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Big Brother 2014: Kara Monaco on the Wednesday BB16 Recap


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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Brian Lynch (@lynchmgm) are joined by Big Brother 14’s Kara Monaco (@karamonaco) to recap Episode 10 of Big Brother 16.

A plan was brought to fruition as Donny won the Power of Veto and used it on Jocasta, allowing Derrick to put up Devin in her place on the latest Big Brother 16.

Rob starts the podcast getting Kara’s take on the similarities between Devin and her former housemate, Willie Hantz, while Kara thought that Caleb reminded her more of Willie than Devin. They go on to discuss Devin’s strategy of sulking until his days in the house are over.

The panel then turns to discussing tonight’s episode and the answer to exactly what happened to Nicole after being dethroned as HoH. Kara revealed that she wasn’t a fan of Nicole for allegedly saying some disparaging remarks about her on the feeds. Rob brought up Donny and Amber’s Battle of the Block win and whether or not Donny had been fed some lines to say in the DR. Rob and Kara think Donny doesn’t know what a hashtag is while Brian thinks Donny could’ve come up with it by himself.

Talk then turns to what Rob calls “The Devil’s Triangle” of Caleb, Amber, and Cody, hoping to get Kara’s perspective of the whole situation. Kara thinks that Cody is into Amber, but Amber really isn’t into anyone. Rob brings up the massage Cody was giving Amber and the death stare Caleb was giving before he walked by to go upstairs. They all agree Cody should never tell Caleb if anything happens between him and Amber. Cody mentions to Derrick that if Devin wins POV they should consider getting rid of Caleb.

Team America’s task is brought up and Kara thinks she’d believe the rumor if she were in the house. Brian says the way the rumor spread wasn’t portrayed accurately and Brain thinks they effectively just stole credit for the task. Rob thinks this week’s task is a wash and both choices will be nominated by default.

It’s time to discuss the POV! Christine, Donny, and Christine were picked to play along with Caleb and Derrick. Brian says that Donny knew about the plan to backdoor Devin when Derrick spoke to him in the storage room, just not from Derrick. Rob brings up Caleb’s build-up to the competition and his choice of eyewear being similar to that of Tim Tebow. Brian says that while Jocasta and Caleb might not be working together, they worship together frequently, along with other houseguests. Rob and Brian both like the challenge but didn’t agree with the way it was determined which order they would go in. Kara compared Devin doing it multiple times to Frank and being able to learn from each preceding round. Donny goes on to win POV defeating Devin and Caleb.

The post competition festivities are discussed with Rob and Brian agreeing that the show made more of the Cody/Amber thing than is actually happening. They all wonder why Jocasta reacted the way she did. Donny used the POV on Jocasta and Derrick put Devin up as the renom, achieving the goal he set Thursday. Kara thought the Devin DRs helped bring him some sympathy from the viewers and thinks he’ll cry when interviewed by Julie.

Onto the live feed section of the podcast Brian predicts that Devin will be evicted by a 9-2 vote, with Nicole and Christine voting to evict Caleb and planning to blame the votes of Donny and Jocasta. Christine called Donny “creepy” in relation to his rumor spreading for Team America. Kara likes Christine and thinks she could be a silent assassin if left in the house long enough. Brian confirms there is indeed a houseguest named Victoria and she is an outsider, aligned with Donny, Jocasta, and Brittany.

Rob wonders what the post-Devin house would look like and Brian thinks it depends heavily on who wins HoH. He hopes it’s someone who makes all the guys squirrel for a week. Kara says her favorites are Derrick and Zach. She likes that Derrick’s quiet and thinks they’re similar. Brian grades Derrick’s HoH as a 9 out of 10, doing what the house wants, while not hurting his own game and building the resume for final appeal to jury.

Surprise! There’s a new alliance in the house called The Detonators consisting of the remaining BS members minus Caleb and Amber, (Christine, Zach, Frankie, Cody, Derrick). However Brian thinks these members would all backstab each other if given the chance.

In this week’s edition of “Guiding Amber” Amber thinks she should come clean to Caleb about her feelings, while Caleb feels he hasn’t been properly reciprocated for the big move he made for Amber last week and hopes someone else nominates her next week. Kara thinks Amber should use Caleb’s feelings to her advantage and string him along for protection in the game. Brian says Amber isn’t doing this at all and it’s poor gameplay on her part. Brian says it’s been a slow week and thinks Thursday’s show is going to mostly be the Caleb and Amber storyline.

Viewer Questions:

Alex Wilpon asked:
“Are Christine and Nicole planning to throw votes Caleb’s way tomorrow? What do you think of the move for them?”

  • They are indeed thinking about it and Brian likes the move as it can cause a whole lot of drama while not harming either of them. He thinks it will be hard to sell against Jocasta but doubts they’ll try to sell out individuals and just defend each other.

John Locascio asked:
“On the live feeds, did you watch Victoria talking about being carried away by a crow? Any thoughts about it? I thought it was very funny and entertaining.”

  • Brain hadn’t heard the story but Rob says a lot of people have brought it up. Kara and Brian both doubt it happened but did get a chance to talk about bald eagles again.

Keith Dixon asked:
Do you think either Team America choice will just result in them targeting a girl again? I can easily see Amber being the target if Option B is selected.”

  • Rob thinks this week’s choices are a stretch and Brian agrees that the terms are too subjective for production to distinguish whether it was completed or not. Kara brings up how the definition of floater has changed since early BB.

Orrin Shawl asked:
With winning POV against the most hated houseguest (Devin) and rescuing a sick and joyfully tearful houseguest (Jocasta), how much more likely is it now that Donny will be a future all-star?”

  • Rob thinks Donny reminds him of a BB version of Rupert, and Kara thinks he’ll be America’s Favorite like Judd was.

Yukonr states:
“The difference between Hayden and Caleb is the looks on their faces; Hayden looks like he’s not really serious and Caleb looks like he’s a stalker.”

  • Kara responds that Caleb is more intense, aggressive, and obsessive which comes off as stalkerish and it would be a bit much for her.

Marcus Palmer asked:
“What do you think about the houseguests’ edits, like Caleb’s obsession, being more accurate from live feeds to the show in tonight’s episode? Side Note: Hooray for seeing Cody for more than 10 seconds this episode!”

  • Brian thinks the show accurately portrayed Caleb’s obsession.

Jacob Brabant asked:
“Is Victoria the biggest floater in Big Brother history? She isn’t anywhere and she sucks at gameplay and comps.”

  • Brain says no because she doesn’t float. She doesn’t do anything and isn’t playing the game. Rob differentiates between the two definitions of floater and says Victoria is more the modern day Rachel-defined floater, being more of a drifter than a floater.

Be sure to check out Thursday’s show live after the eviction with Ian Terry at 10:15 PM ET to talk about the eviction and the new HoH. Then catch Rob’s interview with the latest evicted houseguest Friday morning and Rob is planning a bonus podcast to check out Friday, listen Thursday for more info. And last but not least, for the first time in #RHAP history it’s RHAP live from the Hollywood Improv with Brenchel starting at 9:00PM PT. For those in the LA area tickets to the event can be found at:

Special Thanks to Joshua Smith for tonight’s episode recap!

Big Brother 2014: Recap of Episode 10 of BB16 on Wed, July 16th

Big Brother 2014: Recap of Episode 10 of BB16 on Wed, July 16th

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