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Big Brother 2014: LIVE with Brendon & Rachel from the Hollywood Improv

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Big Brother 2014: Brendon & Rachel join Rob LIVE at the Hollyood Improv for a special BB16 podcast[/caption] Click to Subscribe to Our BIG BROTHER podcast feed on iTunes Click to Subscribe to Our BIG BROTHER podcast feed on iTunes[/caption]

Live from the Hollywood Improv with special guests Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly

In the first ever live audience interview at the Hollywood Improv, Rob welcomed Big Brother and The Amazing Race stars Brendon and Rachel to watch, then discuss Sunday night’s Big Brother 16 episode.  

Rob Cesternino talks to Brenchel about this week’s Battle of the Block, Team America nominating a “Physical Threat” and the newly formed Detonators alliance on Big Brother 16.

The podcast kicked off directly after the end of the west coast showing of the episode, and the enthusiasm was up so much that no one needed a life vest.  Rachel started off with a shout out to the cast of Big Brother 16, mentioning how much better they have been compared to last year’s cast.

Rob wasted little time getting right to it, and asked the live audience how they feel about Team America.  The mixed crowd reaction was not as definite as Rob, who felt this week’s task was a bit of BS.  He said that counting Amber as a physical threat was too much of a stretch.  Rachel agreed with this, and commented how she doesn’t agree with America’s choice of putting up a physical threat, because voting out floaters would be the way to go.  Brendon agrees, pointing out that he went on the block week after week because he was a physical threat.

Another issue Rob pointed out was the Battle of the Block twist.  He felt that something is “broken” in the process, which the audience agreed with.  Brendon pointed out that production probably had high hopes for the twist in the beginning, but instead of bringing further complication to the game, it’s just allowed the dominant alliance to put up more of the same people.

Rachel wondered why no one was targeting Hayden, pointing out that he’s a pretty big threat.  Brendon thought that he is just flying under the radar these first few weeks, which is usually the best strategy.  Rob then mentioned how confused he was by the clip from the show where everyone was against sleeping in the same bed with Victoria.  He felt that the show has spent so much time on “The Bomb Squad” and the “Detonators” that the dynamics of the rest of the house is underserved.

Next Rob brought up the Detonators, describing how they were formed from the rubble of the Bomb Squad.  He noted that on paper, they are an alliance of the sharpest players in the house, but had doubts to their longevity.  Brendon agreed, pointing out that Christine could be the low woman on that totem pole, and her closeness to Nicole could jeopardize the five.  He also mentioned that Cody could have a hand in ruining the Detonators, since he is already having issues within the group.  All were in agreement that the Detonators wouldn’t stay intact by jury, let alone the final five (no top five, baby for them).

They then went on to talk about the love triangle with Cody, Amber and Caleb.  Rob talked about how CBS happened to superimpose an ad for their new fall show called Stalker right when the cameras were on a tight shot of Caleb’s face.  They all wondered with Amber increasingly distancing herself from Caleb if it would cause any trouble for Cody, since Caleb flops from being over her to upset about her one day to the next.

When discussing the Battle of the Block competition, Rachel thought it was a great mental comp, which Jocasta seemed to prove true by speaking in tongues during the middle of it.  All seemed to agree that Jocasta has lost it a bit as the weeks have gone by, noting that the craziness of Big Brother is just not for everyone.

They go on to discuss how this has been a season divided by two types of players: those in power who seem to be the super-fans, and the recruits who are seemingly picked off week after week.  Rob said that it would be the ideal season for Rachel to be a part of since the floaters have been the ones to go so far.  He went on to talk about how the recruits like Amber, Victoria and Brittany just don’t understand the game enough to unite together and rise up against the power before it’s too late, adding that Donny being tied into Team America is making it all the harder.

Questions from Twitter

When asked about the over/under for how many weeks left for the Battle of the Block twist, Rachel thought that it would end around jury time, where Brendon said he thinks it will be over after this week.  Rob followed up with a question about the next double eviction, but Brendon felt it wouldn’t happen for at least two more weeks.

Next they were asked if Brenchel were in the house, who would they align with.  All Brendon could come up with is how Caleb would be a good player to use.  Also, when asked if he enjoys romantic movies as much as Cody, Brendon informed the audience that Brad Pitt would be his man crush, while Rob would go with Cody.

Rachel is then asked if she is annoyed by the fact that there are so few strong women playing the game.  She agreed, pointing out how if Amber is the strongest of the females, then it’s a pretty weak group.  She was not happy to hear Brittany say she is not into the game anymore.  Rob interjected with a comment about how wishy-washy Brittany has been, which could be a byproduct of having been a recruit.  They all agreed that Brittany wishing that the fakeness would end proves she had no idea what she got into, as fakeness is a staple of the best Big Brother games.

Live Audience Questions

When asked who their picks to win are, Rachel revealed that she had Christine preseason, but is leaning toward Derrick right now.  Brendon picked Brittany preseason, but is thinking Christine might have the best shot now.

Next Rachel was asked if she thinks there will be another Dan Gheesling, and her initial thought was no.  There might be plenty who try, but ultimately, making up your own game, with using small bits from the Dans’, Dr. Will’s, and Rachel’s might be a better plan.

When asked if recruits should be shown the former seasons, or just go into the house and wing it, Rachel strongly agreed that it would make it more intriguing if they did not show them past seasons.  Next she was asked where she thought the future of Big Brother was headed, in which she felt that the game is much more competitive, with a lot less chance for a floater to succeed which she is, of course, happy about.

The last word from Brendon:  he would like to see the Detonators sweat this out a little more, hoping they don’t have such a straight path to the finish.

They capped off the night with a competition Rob called “Heads of Household”.  He showed pictures of Big Brother houseguests to Brendon, who had to describe to Rachel who they were without saying what season they were from.  Rachel successfully answered 13 correctly in the two minute time frame.

Special Thanks to Mike Moore for his recap of tonight’s show.

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Watch the Full Video of our show with Brendon & Rachel through Vimeo

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