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Big Brother 2014: BB16 Premiere Night 2 Recap with Ian Terry


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With all 16 houseguests moved in and 2 HOHs in power, Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch are joined by Big Brother’s own Ian Terry to recap everything that unfolded on night 2 of the Big Brother 16 premiere event!

The Second 8 BB16 Houseguests Move In, Caleb becomes the 2nd HoH, Joey becomes the First Member of Team America and Julie Chen Explains Big Brother 16‘s Major Twist.

We begin with tonight’s top story, which is finally the confirmation on just how the “Battle of the Block” twist will work. Last night, Rob and Brian discussed what the rules were for nominating houseguests, speculating heavily that the two groups of 8 who entered the house were being treated as separate groups (especially because of the two memory wall screens). It appears that isn’t the case, but even with that clarification, Ian is still unclear about how the twist will work. He wonders what would happen if the HOHs want to nominate the same people, and whether they would have to draw for a nominating order. Ian also helps clarify the timeline for Rob as to when everybody moved into the house and how much time elapsed between the two groups entering the house.

Moving on to the eight new houseguests, Rob wants to start with HOH #2 Caleb, who’s likely to be very polarizing this season. His appearance and demeanor didn’t necessarily sit well with Rob, and his “I’m not throwing anything” attitude seems to indicate to Ian that he won’t be long for the game. With how much of an impression he made physically on the other houseguests, Brian is fairly convinced that he’s already sunk his game. The guys also try to define “metrosexual,” a word Rob hasn’t heard since sometime in 2007, and whether or not it can be accurately applied to someone more rural like Caleb.

Rob also noted there was a lot of screen time tonight for Jocasta. Many BB fans tried to hold reservation before judging her based on her bio and pre-season interviews, but Rob seems pretty sure she’s confirming everyone’s worst fears. Ian is looking forward to the return of Jameka’s organ music during the three weeks that Jocasta will be in the house. Another early standout was Victoria, who hails from Planet Hottie according to Ian. Rob wonders if sparks could develop between her and Zach, who are both Jewish and from Florida. Ian is already shipping them as his OTP.

Many fans, including Brian, were drawn to Zach pre-season, but Rob saw major red flags from him tonight. He was fairly unimpressed by Zach more-or-less insulting Frankie, the head of household, on the very first day and feels he needs to remember he’s not talking to Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo anymore, but rather peers in the game who are likely to target him for such behavior.

Now that we know how the “Battle of the Block” competition will work, Rob wants to talk about the idea of “the death of the floater”. He feels picking weak players who would be unlikely to win and thus dethrone the HOH who nominated them could be a prevailing strategy this season. Ian is less sure of this theory, feeling the more likely scenario would be nominating middle-of-the-road competitors so as not to waste a nomination set on weak floaters. He also thinks a viable strategy could be nominating a powerhouse player like Devin with somebody weaker like Jocasta, that way the weaker player could sink the pairing and the stronger player could still remain a nominee and then be evicted at the end of the week.

There was also a bit of a shocker with the first phase of the new Team America twist, when 10 out of 10 Joey, not the brother of Ariana Grande, was the first named to the alliance. Ian compares this result to how younger voters generally favor the same side of the political spectrum but don’t show up to vote as much as early polls indicate. He feels that most viewers just liked Joey’s strategy, but Rob is still a little unclear as to what makes her so popular.

To RHAP up their BB premiere podcast, Rob, Brian, and Ian take your questions: Is Ian bullish or bearish on Pow Pow? What are the updated predictions for showmances this season? How will having two HOHs affect backdooring people? And who is Ian’s pick for the houseguest with the hottest heinie? The answers to these questions and more on the season premiere of Big Brother Brainiacs!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode recap!

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Big Brother 16 Recap: Night 2 of the BB16 Season Premiere on June 26, 2014

Big Brother 16 Recap: Night 2 of the BB16 Season Premiere on June 26, 2014

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