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Big Brother 2014: BB16 Episode 4 Recap Talking Ice, Lice & Poltergeists


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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch cover BB16 episode 4, the Week 1 Veto Competition. Then Rob and Brian discuss all the happenings so far this week on the Big Brother live feeds.  On this Wednesday night’s episode, the houseguests competed in the Power of Veto competition called Miami Lice to see if Donny or Paola would win the power to remove themselves as a nominee for the week. Also, Joey tried to form an all-girls alliance and the Bomb Squad decided the best course of action for the week 1 vote.

On Episode 4 of Big Brother 16, Donny won the Power of Veto and removed himself from the block and Caleb named blue-haired Joey the replacement nominee for the week.

Rob and Brian start off discussing how Joey was depicted on the episode versus how she seemed on the live feeds. Rob was expecting Joey to come off really poorly. Rob and Brian discuss if Paola or Joey will go home on Thursday.

Brian and Rob talk about how the Battle of the Block changes social dynamics since the nominees have to work together to try to get off the block. Rob is a big fan of the new Battle of the Block competition. Now Donny is Paola’s best friend in the house?? Rob wonders how hard it really is to endear yourself to Donny. Rob and Brian get into the different relationships between all of the houseguests. They discuss the way Devin and Donny interacted throughout the episode. Brian thinks Devin is really out there.

There is a Big Brother ghost! During the episode Nicole and Christine freak out because they think there is a ghost in the house. Brian and Rob are pretty convinced that the ghost is the camera guys. Brian thinks it’s ridiculous that Nicole and Christine are scared of the ghosts. The guys discuss if being a #BBGhost is like watching the live feeds.

The discussion turns to the Bomb Squad’s paranoia about whether Donny is a Navy Seal. Is it really a threat in the house if Donny is a Navy Seal? Rob and Brian briefly discuss if the Have Nots volunteered or were assigned. Why would anyone volunteer?

In this episode Joey tries to turn El Cuatro into an 8-person women’s alliance. They discuss Jocasta’s reaction to the plan. Is there any coming back for Joey now that she’s busted for trying to create the alliance? Is honesty the best policy in the Big Brother house?

The guys then talk about the Power of Veto competition and Donny’s victory in that challenge. This challenge is a Big Brother staple and Rob asks Brian about some of the best words played in this type of challenge in Big Brother history. Why is “misunderstanding” played so often? How did the producers come up with Miami Lice as a theme? Did that make any sense for a challenge theme? Paola didn’t even make a complete word. If you’re on the block, shouldn’t you just be sure to make a complete word? Did Donny have an advantage finding the lice letters because of his massive beard?

After the competition, the focus of the Bomb Squad turns to Joey. Was this scene edited to remind viewers of The Godfather?  Should Joey have tried to get a spot in the Bomb Squad alliance? Should Joey have tried to expose the guys’ alliance more?

Now we’re set up for Joey vs. Paola in Thursday’s episode.

Rob and Brian take viewer questions.

  • How will the HoH contestants be divided to come up with two winners? Will the HoH competition be wrapped up by the end of the Thursday episode?
  • Why are people spelling shorter words this season?
  • Does Paola have the least chance to win a competition of any houseguest ever?
  • Who had a worse week, Joey on the BB house or Jesse (BB15) on Twitter? Is the BB15 Twitter feud just the cast’s way of getting attention back on them from the new cast?


  • Devin has been the most vocal in not campaigning to help Joey. Joey seems to understand that she’s going home. Brian predicts that Joey will be evicted by a vote of 12-1
  • Joey has a male alter ego called Alex who runs around the house screaming.
  • What will happen to Team America if Joey is evicted?
  • Caleb and Amber have developed a No-mance and want nothing to do with each other
  • Is there romance going on between Frankie and Zach? Would Zach start a relationship with Frankie to get further in the game?
  • Is there any way Joey can survive eviction on Thursday?
  • What will happen to Joey’s spot on Team America if she goes home?
  • Is Devin the worst player of all time?
  • How long will the Bomb Squad go before losing a member?

Tune in tomorrow, July 3rd at 10:15 pm ET/7:15 pm PT when Rob and Ian Terry discuss the eviction show and eviction houseguest. Then on Sunday, July 6th at 9:15 pm ET/6:15 pm PT, Rob will be joined by J-U-Double-D himself, Judd from Big Brother 15 to talk about the week that was in BB16. On Monday, Rob will interview the evicted houseguest on a special day due to the 4th of July holiday.

Special thanks for tonight’s episode summary from Zach Brooks (@BrooksZa)

Big Brother 2014: Live Recap of BB16, Episode 4 on Wednesday, July 2nd

Big Brother 2014: Live Recap of BB16, Episode 4 on Wednesday, July 2nd

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