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Big Brother 2014: Spencer Clawson Recaps BB16 Episode 19


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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Brian Lynch (@lynchmgm) are joined by Big Brother 15’s Spencer Clawson (@SpencerBClawson) to recap Episode 19 of Big Brother 16.

After Zach and Jocasta were nominated on Sunday, Christine wins the Power of Veto and keeps the nominations the same in an attempt to evict Zach in Episose 19 of Big Brother 16.

In a season first, the POV was not used after Christine won a comp even the Guardians of the Galaxy would approve of.

Rob and Brian started out the podcast discussing the recent news that Big brother would be extended another week until September 24th and the twisted summer of twists would continue.

First on the docket for Rob and Brian was the gameplay and edit of Christine. Brian said her thinking was that Zach was coming after her because he nominated her. Rob thought Christine was the biggest villain in the house and her edit took a turn this episode with her braggart DRs and needless lies to Nicole. Brian agreed saying she burned almost all her bridges at this point and she may be a target in Thursday’s double eviction.

Rob then moved onto the strategy talk between Frankie and Nicole in the HoH room, saying he thought Nicole wasn’t a good liar and her hesitation answering Frankie’s questions were a bit of a tell.

Oh look, ANOTHER alliance has been made this time between Hayden, Nicole, Cody, and Derrick calling themselves The Rationale. Brian said Derrick is currently playing both and is waiting to pick a side until he absolutely has to. Rob thought they definitely could’ve come up with a better name.

Rob brought up more about Christine, this time her trying to push getting Zach out to Nicole. At the same time she tried to drive a wedge between Nicole and Hayden by telling her that Zach said that Hayden and Victoria had kissed and were becoming close. Brian and Rob both agreed that it was not a well thought-out lie and it hurt her trust with both Nicole and Hayden.

Spencer has arrived! With regards to Christine Spencer thought they were painting Christine as the villain for trying to separate Nicole and Hayden. Spencer thought that her aligning with Frankie and going after Zach is hurting her both inside and outside the house when it comes to popularity.

Spencer said he’s a Zach fan and while Zach may be entertaining, he isn’t playing the best game when it comes to strategy. Rob brought up the similarities between Zach and Christine DRs and why the fan reaction was different to each of them. Spencer said that comparing them was comparing apples to oranges because Christine seems fake while Zach owns his character. Rob and Spencer both agreed that if the remarks are made towards a fan-favorite the reaction will be different than if they were made towards someone the audience doesn’t like.

Talk moved to the POV competition and the comic book theme of it. Spencer and Rob both loved the style and Spencer talked about some possible comics for his Big Brother 15 cast mates.

Rob brought up Derrick’s spot in-between both The Rationale and The Detonators. Spencer said it’s the perfect scenario for a floater and Derrick and Cody are both playing it. Spencer also said that the game is moving into the middle phase and moving between alliances can be problematic if someone blows up the spot. He can’t think of a good enough reason to stay with the Detonators at this stage and the closeness between Frankie and Christine is them preparing for when the alliance crumbles.

Talk moved to Zach and Rob doesn’t think Zach would’ve turned on The Detonators while Spencer thought that no one in the alliance saw Zach as more than a number. Both Rob and Spencer agreed that if Jocasta makes it though her and Victoria have high chances of making it to final 6. Spencer thinks the only strategic reason to get out Jocasta this week is because Derrick is underestimating her.

Spencer thought that when Zach sees these episodes he’ll be mad at Christine, but maddest of all at Frankie for the way Frankie has treated their alliance.

Viewer Questions:

Evilroy Slade asked:

“Why do so many people need to vilify their target as a way to convince others to vote them out? Is it just easier than establishing other reasons? Worse yet, why does it continue when they are gone?”

Spencer said that it’s just easier to convince people using emotion than stating how it’s better for their personal game. Spencer also said that when it comes to after the players are gone they are a coping mechanism because they can’t say all the bad things about the people currently in the house. He also admitted that big Brother 15 took it too far.

William Clark asked:

“Spencer, who do you think is most like you this year?”

Spencer compares himself, personality wise, to Derrick and Zach, but in the game he can’t find anyone this year similar to his style.

AmazingRaceKnowitall asked:

“Does Frankie have weird fetishes if he’s turned on by Caleb’s shaved head?”

Rob said it’s probably better than to delve too deep into that subject but Caleb’s game has gone to the background after being in the foreground for so long. Spencer thought he might make it far now due to all the in-fighting going on in the Detonators.

John Frutiger asked:

“What is the count tonight on frootloop and dingus being said? I think I counted eight.”

Spencer agreed with Rob that it’s gone too far and that combined with Beast Mode need to be retired from reality tv


Brian brought the news that Zach has no hope of not being evicted tomorrow and the vote will be unanimous, although Hayden wants to vote for Zach to stay so it will expose Frankie to Zach on his way out. Brian thought that Zach might’ve been in a bit on denial when it comes to the plan. Brian said that Frankie and Caleb were Zach’s friends this week but Derrick quickly turned everyone against him.

Spencer thought it was the right move to get rid of Zach this week for Derrick and Cody if they want to move forward with The Rational. Brian said Hayden told Derrick his targets were Frankie and Christine but doesn’t know who Derrick would target next. Rob worried that if Frankie and Christine are evicted Derrick would become the next target.

Brian mentioned that Derrick has been playing with others the possibility that he may be a cop to throw some shade over the truth and Victoria has been mentioning Ariana Grande a lot recently. He also said that Frankie has pretty much replaced Zach with Christine in his alliance and Spencer said their targets would be whoever The Detonators would target. He thought they’d target Caleb or Jocasta or Victoria.

Brian said Donny is pretty much off on his own when it comes to the game and him and Jocasta don’t really talk game to anyone. Rob also brought up the lack of a Team America vote at the end of tonight’s episode and questioned that possibly they were in trouble for not doing last week’s task. Rob brought up the use of Zach as a scapegoat for Team America and if that led to his eviction. Spencer thought that nominating Christine and Nicole is the main reason he’s in the spot he is.

Spencer doesn’t think that Team America are working together in the game at all and are only doing tasks together at this point. Spencer said his winner pick at this point if not Derrick would be Hayden and Rob agreed with that choice.

Viewer Questions:

@zekerchief (Zeke Smith) asked:

“If/when Zach is evicted on Thursday, what’s the over/under on a twist bringing him back into the house?”

Spencer doesn’t think there’s any chance of that happening with it happening last year and would use a Team America task for something. Rob thinks there is a 30% chance of that happening.

Timothy Kyle Tucker asked:

“If Zach is evicted Thursday will he ever be brought back for another season?”

Spencer thought Zach was an All-Star personality but not an All-Star game player, but would love to see him back. Rob and Brian agreed.

@corribananas (Bananas) asked:

“#RHAP Who’s the most likely to be evicted in the double eviction on Thursday, and would a Triple Eviction ever be possible?”

Rob doesn’t think a triple eviction would ever happen. Brian predicted the second evictee would be Christine and the HoH would be anybody except Derrick. Spencer agreed with Brian and that Christine going would be best for Derrick’s game. Rob predicted Frankie, for the sake of being different.

Spring Willis asked:

“#RHAP Is there anyone who has nothing to worry about for the double eviction? Has anyone covered all their bases and we can basically assume they are safe no matter what?”

The panel agreed that Derrick, Cody, Nicole, Donny, Hayden, and Caleb are all safe.

Shae Renee asked:

“Since the twist is going to be over this week do you think It will chance up the way people are nominating (Strong/Weak or Weak/Weak) or do you think this cast hasn’t grasped that the game will have to change?”

Rob and Spencer both agreed that this will be a bit of an adjustment period to playing normal Big Brother and Brian said they’ll do whatever Derrick tells them to.

Matt asked:

“Why didn’t Nicole pressure Christine to use the veto on Jocasta? Was she too worried that it would affect her alliance with Christine if she were to backdoor Frankie?”

Neither Spencer nor Brian knew why she didn’t pressure her, but felt if she did it would’ve hurt Nicole in the long run.

Michael S. asked:

“Should Nicole have tried to target Derrick instead of working with him? I know it’s early and it would be risky but it seems like a bad idea to give the best player in the house more control of the game.”

Rob thought that Derrick and Nicole had a working relationship from their time as co-HoHs and just built on that relationship this week. Spencer agreed and added that Derrick’s game is so good because the others don’t realize how strong he is in the house. Spencer said Derrick plants seeds and helps them grow until he needs to cultivate them.

Brian discussed The Detonators need to reveal themselves out of fear that Zach would’ve first. Christine told Nicole that it was an alliance that Zach formed and it wasn’t a true alliance. Spencer thinks Zach will be pacified in his exit and will be cordial.

Be sure to check out Thursday’s show live after the DOUBLE EVICTION with Ian Terry at 10:15 PM ET / 7:15 PM PT to talk about all the madness that happens.

Special Thanks to Joshua Smith for tonight’s episode recap.

Big Brother 2014:  Spencer Clawson LIVE to Recap BB16 Episode 19 on August 6, 2014

Big Brother 2014: Spencer Clawson LIVE to Recap BB16 Episode 19 on August 6, 2014

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