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Big Brother 2014: Eric Stein Recaps the Wednesday’s BB16


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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Brian Lynch (@lynchmgm) are joined by the original America’s Player Big Brother 8’s Eric Stein to recap Episode 22 of Big Brother 16.

Recap of Big Brother 16, Episode 22 where Zach won the veto and saved himself forcing Christine to put up her co-HoH Nicole on the block against Donny.

Rob started off the podcast with the big elephant in the room, Team America. Eric feels like the whole idea is a farce and the producers are being much more lenient with the attempts at the tasks this season than they were to him. He said that America’s Player had a much larger impact on his season than Team America has had this season.

Rob then brought up Frankie’s announcement to reveal his true backstory and who his sister was. Eric thought it wasn’t a good idea at first, but decided it was just a desperate attempt and it couldn’t lower his stock more than it already was. Eric thought it wouldn’t help him with the other houseguests and they will use it as further evidence that he is a liar.

Eric didn’t understand the logic Frankie was using when acting very grandiose with his announcement and thought possibly he was trying to set himself up as a goat. Rob didn’t think so due to Frankie’s whole idea about building schools in Africa.

Rob and Eric then discussed the cast overall and compared this season to Survivor: Redemption Island with Derrick in the Boston Rob role and the rest of the cast being the Ometepe Six. Eric said a big reason for this is due to the Battle of the Block twist and it created a mega-alliance that didn’t split the house in two.

Eric said he would evict Donny this week as it goes against what the HoH wants and if anyone comes back they will be on Donny’s side. Brian said it comes down to what Derrick wants and right now Derrick wants to keep Donny for Team America tasks.

Rob then brought up the OTEV POV competition that included a surprise cameo from Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of OTEV. Rob said there was no way he was at the studio and just recorded

Eric revealed he wasn’t the biggest #ZachAttack fan. He said Zach was there not to win the game, but to be on TV and that if Zach were on any other season he wouldn’t be as popular due to there being other big personalities. He said Zach is trying to be the next Coach or Phillip. Eric also said he would vote Zach out as soon as possible as his moves aren’t predictable and he could easily blow up his own game.

Next, Rob brought up Zach’s actions that led to a house meeting. Zach told Victoria all about Derrick’s alliances without realizing how close she was to Derrick and in order to keep himself safe forewarned Derrick about it all by telling him that he told Nicole and Nicole told Victoria. This led to a house meeting where Derrick called out Zach and called it a “win, win, win”. Eric thought that Zach’s instincts were correct but he says things without thinking and it hurts him, while Derrick has the ability to manipulate and change their perceptions about the situation.

Eric says Derrick has the best chances to win at this moment and the biggest obstacle will be if Hayden comes back and has a vendetta. The other worry would be if he had to cut a few too many throats and when the dust settled Victoria was in the Natalie White role winning over someone who was hated by the jury.

Eric then moved on to Christine and surmised that she (like himself in BB8) was so happy to be a part of the popular clique that she has lost sight of the game and is now evicting her closest ally. He said she is going to be the next target for the guys and is Big Brother 12 Britney without the personality.

Viewer Questions:

Brenden420x50 asked:

“Does it seem like Frankie was bragging about his fame and sister to the houseguests?”

Rob and Eric agreed that this is exactly what’s happening.

Brina2254 asked:

“Was Caleb lying about Nicole? They made Caleb look like it was all his fault while Zach was a part of it too! And then to top it off Nicole gets the innocent girl lying edit”

The panel agreed he was Beast Mode Truth Twisting. Eric said he believes that Caleb has come full circle and is now a potential winner. He said Caleb sees things in black and white and doesn’t overanalyze situations.

Purplepanda731 asked:

“Do you think Christine has put herself in a position to get to the final 4 because Derrick and Cody don’t trust Frankie, Zach, and Donny? They also don’t want to compete against Caleb at the end.”

Eric said if he were in the situation, he would easily want to be in a final challenge with Christine over Frankie and Caleb.

Garrett Behr asked:

“Why did they completely skip over the trip Caleb, Christine, and Frankie took?”

Rob said they will show it on Thursday’s show.

Timothy Kyle Tucker asked:

“If your season had Team America which two of your fellow houseguests would you want to work with?”

Eric said in its current form he would’ve wanted Jessica and Jameka.

Riley Rage asked:

“Thoughts on BB airing Zach’s diary room meltdown/freak-out?”

Rob said we’re seeing a raw side of Zach and Eric said he has been an archetype that’s been missing in BB and he can’t contain his personality fully. Eric thought Zach’s actions were real and enjoyed that CBS showed this.


Brian said the vote is currently to evict Nicole and the target next week will probably be Zach. Eric said they missed their chance to get Zach out against Paola and keeping him last week was the correct move. He also said that this season BB is very simplified with: acquire target, pile on target, evict target. He said most are playing a scared game, an as long as it’s not me Sandra-style game.

Eric said Derrick’s target should be Christine because she’s trying to play a similar game to him or Caleb because he would be hard to beat in competitions. Eric said they could also hedge their bets and target someone who they’d be okay with coming back due to Julie’s cryptic remarks.

Eric brought up returning players and said he could never vote for a returning player in a final vote because they were evicted once before. Rob said it depends on the circumstances. Brian then brought up that someone yelled positive things about Zach over the wall and Christine said America is disgusting if they like Zach.

Viewer Questions:

Tiger raahhrr asked:

“Do the jurors get to talk freely about the game in the jury house and compare info or do they keep them separate and sequestered most of the time?”

Eric said 100% you can compare notes. He said there’s plenty of downtime and little supervision. He said that they might be sequestered in hotels if there’s a possibility of coming back into the game.

Monika Wickham asked:

“What have you thought about Nicole’s attempts to campaign over the last 24 hours? And the atomic wedgie she gave to Zach?”

Eric said it’s a sad consequence of this season because there is little campaigning she can do at this point and there is no one to sway for her vote.

This Thursday Rob will be joining Big Brother Canada 2’s Neda on the Houseguest Hangout starting at 10:00 PM EST and immediately following that Rob and Brian will be joined by Ian Terry to recap the live eviction. Also be sure to check out The Know-It-Alls 49 Laws to Survivor at

Special Thanks to Joshua Smith for tonight’s episode recap.


Big Brother 2014: Eric Stein recaps BB16 Episode 22 LIVE on Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Big Brother 2014: Eric Stein recaps BB16 Episode 22 LIVE on Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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