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Big Brother 2014: Pretty Skittle Liars on the BB16 Episode 24 Recap

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Big Brother 2014: Episode 24 Recap and Live Feed Updates with Brian Lynch[/caption]

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A Recap of Big Brother Episode 24 where the nominees are decided by a bag of skittles and Donny wins the Battle of the Block solo.

Rob and Brian first discuss the lawsuit against Big Brother that was reported by TMZ. According to TMZ, Edwin Lyda is suing BB for patent infringement relating to their text voting system. Brian and Rob can’t even recall whether BB is using text voting this season.

Rob is surprised that Frankie was so quick to agree with Derek to keep Victoria off the block. Brian points out that they are both on Team America and that is probably the reason that they feel loyal to each other (and why Donny hasn’t been evicted yet). Brian suggests that if not for Team America, Derek would have been voted out because Frankie wouldn’t have turned on Zach. This is one reason Brian feels Team America has had too much influence on the house.

Rob asks Brian whether he thinks Frankie’s revelation that Ariana Grande is his sister worked. Brian isn’t convinced. Frankie has been safe since he came clean, which is why we don’t see his name getting thrown around on the show.

This week the houseguests were planning to backdoor Victoria, even though Derek’s DR suggested otherwise. Brian would throw all of Derek’s DRs out the window.

Caleb still talks about the Bomb Squad even though the alliance has been over for 2 months. The other members of the Bomb Squad told him it was Zach’s doing and that Hayden and Nicole were also in the alliance. Caleb seems to have pulled a 180 on Zach. Two weeks ago, Caleb was making the case to keep Zach, but now Zach is his primary target. Brian suggests this is because Derek has brainwashed Caleb. “Caleb is an IDIOT. An IIIIDIOT!”

Brian and Rob both note that Derek is amazing and a great player, but doesn’t make for good TV. Brian wants a player that can win with style. He thinks Derek is playing a low-ball gutter game.

Everyone in the team meeting wanted Zach to go up on the block. Zach picks up on this and volunteers. Derek says that isn’t what they want and the decision was made to draw skittles. Brian thinks Derek suggested this because he had hoped Zach would refuse and would have an excuse to backdoor Zach later.

Everyone in that room should have wanted to be nominated on the team that was going to play against Donny. However, nobody has the sense to realize that. Brian thinks Derek is in a league of his own. When asked who he thinks the second best player is, Brian suggests Donny. Donny at least knows what is going on and has his game knowledge going for him.

The skittles are pulled and Frankie will nominate Christine to go on the block with Donny. Derek will nominate Cody and Caleb. Christine is to throw the competition so that Donny stays on the block and Derek remains HOH.

Derek is using the death of his grandfather to build trust with Frankie. This sits badly with Rob and Brian because it seems insincere.

Donny is told he was included in the skittle draw. He figures out that there was no skittle for him and interrogates Cody and Derek about the skittle colors. Cody and Derek give him different answers. Also, there are six people that can be nominated, but only 5 skittles colors. Brian and Rob suggest that if they had used M&Ms, the guys might have gotten away with the lie.

Team America is tasked with stealing the other houseguests’ clothes and then starting a neighborhood watch. There is also a package relating to Cody and Christine’s flirtmance (to be discussed further in spoilers). The rumors are getting blamed on Zach, but Caleb is doing a lot of the talking. If Zach goes home, the house won’t have anyone to blame things on. Rob does not appreciate mean-spirited tweets relating to Christine’s looks. Brian agrees.

Rob and Brian suggest most of the flirting is on the side of Cody. He has flirted with all the women in the house. If Christine leaves, Cody will have to find a new flirt target. He has already spent a night with Frankie in the HOH room and there was some cuddling.

Derek is telling the rest of the house that if somebody takes a screen grab of them naked, that the houseguests can sue. Brian admits to posting screen grabs of some naked houseguests in the past.

Tonight the Black Box returns for the BOB competition. It is a dark room and the houseguests have to find 5 bones. Frankie and Derek are suggesting that production rigged the competition for Donny.

Donny and Christine are safe. Cody and Caleb stay on the block and Derek gets slimed.


Zingbot comes into the house and zings the houseguests with the help of Kathy Griffin. Cody and Christine’s flirting is a target. For a while, Cody and Christine keep their distance, but soon they are back to flirting.

Brian notes that after BOB, Derek cried because he could hear production cheering when Donny won. Derek is disappointed that Donny is an obvious favorite. The events this week highlight the fact that the houseguests feel a need to be admired by the public. A car drives by the house honking their horn and cheering for Zach. Everyone seems a bit perturbed by that, including Frankie.

Frankie tells Zach that he will be going on the block and is the target to go home. On Twitter, Zach fans have been bringing up a re-nom rule. Apparently the rule states houseguests cannot tell their target that he/she will go up on the block. However, Rob and Brian note that this rule is broken all the time and is never enforced (including in this episode). Rob points out that the idea behind the rule is to keep the POV meetings interesting. Frankie later wakes Zach up to tell him that there is a chance Zach will be safe. Brian suggests that production had Frankie do this so that the re-nom rule won’t apply.

Frankie’s mom went online to suggest that Frankie knew about the re-nom rule and was using it to keep from having to back-stab Zach. Rob and Brian think that Frankie will try to spin his story to make it as though he was trying to save Zach once he leaves the house and sees Zach is popular with the public.

The neighborhood watch blew up in Zach’s face. Once someone suggests Zach is a saboteur, Team America ran with the rumor.

Frankie has a nomination speech/poem prepared and tries to rip Zach off. After the nomination ceremony, Zach isolated himself. Zach was trying to campaign, but it is looking bleak.

Rob and Brian try to figure out whether the competition to re-enter the game will be this week. They think production decided to bring someone back specifically to give Zach a chance to come back.

Cody and Derek are talking about back-dooring Frankie. Rob doesn’t appreciate that Frankie is being two-faced. He acts sweet to peoples’ face but is cutting behind their backs. Rob contrasts this with Donny who is completely genuine all the time. Brian points out that Donny is sacrificing the potential to work with Zach to make money with Team America.


Terry Rodriguez:

Do the houseguests know that the season has been extended?

They have not been told, but there is a rumor in the house that the season will be longer. Derek is telling people it will be longer because production thinks it is the best season yet.


Wendy Yunker

Has anybody won live feed BINGO yet?

There are a few people that are close to a BINGO, but are waiting for one more thing to happen. There might need to be a tie-breaker.


Ian Rice

Has there been any conversations that indicate the houseguests are aware that Derek is running things and should be targeted?

Donny brought this up with Zach. Zach has planted this seed with Frankie. However, nobody seems to be making Derek a target. Zach is telling Derek publicly that he will vote for Derek to win. Brian thinks Zach’s either trying to ruin Derek’s game or is being honest (You never know with Zach).


Tyler Sloan

I’d like to know who each Detonator and Caleb is targeting once Donny leaves the house. What’s next?

Rob and Brian agree that Frankie will be the next target. That is the last plan that came out of Derek’s mouth. Rob asks Brian if he thinks Frankie could catch wind of this and lobby for Zach to stay. Brian thinks Frankie could be aware of this, but the numbers wouldn’t be on his side. Not that it matters. Brian thinks Frankie is playing the worst jury management game.


Anna Jose

Derek is the only houseguest left that has not been nominated. Are the rest of the houseguests aware of this and do they plan to do anything about it?

It has been discussed but nobody wants to go against Derek. The rest of the houseguests have no game. Rob asks if it is because Derek is so good or because the rest of the cast is so bad. Brian thinks it is definitely because the rest of the house is terrible. Rob compares Derek to Kim Spradlin.


Dave Backer:

Are the Detonators their own worst enemy?

All the Detonators are still there. Rob and Brian agree it’s been a good alliance.


Brian Eric:

What are the chances we’ll see BOB in future editions of BB?

Brian hopes not but admits it’s possible. He acknowledges it hasn’t brought outside interference into the game, unlike Team America.


Wendy Younker:

What do you think of Christine’s game? I don’t understand her flirting strategy.

Brian thinks it is hard to tell if the flirting has been beneficial. She has been an effective floater all game.


Mike Curry:

Is Caleb running the house? Everyone that he wants to leave is voted out.

Brian points out that Caleb wanted Amber gone because it was planted in his head. Caleb does what he is told. Rob likens him to the Terminator. Instructions are programmed into his head and Caleb executes them.



Zingbot went there when it comes to Christine and Cody. Do you think it was appropriate?

Rob thinks it was hurtful to Christine’s husband and didn’t think Zingbot would go there. However, if it is relevant to the show, Rob doesn’t have an issue. Brian is tired of online complaints to/by Christine’s husband. Rob plays Brian the video of Christine’s husband covering Ariana Grande’s Problem. Rob suggests Christine’s husband will become a YouTube star because of this and surpass Frankie as a social media mogul.

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Special Thanks to Ashley Hobb for tonight’s episode recap.

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