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Big Brother 2014: The Juror Return on Sunday’s BB16 Episode 36


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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch recap Episode 36 of Big Brother 16.

Rob and Brian get together to discuss Sunday night’s episode. They open by discussing production allowing the jury to reenter the house and trash it, and Jocasta’s diary room phone calls. They then talk about the houseguests’ jury draft picks for the luxury competition and the possible motivations for their choices.

Rob and Brian then go on to discuss the HOH competition and the houseguests’ final two strategy. They wonder about Caleb’s lack of strategy, and Frankie’s failure to pick up on the signs he is in trouble. They talk about the houseguests’ tattoos and what it says about Derrick’s ability to manipulate. Rob criticizes VIctoria’s lack of gameplay, and Rob and Brian consider Derrick’s chances of winning against Cody. They discuss Caleb’s awkward nomination speech, and then take the following non-spoilery questions:

  • What are your thoughts on Cody’s blank stare during his conversation with Caleb about nominations?
  • Who let Caleb have access to a machete?
  • How likely do you think it is that Derrick will be the first winner to never have been nominated?
  • Do you think Victoria has a chance of winning against Cody?
  • Was this Caleb’s best episode of the season?
  • Rob and Brian move on to the spoilers section of the show. They discuss the visit from the dog, Frankie’s speech, and take the following questions:
  • Will Team America win an extra $50K for getting to the finale together?
  • Shouldn’t Caleb be trying to be letting a tight two (Cody and Derrick) get to the end?
  • In a final 2 between Caleb and Cody, who wins?

Thanks to Rae Sanni for tonight’s episode recap

Big Brother 2014: Recap of BB16 Episode 36 on Sunday, September 14th

Big Brother 2014: Recap of BB16 Episode 36 on Sunday, September 14th

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