and I’m getting tired I would just tell myself I might as well stay up until 5:30 and see the sun come up, and all of a sudden the game started again. So yeah, I was definitely walking around and up for the majority of the time. I think I got a total of twelve hours within the month of sleep.

Rob: So, in addition to Victoria, you also cited Zach as one of the people that it would bother you if you didn’t last as long as they did in the game. What was your issue with Zach in the game?

Brittany: You know both of them. I just feel like Victoria leads this life that she will always be taken care of and pampered and she’s just this needy little thing, and I don’t think that she needs the money or deserves the money because I don’t think that she’s playing the game. It’s just like summer camp and a fashion show for her. And as far as Zach goes, I feel like Zach is going to be one of those guys that he looks back and he’s 45 and he’s still at home with his mom and dad and you know, he’s not working; he’s lazy. All of a sudden you look back and you’re going to be like, how did that guy make it? He has no clue what he’s going to do with the money, and I just felt like everyone else was just trying that much harder and playing the game and need the money that much more than those two people.

Rob: All right so I know you know about the Bomb Squad. Are you aware of the basically the Bomb Squad Lite which is the Detonators alliance of Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Cody and Christine?

Brittany: God, no. I’m not.

Rob: That’s like – it’s basically the Bomb Squad minus Devin and Caleb and Amber.

Brittany: You know, I figured that there was a Bomb Squad. I knew about that, and Devin had informed us with a lot of great information as he was walking out, and then I knew that the Bomb Squad was going to start kind of just… people were going to start falling off. But I did not know that it was including Frankie, because Frankie to me was going to be working with like, Christine and Caleb, so it’s interesting that Caleb and Amber got eliminated from it because I can’t wait until those two leave the house.

Rob: Now, earlier on in the season, I would say that Derrick was one of your closest allies, but it seems like that relationship got a little strained after you found out about the Bomb Squad. How much did that hurt to find out that Derrick was part of the Bomb Squad, and also do you know that Derrick was lying about his job in the house?

Brittany: So, it hurt me only because I thought “God, I’m close with these people, and this whole time they’ve had this alliance” but then after thinking about it, it was also day two. It’s so soon to form this alliance but also I don’t doubt that we weren’t really good friends in the house. So I think after forming that alliance, he would have loved for me to be in it after he had gotten closer with me and we built this friendship, but God that’s interesting. And no, I had no clue that he was lying about his job.

Rob: Do you know that he’s a police officer?

Brittany: Oh, my God!

Rob: Or undercover cop.

Brittany: Holy smokes! No way he’s an undercover cop!

Rob: Yeah, he’s undercover right now!

Brittany: That little frikkin’ crap.

Rob: All right, so also Frankie, who’s in the house this season, do you know that he is the brother of Ariana Grande, the pop singer?

Brittany: Oh my gosh, no. That’s amazing.

Rob: Yeah, it’s true.

Brittany: AHHHHHH!

Rob: Do you listen to her?

Brittany: No, I don’t. I mean, I’m sure I’ve heard her, if I heard the song but I never know who anybody is. Frankie could be somebody and I’d have no clue.

Rob: Yeah, he’s on YouTube.

Rob: Also you had such a love/hate relationship with Devin during your time in the house. Why did you give him an aluminum foil heart when he left the house?

Brittany: Okay, I don’t think it was a love/hate. I think it was just pure… just… I just honestly could not stand him. I did the whole aluminum heart just as kind of like a joke, just to make him think and just to mess with him. I knew if I gave him like a pickle wrapped up in aluminum foil ball, like it wouldn’t look as exciting as an aluminum heart, and I wanted him to walk out and Julie to be like “So, what’s the heart?”

Rob: She was!

Brittany: I kind of wanted to play with him. So did she ask him about it?

Rob: She did, and he was like [RobDevinbro]:“Hey, you know, Brittany and I, we both have kids. I’ve got a daughter, and she’s a great person…”

Brittany: Oh, God.

Rob: Yeah. He was very fond of you.

Brittany: Is he that crazy? That’s insane.

Rob: He’s a fan.

Brittany: I thought if I gave him a heart it would have looked a little sweeter than like… haha, here’s a pickle, but yeah I’ve definitely never had a man, like a huge, super-sized man,  come up to me and like try to win my heart over with a pickle. So that was definitely interesting.

Rob: All right, that’s a move.  So last question Brittany, how big of a thrill was it for you last night to have your kids there at the eviction?

Brittany: Oh, my God. I have never…words cannot even explain. I felt like I could almost predict, or I was trying to predict, like all kinds of different directions that Big Brother could take me with this and that and “expect the unexpected”, but that was not one thing that had ever crossed my mind. All I kept thinking about was “God, it’s going to feel like forever on the drive home trying to see my kids”. And then having my kids come out from that curtain was just… having them being a part of it, being able to just talk with them for a minute, you know about the show, and I knew that they were following me… and I just love that they got to be a part of it and just kind of experience even though it was just a very brief moment. I just loved it. I couldn’t have asked for my goodbye to have been any more heartfelt and just memorable for me.

Rob: All right, Brittany. Thank you so much. I could ask you a million more questions, but I know you’ve got a lot of things to do today so have a good one. All the best to you and your family, and enjoy the rest of your summer, okay?

Brittany: Thank you so much, Rob. You, too.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother podcasts this weekend when Rob talks about the 12 Big Brother archetypes with A.J. Mass and on Sunday night recaps the next episode with BB12 winner, Hayden Moss.

Big Brother 2014: Talking with the Latest Player Evicted from Big Brother

Big Brother 2014: Talking with the Latest Player Evicted from Big Brother


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