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Big Brother 2014: Wil Heuser Recaps BB16 Episode 21


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Rob Cesternino hosts the Big Brother 16 recap after #BB16 Episode 21 on Sunday, August 10, 2014 after Frankie Grande wins the Battle of the Block

Rob and Brian are joined by BB14‘s Wil Heuser to discuss Sunday night’s Big Brother episode. Wil discusses his YouTube videos, his favorite houseguests to impersonate and how much he is enjoying this season.

The recap of Sunday night’s episode starts with a discussion of Nicole’s outburst after Hayden’s eviction and her focus on Frankie and Christine after the double eviction. Rob finds it odd that Frankie is willing to flip on The Detonators to keep himself off the block, and Wil wonders why Nicole didn’t backdoor Frankie. The crew wonders whether the Team America tasks should continue and then discuss the HOH competition. Rob, Brian and Wil discuss Zach’s charm, Beastmode Cowboy’s newfound popularity post-Amber, and his failure to throw the Battle of the Block like he planned. They discuss the Battle of the Block, the conspiracy theory that production helped Frankie win and Frankie’s revelation.

Rob, Brian and Wil discuss the live feeds. They discuss Frankie and Zach’s tense discussion, how the big reveal played out on the live feeds. Wil clarifies whether or not Frankie’s claim that the rest of the house cannot talk about his sister is true. Everyone thinks Frankie’s revelation has backfired on him.

Rob takes the following questions:

1. Are the houseguests being led to believe that Frankie is in the house playing entirely for charity? If so, should production allow that?

2. How did I not notice Ariana Grande was at the live show?

3. How did Frankie get all the blame? Why does Zach keep running his mouth?

4. How could Frankie have thought his revelation was going to build trust?

After Wil leaves, Rob and Brian discuss the relationships in the house and the house meeting, the Veto competition and potential renoms after Zach has pulled himself off the block.

1. Did the TV show do a bad job of depicting Frankie’s involvement in the goings on in the house?
2. Any thoughts on how the show recapped the Double Eviction episode?
3. Does Christine feel guilty about her flirting with Cody?
4. Could Donny being evicted this week be good for him in the long run?
5. Do you guys think Donny is guaranteed money this season?
6. What is Zach’s game?
Rob and Brian wonder who is number 2 in the power rankings, assuming that Derrick is number 1.  Finally, they discuss the potential for this cast to have the best top 8 in Big Brother history.
Special thanks to @Raesanni for tonight’s episode recap.
Big Brother 2014: Sunday Night BB16 Recap with Wil Heuser on August 10, 2014

Big Brother 2014: Sunday Night BB16 Recap with Wil Heuser on August 10, 2014

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