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Big Brother 2014: Sunday BB16 Recap with Adam Poch


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Rob and Brian Lynch welcome Big Brother 13‘s Adam Poch to discuss the Sunday night episode. Despite the dig Matt Hoffman and Mike Harlow threw his way on the $25 PyRHAPmid, he’s excited to be there.

Derrick and Nicole make their nominations forcing Donny and Amber in to the Big Brother 16 Battle of the Block against Caleb and Jocasta.

They jump right in with discussing a few main points. Adam discussed how impressed he is with Derrick’s game. He hopes that he doesn’t end up in the same situation as Helen from BB15, letting the power go to his head. Brian feels that Derrick’s in a good spot, as long as the Team America twist doesn’t screw things up.

In the episode, Devin officially blows up the Bomb Squad, telling Brittany, Donny and Jocasta. Adam feels that Devin has been great TV, but is just a bad player. Christine meanwhile comes clean about the alliance to Nicole, who seems a little offended. Brian mentions how it seems that Nicole has been getting a little more close with Hayden as opposed to Christine now.

When the houseguests go up to see the HOH’s room (it’s been decided that it can be called “HOH’s instead of “H’sOH” as long as Ian Terry isn’t around), Derrick reads his letter, in which his wife mentions she can’t wait to see him when he comes home the Big Brother winner. Rob asks Adam if this is something that would get the houseguests mad, but Adam says it doesn’t, since most people aren’t listening to the letter anyway. Later, Nicole and Derrick have a conversation, where he gets her to open up a little bit. Brian felt this worked, since he wasn’t overbearing like Devin has been with the houseguests.

Derrick decides to go with Caleb as a nominee, since he wants to be the hero and save Amber. Adam thinks this is a dumb move for Caleb, but a brilliant move by Derrick in how he knows so well what motivates people, leaving them easily manipulated. When Caleb breaks the news to Amber that she’ll be on the block, but he will go up to throw the comp and save her, she isn’t overly thankful. Adam wishes Amber would use this situation to her advantage and play Caleb for a fool.

Nicole goes to talk with Donny to try to figure out who she will nominate, and he suggests Christine, though Nicole’s not interested. Later on, after Donny tells everyone about Caleb throwing the comp, but Amber runs straight to Nicole to give her the scoop. Nicole and Christine discuss how Donny is getting feisty and may need to go. Adam thinks that Christine’s play is right up there with Derrick for the best in the house.

At the nomination ceremony, Nicole picked first, nominating Donny and Amber, while Derrick nominates Caleb and Jocasta. Rob likes Derrick’s speech to Jocasta about the house thinking she’s a floater, and being nominated is her chance to show the house otherwise.

Meanwhile, Devin is certain that they are going to backdoor him. Brian mentions how Devin knows no one is in his corner, and he’s just been hiding out, not talking. Rob thinks maybe Devin is playing it cool, and that the reports of his demise could be a bit premature.

Team America gets together to push the rumor that Zach is related to Amanda from BB15. Adam mentions how easy it is to believe even the most illogical nonsense when trapped in that house. Brian does not like how they made Zach the target of this rumor, and that it doesn’t make sense. All agreed that this could potentially ruin each of Team America’s games.

Nicole goes back to Donny to say how bad she feels. Rob mentions that this works out well, since Donny will forgive anyone. Donny tells Nicole that she didn’t tell him not to say anything, but Adam points out how Nicole actually did do this. Rob correlates what Donny says to a line from Seinfeld where George says “I didn’t know it wasn’t okay to sleep with the cleaning lady on my desk” (You can hear Rob recap every Seinfeld episode ever on

At the Battle of the Block competition, Donny and Amber win. It appears Caleb did all he could to throw it, but Jocasta was so sick she wasn’t winning it anyway.

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Jocasta seems to be doing better. She was bedridden for a while, and actually couldn’t participate in the Veto Competition, a Big Brother first. Adam mentions how it doesn’t seem fair that the winners of the BOB are still allowed to compete in the POV, even though they are safe from the block.

Donny is the Veto winner, though Devin had a good chance to win, and according to Brian, Donny had a chance to throw it but didn’t. Donny plans to use the veto on Jocasta, having Derrick replace her with Devin. There have been some rumblings about evicting Caleb, since Devin would just be a “dead man walking”, but getting six people to agree to that seems unlikely at this point.

Rob wonders if Caleb is worried, and Adam adds that he should be, especially since Donny, Jocasta and Brittany have shown to be willing to go against the group, and would only need three more people to go through with it. Rob asks Brian if he thinks Devin could do something to get evicted before Thursday, but Brian feels that Devin would keep his cool.

They discuss further how poorly the Team America task actually went. Donny told Nicole the rumor as planned, but she went and told everyone that she thinks Donny is America’s player. Derrick told Victoria about it, but she seemed not to buy it.

Tune in on Wednesday to hear Rob talk about the latest Big Brother episode with BB14‘s Kara Monaco.

You can find Adam on Twitter @heavymetalteddy, Rob @robcesternino, and Brian @lynchMGM.

Special Thanks to Mike Moore for tonight’s episode recap

Big Brother 2014: Live Recap of Sunday's BB16 with Adam Poch

Big Brother 2014: Live Recap of Sunday’s BB16 with Adam Poch

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