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Big Brother 2014: Ian Terry Recaps BB16 Eviction #5 in Episode 17


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Amber is evicted from the Big Brother 16 House by a vote of 9-0; Donny rejects the latest Team America task

Amber Borzotra became the fifth houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 16 house tonight in the season’s third straight unanimous vote. The panel agreed that her interview with Julie Chen was fairly enjoyable compared to others from this season, with Rob feeling Julie was fairly loose tonight up until her programming failed during the HOH competition. Rob was a little thrown by Zach Attack’s bizarre goodbye message about ether-ing Amber, and Ian and Brian were equally confused. Rob thought the reference had unfortunate connotations given some of the criticism of Caleb’s attraction to Amber this summer, and Ian doesn’t even want to touch the subject. Rob was entertained by Caleb’s “king of the house” goodbye message, especially considering Brian says he honestly believes he’s running the house. He enjoys seeing the houseguests use props in their Diary Room sessions, and while Ian has found some of them funny he isn’t dying to see any more.

As Amber exited the Big Brother house, so did the one-sided showmance between her and Beast Mode Cowboy (for now, anyway). Ian thought it was really interesting to see how the strategy of telling Caleb he was now Amber’s target worked out for Christine. He understands how it could have benefitted her game, but thought it interesting that Christine trying to sell the idea of keeping Amber only ended up giving Frankie the last piece of information he needed to get Caleb 100% on board with getting rid of Amber. Rob brought up the idea of Caleb wearing Amber’s bunny slippers, claiming that wearing a woman’s clothes is probably not the way to impress her.

Late last night, Team America was told to vote against the majority in tonight’s eviction, but decided not to. Brian reports that Frankie and Derrick were both on board with the plan to blame the votes on Zach and Caleb, but from the first minute Donny wanted to decline the task. Ian doesn’t like the task because it was very easy for Frankie to be on board with the plan because as HOH, he wasn’t able to vote. Rob understands Donny’s reluctance to go along with the mission, considering Frankie and Derrick were in the majority alliance and at the end of the day, most of the blame would probably fall on Donny.

Rob also brings up the idea of a penalty for Team America if they decline a task, such as having to give back $5,000 for each mission they reject. Brian is unsure of this idea, considering it might look bad if players are punished for not voting the way the producers want them to. Ian agrees, though he believes that Eric Stein was threatened with punishments for not completing America’s Player tasks during Big Brother 8 and so he almost always tried to complete a task even if he knew it was going to be detrimental to his strategy. Rob also thought that Derrick threw Donny under the bus to America while he was voting tonight.

Moving into the Spoiler Zone: a Head of Household competition was started tonight, but did not finish before the broadcast ended. But Brian is on hand to reveal who the two new HsOH are for this week: Nicole and Donny. The panel is very intrigued by the potential shakeups in the house we could see this week, especially leading into a double eviction next Thursday night. Ian is glad that both new Heads of Household are not in the majority alliance, but wonders if Donny being dethroned could lead to the first instance where an HOH becomes evicted the same week as a result of this season’s Battle of the Block twist. He’s fairly confident that Caleb is still priority one for most of the house, and Rob thinks he’s not in a good position because he will likely be forced to pick a side this week.

To #RHAP-up the show, the panel answers your questions: is Christine really still a part of The Detonators, and where do her loyalties truly lie? Who can Donny, everyone’s best friend in the house, nominate this week to not make an enemy? Could this week be the end of Cody’s game? And which houseguests improved (and fell the most) after the past week? Plus, Ian shares his thoughts on Frankie’s speculation that the secret twist this season is “Superfans vs. Newbies”. It’s only on this week’s live BB16 eviction recap on Rob Has a Podcast!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode recap

Big Brother 2014: LIVE with Ian Terry after BB16's Eviction of either Amber or Jocasta on July 31, 2014

Big Brother 2014: LIVE with Ian Terry after BB16’s Eviction of either Amber or Jocasta on July 31, 2014

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