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Big Brother 2014: Ian Terry, Matt Hoffman Discuss BB16’s Second Eviction


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It’s the most integral Big Brother recap yet when Reality Game Masters veterans Ian Terry and Matt Hoffman join Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch to break down the second live eviction of BB16!

Paola is voted out over Zach by a Vote of 10-2 and Nicole and Derrick become the newest Big Brother 16 HoH’s as Devin’s plan backfires

Following tonight’s eviction of Paola by a 10-2 vote, Rob and Ian are both in agreement that this season has been pretty perfect so far. Though Rob knows it won’t last, he’s living by the motto “carpe diem” when it comes to BB16. Matt is enjoying the season as well, even if he thinks these houseguests are pretty unmemorable and probably won’t remember what their names are two years from now. The panel agrees that Paola was kind of a casting dud, with Matt feeling very strongly that he wants to ask Robyn Kass why a person who can’t even be interviewed properly was cast on the show. Everyone thought she might have been a worthy successor to a character like GinaMarie, but Ian believes she will ultimately be one of the show’s least memorable early boots. He also reports that her boot keeps Big Brother’s infamous Week 2 Model Curse alive and well.

After the explosive veto meeting fallout seen on tonight’s show, Rob wants to know if Ian thinks this was the best veto ceremony in Big Brother history. Ian thinks it’s up there along with the veto meeting where Marcellas didn’t save himself in Big Brother 3, and the ceremony post Dan’s funeral in which Britney was backdoored in his own season. Ian felt Zach’s behavior after the meeting was a little extreme and potentially risky, but acknowledges the fact that he survived tonight’s eviction ultimately speaks well for his future in the game. Matt is fond of Zach as a character, viewing him as an entertaining hybrid of Dr. Will and Dan with the self-awareness to not come across as cocky when hyping his game. Rob also likes Zach and agrees with Matt’s assessment, but thinks that there’s a missing ingredient in the Dan + Will = Zach equation. He feels if maybe the real equation is Dan + Will + a dash of Nick Uhas = Zach.

From there, the guys moved on to talking about Derrick. Picking up a conversation Rob and Brian started last night, the guys feel that Derrick is the houseguest they feel who’s playing the best game of the season so far. Ian is slightly concerned about him becoming the new HOH, though, and wants to wait and see what he does with it before solidifying his opinion further. Anti-authoritarian Matt wants to dislike Derrick but credits him with being a smart insightful player.

Nobody on the panel was particularly crazy about tonight’s competition though: Ian points out the game’s fatal flaw in that placing the space numbered 28 so close to one side meant that it would have been very easy for everybody to score the second-highest outcome possible. Matt has never liked when the HOH is decided by a crapshoot competition like this one, and neither he nor Rob understand why the contestants are given time to practice for a game that ends up being incredibly random. Rob referred to the hour on Wednesday’s night’s Big Brother After Dark in which the houseguests practiced for the HOH competition as the most boring hour of television he’s ever seen in his life.

The panel then tries to predict where Derrick and Nicole’s heads are at going into this week’s nominations. Rob thinks this might be the first week where the two HOH’s don’t work together, though Matt is more confident that most everyone in the house currently has Devin in their cross-hairs. Brian reports that Derrick and Jocasta got into it on the live feeds last night, and she is very likely to be one of his two nominees. With the Battle of the Block further complicating the methods of backdooring a player, Rob thinks he’s figured out the ideal strategy for winning HOH this season: nominate two weak players so you stay in power, then try to win the veto so you can change one of your own nominations. Ian agrees, but notes the caveat that nominating weak players means they’re unlikely to win the veto, and if the player you want to backdoor has their chip drawn from the box it only makes it easier for them to win the veto.

To #RHAP up the show, the panel answers your questions: is there a possibility that Devin could be a vindictive have-not? Will BB’s new FitBit product placement, and the resulting rewards and punishments given to houseguests based on their activity level, make for good TV? How can Nicole use her HOH to advance her game this week? And what was teen-aged Ian’s ingenious life hack for increasing his heart rate in gym class? The answers to these questions and more on tonight’s live BB eviction recap!

Special thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode recap!

Big Brother 2014: Matt Hoffman and Ian Terry LIVE to recap the BB16 Eviction of either Zach or Paola

Big Brother 2014: Matt Hoffman and Ian Terry LIVE to recap the BB16 Eviction of either Zach or Paola

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