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Big Brother 2014: BB16 Season Premiere and First HoH Recap


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Big Brother is back for its sixteenth season – one that promises to be the show’s most twisted season ever – and Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch are back to cover the first of a two night premiere event for BB16!

The First 8 Houseguests Enter the House, Frankie Grande Becomes the Season’s First HoH and Julie Chen Reveals the Double HoH Twist on the BB16 Season Premiere

Rob and Brian largely on the same page about the season premiere of Big Brother: neither one feels they can give it a grade other than “incomplete,” because with half the houseguests not moving in until tomorrow night’s episode, we didn’t get the full experience of a BB premiere. There was also no real new information about the twists revealed tonight, other than the full explanation of what the “Team America” interactive feature will actually be. In addition, most of Rob’s favorites based on the pre-season interviews are coming in tomorrow night, which also made it a slightly underwhelming episode for him.

Rob wants to know who made the best impression tonight, and Brian says that he was fairly impressed with Paola, who subverted his expectations. He was also impressed by Devin, because he feels a guy like that is usually targeted for being a physical threat but will probably be kept around to battle the other team. Brian also credited Devin with subtly getting Donny to reveal that he was a lifelong fan of the show. While Rob was most impressed with Donny, calling him a real sleeper pick, he did feel that might have been an early mistake on Donny’s part.

Rob notes that a lot of Big Brother sins were committed tonight, particularly that there were too many named alliances in the house on the very first night (The Crazy 8s, El Cuatro, and Double Ds). He feels that Big Brother history dictates most of these alliances won’t survive July, let alone this big group of 8. Rob views Devin as the catalyst for a lot of these quickly forming alliances, and his “too hard too fast” game makes it hard for Rob to be as impressed with him as Brian was.

It wouldn’t be a Big Brother season without showmances, and even with only half the houseguests moved in, there were already early sparks. Paola was drooling over Cody, and Brian thinks being too aggressive about that could potentially make her a target. Rob wonders if a potential rivalry for Cody’s love could develop between Paola and Frankie. On the topic of Frankie, Rob feels a little beaten over the head with how many times he referenced being the brother of Ariana Grande. He questions whether this would be an actual reason for another houseguest to target Frankie, but Brian counters that any fan votes during the season would likely fall in his favor so the others would be itching to get rid of him.

Frankie is the first HOH, and Rob asks Brian if this is a good thing. Brian and Rob discussed in their preview podcast the idea that becoming the first HOH isn’t nearly the stigma it used to be in past seasons, but Brian feels it’s hard to even speculate anymore because nothing will be set in stone until the Battle of the Block competition. A viewer brings up the idea that Frankie could get pictures of Ariana Grande in his room, or perhaps even a letter, and Brian is skeptical Frankie will be able to keep this secret for the entire summer.

To RHAP up their premiere night recap, Rob and Brian take your questions: who do Rob and Brian like from this first eight, and who do they want gone ASAP? Did Julie inadvertently out some of the first eight as Big Brother superfans? Could there potentially be a Survivor-style tribe swap in the teams in the coming weeks? And will sleeping butt to butt keep the ghosts away from Nicole? The answer to these questions and more on Rob Has a Podcast’s first live recap of Big Brother 16!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode summary

Big Brother 2014: LIVE Recap of the Big Brother 16 Season Premiere

Big Brother 2014: LIVE Recap of the Big Brother 16 Season Premiere

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