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Big Brother 2014: Recap of Kathy Griffin & the Zingbot’s BB16 visit in Episode 25


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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Brian Lynch (@lynchmgm) recap Episode 25 of Big Brother 16.

In a competition that had the houseguests facing the wrath of both Kathy Griffin and Zingbot, Frankie proved victorious, winning POV and using it to take down Caleb and nominate Zach in his place.

Rob started the podcast off discussing whether or not the episode portrayed an accurate story of what really happened this week. Brain said it did not and it mostly stemmed from Frankie and Derrick lying in the diary room. Brain said he believes the editors have gone out of their way to keep Frankie and Derrick clean every chance they can. Brian said Frankie has been constantly lying to the DR about keeping Zach safe when he has wanted him out since week 2.

Rob then moves onto the relationship between Derrick and Donny, saying Donny is the only one who knows truly that Derrick is running things. Regrettably Donny has no allies and he allied with Zach a little too late.

It’s everyone’s favorite POV featuring Zingbot! Unfortunately, Zingbot seems to be wired wrong and is throwing out props to the houseguest instead of zings. Fortunately, Kathy Griffin is here to throw out a few zings and host the competition. Rob brings up Victoria’s zing and nominated her for the Mt. Rushmore of bad casting choices. Brian agrees saying it’s annoying that she’s going to make it to the end.

Rob said the funniest part wasn’t any of the zings but Zach’s reaction to his and Kathy Griffin’s response of “Zing mother *expletive* zing”. Frankie wins the comp and expresses that he “won it for the gays”. This upset Brian and he stated that Ariana was mad at him for this week. Rob said the zings were much better after Zingbot got fixed and he especially liked the ones towards Donny and Frankie. Brian agreed and added that they saved the best for last with the zing directed towards Cody and Christine.

Rob then moved on to Zach and what happened in the time between Zingbot leaving and Zach being nominated. Brian said that Frankie has wanted to get Zach out since the beginning and his crying in the HoH was just for show to make a good edit. Brian said Frankie thinks the numbers are 6-2 but it’s really more like 5-3 with Frankie on the bottom of his side. Rob and Brian agree that Frankie is doing Derrick’s dirty work for him and the better move would’ve been to evict Victoria or Cody. Rob said Derrick is playing a great villain’s game but it’s not fun to watch because he does not own it like Chilltown or other notable villains would. Brian said a lot of it is because he is trying to manipulate the viewer as well and Rob equated it to playing a villain but trying to act like a hero in the DR.

Team America had a task this week to hide a piece of clothing from each houseguest and create a neighborhood watch to patrol for 24 straight hours. Brian said they did it and as soon as it was brought up they blamed it on Zach. Rob said that while Team America hasn’t helped Zach’s game, Zach isn’t completely blameless when it comes to where he currently is in the house. Brian and Rob agreed that the other houseguests are coming up with ways to paint Zach as a saboteur, even though they use post hoc ergo propter hoc false logic.

Rob and Brian next discussed potential jurors coming back into the house. They agreed Zach coming back and going after Frankie would be good for Derrick while if they can all talk during the comp it will hurt Derrick the most.

Viewer Questions

Anna Jose asked:

“Would it ever be in Donny’s best interest to expose Team America?”

Rob and Brian didn’t know if he is allowed to but agreed it would be entertaining if he did.

@flickchicdc (Lauren Bradshaw) asked:

“If Frankie is going to take Caleb off of the block anyway why not let Caleb win so he doesn’t get more blood on his hands #BB16 #RHAP?”

Brian said *spoilers* that Frankie made up lies about Zach and said he was making fun of him for being a homosexual.

Riley Rage asked:

“In the recap in the beginning of the episode they mentioned ‘operation groundskeeper end game’; is that a BB production original? Or was this used in the house?”

Neither Rob nor Brian remembered this happening.

Emily Stobs asked:

“Why is it okay for Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Caleb to scheme but it’s not okay for Donny to scheme? Derrick and Cody are furious that Donny is apparently ‘scheming’. What is up with the double standards in the house?”

Brian said all they are doing is talk blocking and it’s completely hypocritical. Rob equated it to Boston Rob’s buddy system and an effective strategy.

Christinal3106 asked:

“I felt bad for Zach in the episode, but I don’t get the obsession with him. Can you guys enlighten me?”

Rob eulogized Zach saying in a season being run by one alliance he has been the only source of chaos and is full of heart, energy, and charisma. He is the underdog and wears his heart on his sleeve. Brian added that he’s not what the house accuses him to be and he is just fun to watch.

Edward Giordano asked:

“For each player in the house, who should they want to return?”

Donny is going to want Zach.


Rob and Brian discussed the outsiders that were yelling things into the house. They said “We hate you Beast Mode Cowboy. We love you Zach; Frankie you’re disgusting”. Zach heard this and spread it. Rob mentioned how it’s the time of week when the evicted houseguest is incessantly bashed by the ones voting him out.

Much like BB15 there is a hatgate. Victoria takes her pink hat back from Zach because everyone is getting her wound up with lies about what he’s saying about her. Victoria then destroyed her own hat because Zach liked to wear it around. Donny started to campaign for Zach to stay and Derrick and Frankie were both upset by this.

Donny joked that he would use M&M’s to decide noms if he won HoH this week and Derrick talked big to his buddies. Derrick walks the fine line between hyperbole and being  physically threatening to others. Brian predicted that Donny will be the only vote to keep Zach.

Viewer Questions

MacKenzie Vattimo asked:

“Do you guys think Donny is ruining his game based on who he has trusted the last two days?”

Brian didn’t think so.

@gr0131 asked:

“Would love to hear Rob/Brian talk about the events of this afternoon With Derrick getting so rattled by Donny’s conversations with Christine and Cody.”

Brian said Donny went to Christine and revealed all of Derrick’s game to her using selective words and then she went and told Derrick all about it. Brian said this could hurt Christine for being such an effective snitch.

WadUp5 asked:

“When do you think Frankie will be evicted? Do you think he has the potential to make it to final 3? And if he somehow makes it to final 2, do you think he has any chance of winning (especially after Mogul-gate)?”

Rob and Brian agree that Frankie has no chance of winning and he has painted himself into a corner and is the top target if Donny isn’t available. Rob equated evicting Zach this week to an adulterer having a perfect wife and cheating on her multiple times.

Brooke Blaszczyk asked:

“Why do you think the houseguests have not been talking about a player returning to the game? Don’t you think this should be something to consider when evicting someone?”

Brian said it has been talked about some and thinks Derrick set it up so that if Zach comes back, Zach won’t be after Derrick. Rob said Derrick is great when it comes to people that are being evicted.

Top 10 Rejected Zings

10) “Victoria the only thing worse than your #BB16 game is Caleb’s game with the ladies.”

9) “Team America was asked to hide items from the houseguests; Victoria did they hide your personality too?”

8) “Frankie, you’re as much of a social media mogul as Amber is as a physical threat.”

7) “Cody, everyone says you look like John Travolta. I think they meant the John that Revolts ya.”

6) “Hey Frankie, I heard you changed your last name to pequeño to show your chances of winning.” (ED Note: Pequeño means small in Spanish. Grande means large.)

5) “Hey Frankie, I hear Ariana is your half-sister. I guess the talent came from the other half.”

4) “Donny, great job on the cricket impression. It’s also the correct answer to ‘What is Donny’s strategy?’”

3) “Zach, the year 2000 called, they want the word dingus back.”

2)  “Victoria, a bag of skittles has made more moves in this game than you have.”

1)  “Caleb, good news. We asked Justin Bieber if he’d record with you. The bad news, turns out he can say ‘Never’.”

Be sure to check out Thursday’s show live after the eviction with Ian Terry at 10:15 PM ET / 7:15 PM PT to talk about the eviction, the returning houseguest, and the new HoH. Also be sure to check out the Know-It-Alls 49 Laws to Survivor at

Special Thanks to Joshua Smith for a fantastic recap of tonight’s show.

Big Brother 2014: BB16 Episode 25 Recap of the visit from The Zingbot and Kathy Griffin

Big Brother 2014: BB16 Episode 25 Recap of the visit from The Zingbot and Kathy Griffin

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