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Big Brother 2014: Exit Interview with the Latest Evicted BB16 Player – 8/01/14

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Rob Cesternino talks with the latest Houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother 16 on our latest BB exit interview.  This week, Rob speaks with Amber Borzotra, who was evicted from Big Brother by a vote of 9-0 on July 31.

Exit Interview with Amber Borzotra to Discuss Her Eviction from Big Brother 16 and Caleb’s Obsession

Below is the full transcript of the interview between Rob and Brittany, written by Kayley Ashman (@kayleyandcolour )

Amber:  Hi how are you?

Rob: Hey Amber how’s it going, I’m Rob, and very excited to talk to you because I think you had one of the most unique stay in the Big Brother house of all time.

Amber: Oh no, how come?

Rob: Well you had this fatal attraction that really just followed you throughout your time in the game.

Amber:  I thought that was what you were about to say. Oh goodness you have no idea how happy I am to be out of the house because of that reason, so let’s talk about it.

Rob: Well first, just on the game itself, do you regret not fighting harder to stay in the house this past week?

Amber:  Um…I do in a way, but I had my suspicions and I was kind of getting nervous about what I was saying and who I was talking to, so I didn’t know, honestly I had no chance. I had no idea what was going on and I was kind of lost like in the game now  because you know there was no alliance anymore, and people were sitting there thinking “oh my goodness if we’re working together then we’re an alliance”…no. You guys don’t even know the definition of an alliance so I was kind of just on my own and I never really knew where people stood, so I felt like I needed to stay close to those that I was loyal to in the beginning, and it turned out that they had other plans, so.

Rob: Who were those people?

Amber:  Uh definitely Frankie, Christine, Derrick…to just name those few, and I just didn’t really see or hear that coming. But you know it’s a game, and they’re playing it very, very well so I cannot get mad at them, I don’t take anything personal and you know, I just didn’t play as good as them so, I wish I would have done a few things differently now that I’m out and I’m seeing things unfold but I can’t go back and change anything so I’m just happy I’m out of the house and I’m ready to see my family.

Rob: Those people that you mention, the Derrick and Frankie and Christine, they were probably the people that were a part of the group that pushed the hardest for you to end up going home this week, where they were part of the Detonators alliance and they were the ones who really pushed for you to go home.

Amber:  Yeah and I think a lot of it had to do with you know Caleb has hurt my game so much, and I think also it had a lot to do with me not knowing where anyone stood, thinking Christine wanted the guys out, so I was just like okay I want to jump on board, but it didn’t work that way and I can’t change anything I can’t go back and do it like I said, but you know I’m rooting for all of them and I wish them all the luck in the world that they make it as far as they can in the game.

Rob: And in fairness to Christine, I think by the end of the week I think she was turned around, I think she wanted you to stay and she tried to use that conversation that you told her that Caleb was your target and she tried to go back and she tried to go back to the guys and turn them around and say “hey, Amber is coming after Caleb, she said that’s her target, maybe she should stay” but Frankie ended up going back to tell Caleb or the guys used that information to turn Caleb into voting against you.

Amber:  Right.

Rob: Okay so, did you learn anything about Caleb’s infatuation with you that you didn’t know while you were in there?

Amber:  Um, are you talking about like this past week?

Rob: Anything that’s come to light since you’ve been gone that you didn’t know while you were in the house.

Amber:  No, I haven’t really learned anything yet. I don’t know, I kind of can’t wait to figure out what kind of person he is really just freaked me out, like creeped me out, so much while I was in the house. Like I was trying to keep cool, I didn’t want to be harsh on anyone or make anyone upset or mad so I tried doing my best and I tried keeping my distance but I think he took a lot of things personally, and you know I’m sorry like I said I’m not interested in you and I think I made that clear as nice as I could. Like I said, I didn’t want to be harsh, but I think I should’ve been more stern and maybe he would’ve backed off a little bit.

Rob: Well I think it’s a really interesting storyline and I think it’s one that really resonated with a lot of viewers on the show, specifically women who have dealt with having obsessive men in their life, and even people who have dealt with having stalkers, did you ever think about it in those terms?

Amber:  I do, like it’s so weird because I will be in the house and like okay I want to sleep in  a room and he has to be in there, I want to be talking to one of my closest guy friends which is Cody, he gets upset or mad at me says something about it or, I don’t know there’s so many different things like I don’t tell him something and he finds out I said something to someone else he gets mad and he’s like you need to tell me this and I’m like…I felt so controlled, like I felt like he was trying to control me in a way as well and I’ve never had anyone act that way towards me so it was new for me, so I think that’s one reason why I didn’t know how to react or act, especially in the house. So I don’t know, I think he pushed me away by doing all of the things he did when he thought that he was doing things to make me like him or be interested in him, so he has no chance though. Hopefully he’ll see why once he’s out of the house.

Rob: Now are you rooting for Caleb to get to jury so you don’t have to deal with him the rest of the summer?

Amber:  Um…in a way I don’t want him to just because of what happened to me this week, but yeah, that would be awesome if I could just like, not have to deal with him until I have to deal with him. So hopefully he makes it to jury, but if not, then ugh…this girl will have to figure something out because I feel like he’ll be coming after me.

Rob: Something from the live feeds that wasn’t on the show was I got to see this speech that Caleb gave you about the banana, could you talk about that a little bit?

Amber:  Oh my goodness, the whole like man thing on the outside, and the inside, that whole thing?

Rob: Yes.

Amber:  Okay I can hardly even remember it because it went in one ear and out the other, he rambles about so much, I don’t even know what he was talking about, usually it’s just about himself and I think he was trying to like once again, you know…I don’t know…I can’t even tell you what that was about. Like I…he’s weird.

Rob: So did he ever give you this banana?

Amber:  I don’t know I don’t like touching bananas, and he sat it on my bag and I kind of just like dumped it off. It was kind of weird I don’t know what he was doing with the banana and I don’t know, it was definitely weird to me.

Rob: Well I can tell you what he had done, was he had actually put a pickle inside a banana peel, and what he was going for was that you can’t judge – you were judging the banana by its outside, but on the inside it was actually a pickle that you love and that was a metaphor for him.

Amber:  Oh my goodness. He is…what is wrong with this kid?

Rob: Okay so let’s go back to Zach a little bit, because a lot of what got the wheels turning this week was that Christine had relayed a conversation that she said that she had had with you where you had said that Zach was your target. Was Zach ever your target in the game?

Amber:  Um, we had a week where basically he came to someone and said that I was his target and everything, and so I’m like okay, why wouldn’t you be my target if I’m yours? And so, like I said, Christine’s the only girl in the house that I thought I could trust so I definitely did talk to her about that but honestly, he didn’t become my target because I even pulled him aside and was like “you know I made you a promise, and that’s something I’m going to fulfill and you know,  keep, and I’m sorry that I did say this and I did say that but I’m going to try to prolong you as long as I can in the game and I hope that you can do the same”. But he was, and after thinking about it and being like I made a promise to you I can’t do that, like I’m sorry that we said things that we didn’t mean, but you know I was trying to play a little bit of an honest game I think it kind of turned around and bit me in the butt sometimes because I was trying to help everybody through their game where I was forgetting about my own. My mom said over and over it’s okay to say no and be selfish sometimes and I need to learn that.

Rob: Did you ever say anything to Zach after he went after you after the veto speech?

Amber:  Um, I didn’t really say anything about the speech, it was whatever I just smiled the whole time because I’m hoping that everyone outside of the house, everything he was saying was all about Caleb so it was nothing personal that he threw at me, I mean heck if I have to go on a little backyard date with somebody just to sit there and listen to them ramble so I can get further in the game then I’ll do that but I’m not gonna…you know I didn’t really say anything I mean me and Zach actually had a pretty good week, but at the same time I think he was just trying to make sure I thought that I had his vote.

Rob: While you were in the house, did you suspect how much people like Zach and Frankie and to some degree Derrick were getting Caleb more and more wound up and using his infatuation with you to their advantage?

Amber:  Yeah, I noticed it a lot, I noticed a lot of things, this week I called Derrick out and was like “is there something up that I don’t know about?” I even told him straight up, I was like “I feel like you guys are being nice and saying things to me just because you are voting me out and you don’t want me to say anything that’s going on in the house”. But I think I just stayed true to my word and I didn’t do what they were expecting so it just shows how loyal of a player I was to them when they may have questioned me. The fact that they used that against me is just kind of…ugh, I just wish Caleb was in my position instead of me right now. The house would have been much better but you know, but I guess I can’t get mad about it it’s a game and if that’s how they needed to play it this week then they made it work out to their advantage, so.

Rob: Do you wish that you would have never been asked to join the Bomb Squad?

Amber:  Yes. Because if I didn’t know about it then I feel like things could have been a lot easier for me, and I feel like I could have been in another alliance or figured out things on my own, and I wouldn’t have had to worry so much about Caleb, so yeah I definitely wish I had known nothing about it and did not join it.

Rob: Who do you think is ultimately going to end up winning the game?

Amber:  I’m definitely hoping and banking on Christine, Donny or Jocasta.

Rob: Okay.

Amber:  I’m loving the way Christine is playing, I mean heck, she is a great player so I hope that she wins just because of how good her game is, but if not the heart of Donny and the heart of Jocasta I’m hoping that they’re in the seat beside her, one of them at least.

Rob: Have you found out that Frankie is the brother of the singer Ariana Grande?

Amber:  Yes, that is so crazy. Like that is awesome. I love Frankie, like Frankie and I fell in love at first sight on the stage right before walking in that house, so I hope that we can have a good relationship after this because I absolutely adore Frankie.

Rob: One of the people last night that you said you were the most hurt by was Cody, who there was a little bit of a question of is this a romance, is it not, and it’s making Caleb jealous. What did you end up saying to Cody this week when it became clear that you were going to be the one that was going to be going home?

Amber:  When I asked him I said “On our friendship Cody, do I have your vote?” and he was just kind of, if I have your vote you can just be straight up and say it, and if I have it you could just come to me and be like listen Amber don’t worry you have my vote you’re staying this week and everyone they were just kind of distant, and Cody and I are super close so the fact that he was distant, it was just showing me that my week was coming to an end and it was a bummer but you know I think  the thing that hurt the most was just that he closest guy I was to in the house, and I trusted him, and now I see how things played out. But hey, I’m gonna miss that kid, I adore him and you know what if he wasn’t in the house I feel like it wouldn’t be the same, so I definitely enjoyed my moments with Cody, he’s a sweetheart.

Rob: Yeah. Well Amber, enjoy these next couple of weeks, hopefully you get to have a Beastmode-Cowboy-free rest of your summer, and I’m sure we’re all going to be very interested in how this all plays out the rest of the summer. Thank you so much for coming on with me I appreciate it.

Amber:  Thank you sweetheart, have a good day!

Rob: Alright take care, bye.

Amber:  Bye.



Big Brother 2014: Talking with the Latest Player Evicted from Big Brother

Big Brother 2014: Talking with the Latest Player Evicted from Big Brother


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