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Big Brother 2014: BB16 Eviction #3 Recap with Ian Terry – July 17


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After the biggest eviction of the season so far, Rob Cesternino, Brian Lynch, and Ian Terry are back to break down the past week in the Big Brother house – and preview the week ahead with two new Hs OH crowned on the live feeds!

The Big Brother 16 House evicts Devin Shepherd by a vote of 11-0 as the BB16 Love Triangle between Cody, Caleb and Amber heats up

Rob starts the show on the subject of Caleb’s possible ousting from the house this week, curious to know just how close that plan was to succeeding and how badly Cody actually wants Caleb out of the house. Brian reports that all of the footage shown on this topic in tonight’s episode was essentially the sum total of any conversations Cody had about wanting Caleb out, and all the talk about possibly keeping Devin actually happened before the veto ceremony on Monday.

Rob also checks in with Ian about the new #BBLoveTriangle between Caleb, Amber, and Cody. A possible showmance between Cody and Amber has emerged, but Ian maintains that the arrow pointing from Caleb to Amber has a greater deal of girth than the one pointing from Cody. As resident expert on all things Big Brother, Ian is also asked to confirm that Caleb became the first houseguest to ever appear on the live show with an open shirt. Ian believes he is, claiming that this was the biggest exposure on an eviction show since Lane’s fly was open on Big Brother 12.

From there, the panel discussed the eviction speeches from Caleb and Devin, who both alluded to the idea that they would go beast mode and win a lot of competitions. Ian believes this is a perfectly viable strategy but Devin’s execution was better, telling the others that his odds of winning competitions could benefit their games in a way Caleb’s wouldn’t. He feels that in Big Brother, what you have is less important than selling what you have, and in that respect Devin did as best a job he could. However, he, Rob, and Brian all agree that the final plea speeches never matter in the slightest.

Rob was very intrigued by the Victoria “what’s your name” segment, believing this was the producers’ and editors’ way of telling the viewers that they aren’t very happy with how little excitement Victoria is bringing to the show. Ian also found the piece interesting, considering the subtext of the segment actually didn’t faze him at first.

Click to More Information on our BB16 Viewing Party and LIVE podcast taping This Sunday (7/20) at the Hollywood Improv

Click to More Information on our BB16 Viewing Party and LIVE podcast taping This Sunday (7/20) at the Hollywood Improv

We got our first “family visit” segment of the season, which now feature embedded correspondent Big Jeff interviewing Donny’s family members. Nobody thought the new format was a significant improvement – Ian and Rob both thought the segment was funny, and Ian was amused to see that a houseguest’s family actually didn’t watch Big Brother – but Rob was a little concerned that Jeff was making fun of Donny’s family. Rob also thought that Big Jeff dressing up as Donny and imitating a “day in the life” indicated what a slow week it was in the house. He and Ian discuss the possibility that Donny might become the new fan favorite and replace Jeff as the host for Big Brother shows.

Moving into the spoiler section of the show, Brian reports that the team of Cody and Frankie are the new heads of household for the week. The “get your egg through the fence” challenge is Rob’s least favorite of any Big Brother competition, finding it tedious and boring to watch. Neither he nor Ian liked that the pairings were created randomly for this competition, with Rob feeling that letting the houseguests pick their own partners would have made for more drama. With Cody and Frankie in charge, Brian believes we might see another backdoor plan this week for Caleb – and now that the viewers have told Team America to target a physical threat, Frankie will likely nominate him.

To #RHAP up the show, the panel takes your questions on all things BB16: why did Christine and Nicole abandon their plan to throw hinky votes for Caleb and blame Jocasta and Donny? Has “The Trinity” expanded to the “Quad God Squad”? Is Rob jinxing the show by predicting over-the-top exits for big first-act players? And will we ever find out why Donny wears a “Harvard Medical” shirt? The answer to these questions and more in this Big Brother eviction recap on Rob Has a Podcast!

Special thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode recap

Big Brother 2014: Recap of Eviction #3 of BB16 with Ian Terry

Big Brother 2014: Recap of Eviction #3 of BB16 with Ian Terry

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