Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor: Lock-On Target

Logan Saunders recaps the twenty-first episode of Week 9 of Australian Survivor in which Tara makes her move.

Australian Survivor: Lock-On Target


Previously on Aussie Survivor: Luke, Jericho, and Michelle were the strongest alliance in the game, but when Michelle was left out of the plan to get rid of Tessa, she was furious. Locky and Ziggy saw a chance to Allan Wu Michelle. And when Locky won immunity, the battle was on between old friends Michelle and Sarah. At Tribal, Michelle showed again she is not an opponent to take lightly. And Sarah found out she ran out of friends.

Seven are left; who will be voted out tonight?


DAY 45 

Everyone starts coming up with their own song in the shelter during the morning. All seven are happy. Singing continues. Tara suggests they do a rap at Tribal Council.

MICHELLE: Taking out Sarah was a case of eat or be eaten.

In Sarah’s case, it was eat a lot because an article just came out where she talked about gaining approximately twenty pounds after going on Survivor. The GMOs from the KFC meal gained her sense of hunger.

Michelle intends to bring her A-game for the last ten days.

Intro time.



        Ziggy            Locky           


       Michelle        Peter            


        Luke            Jericho              Tara       


DAY 45 

Petey sits alone with Michelle.

PETEY: I haven’t said this to anyone except for Tessa, but I’m happy to go to the end with you.

MICHELLE (frowning): Yeah. Same.

Michelle refreshes our data on the current pairings.

Luke and Jericho are a buddy. Petey and Michelle are a buddy. Locky and Tara are a buddy. And as per usual, Ziggy is off on her own.

Petey pitches the idea of teaming up with Luke and Jericho to secure the four-person majority. Michelle is all for it.

We cut to Michelle and Petey in the shelter with Jericho. She recaps the four-person majority she wants. Jericho assumes Luke will want in. Luke comes over. He fist bumps Michelle.

MICHELLE: I don’t trust him, but I’ll keep him close over the next forty-eight hours.

What a temporary majority. I don’t think the word “secure” means the same to this group.

Luke and Jericho laugh about currently sitting pretty.

JERICHO: When you sacrifice something, out from the ashes comes to the phoenix. Michelle is that phoenix.

And Sarah is being feasted upon by the Mayan gods!

Jericho knows he picked the right ally because they are back in control.

LUKE: Jericho plays a saint but he is a straight up rascal. . .As far as I’m concerned, I could burn everyone except his loyalty. I wouldn’t be happy with myself.

The king has a soft spot for his rascal.

We launch into the “you can’t be off your game at this stage” confessional that we hear repeatedly. This time from Locky. He says he is close with Tara and pulls Ziggy aside to note that the other four look like they will team up.

We recap Locky and Ziggy’s mutual deceptions. Ziggy still wants to keep Locky as a shield. Locky truly wants to commit to a Final Three.

LOCKY: I can beat them in the end.

You know what? He is right. I think he beats Ziggy and Tara in a Final Two or a Final Three scenario.

At the water well, Locky instructs his new alliance to team up with Luke and Jericho. He sets up long-term plans.

TARA: Locky and I are besties. We have had a close bond since day dawn, but I’ve just seen a different side of Locky. He is throwing out the plans and big moves and opened my eyes to how he is controlling us. I feel like we are doing his dirty work. I am questioning if I am just a number and thinks he can beat me in the end.

There goes another alliance.

TARA: I can’t go forward if Locky is still with me. I just feel like I’d be giving away half a million dollars if he sits next to me. . .He’s got to go.

LOCKY: We just have to get past this one then it’s easy.

And those are the perfect words to hear right before eliminating a player.

Luke says this has been a full Castaway experience. Minus the soccer ball. He is the next in line to have a private confessional while swimming underwater.

LUKE: The king is going all the way, I reckon.

But this is just one big game of thrones, Luke. Is it not?

Locky re-re-reminds Tara and Ziggy of the Final Three deal.

LOCKY: We’re trying to force their hand.

Whose hand?

Tara has a huge moral dilemma (*awh!*) as she retreats into the jungle.

She sees two pedestals near the water well. One pedestal contains two quilts while the other pedestal contains a huge “jar of lollies”, lollies, of course, being candy.

TARA: Blankets is good but Tara wants lollies.

She doesn’t even pick up the jar of lollies. Tara dives right in.

TARA: It makes me feel cheeky. A little bit naughty.

After 45 days she wants to be bad.

TARA: I don’t even feel bad.

Scratch that.

Tara decides she will persuade people to join her by luring them with lollies. Now all she needs is a white van.

TARA: Good. Focus!

Good luck with all of that sugar.

Tara goes to Luke and Jericho.

TARA: If youse tell him, he’ll just get off.

LUKE: Oh, you want to get Locky. This is your move!

JERICHO: This is your move.

Tara completely rats out Locky’s plan to Luke and Jericho. She wants to knock Locky out.

LUKE: I’m actually excited for you, Tara.

Man. The only person in the dark once again is Ziggy. Tara views herself as the most dangerous player.

TARA: People think I am the mom who doesn’t want to make big moves.

Moms don’t want to make big moves?

Tara lets Ziggy in on the scheme. She is not sure if Ziggy is with her. Here come the lollies.

TARA: So I had a moral dilemma (*awh!) this afternoon.

ZIGGY: A moral dilemma (*awh!)?

The sound Ziggy makes when she is intrigued by the dilemma is hilarious.

Tara wants Ziggy to keep the lollies a secret.

ZIGGY: Oh my god! It’s huge!

Ziggy has to constantly cover her mouth. She is trying to do everything she can to refrain from saying “ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEEEEE”.

Ziggy and Tara cannot stop eating the candies. I think Jericho had more self-control with his cookies. They keep eating. It’s like Winnie The Pooh clones around a jar of honey.



JLP asks if everybody is thinking about the endgame. Michelle and Petey say they are. Locky gives up the talisman.

LOCKY: I feel naked.

Nudity has been his thing since day one.

In today’s challenge, JLP will show them an item that is hidden under pyramid covers in the field. Once they lift up the covers to reveal the correct item, they will run it back to their station. There is, of course, one less item compared to people. Play continues until one player remains. That person wins immunity.

So it’s a combination of luck and sprinting. Locky so has this.


A bag of rice.

Locky has his on the first lift. He gets back very quickly. He just hangs back as Jericho runs the bag of rice back.

Ziggy, Michelle, Petey, and Luke all come back with the bag of rice except for Tara. She does an angry spin move before hitting the bench. She also kicked one of the pyramids.



First lift. He has it.

Michelle, Jericho, and Ziggy have it now. Apparently, there is memory involved because people could glance over at what other pyramids were lifted in the previous round.

Luke has it. Petey does the walk of shame.

TARA (quietly to PETEY): Locky is really good.


War axe.

Locky sprints to a particular pyramid. He has it. OK, Locky has the best memory of this crew.

Luke stumbles upon one. Ziggy claims one.

Michelle snags the last one. That’s it.


Stone idol.

Luke and Locky nearly collide at the end of the path. Ziggy has one. Michelle has one.

Now it’s just Luke or Locky. Luke has one then. . .Locky has one too? Locky beats Luke in the sprint.

It turns out Luke and Ziggy had the wooden tiki instead of the stone idol. Big difference.

Luke claims the final stone idol. Ziggy knocked out. How unfortunate.


Coconut. Not to be confused with the yellow melon filled with husk.

Locky completely boxes out Michelle as he lifts numerous pyramids at once. He is first.

Luke grabs the final coconut. This Michelle’s best performance yet.


JLP will show them five items. These five items must be grabbed in the correct order.

Samoan club


Bottle (from Banjo-Kazooie?)


Wooden tiki

They seem more like weapons in a game of Clue.

Locky has the wooden club.

Then he takes the dagger.

TARA: Good work, Lock.

I detect sarcasm.

Luke has the first item. Locky has the third. Luke has the second. Luke has the third.

Locky has the fourth.

TARA: I think he’s got it, guys.

ZIGGY: Crap.

Luke reveals the wooden tiki. Therefore Locky picks it up and takes home the talisman for the second round in a row.

Tara smacks Locky’s butt, and that is that.

MICHELLE: Ahhhhhhhh. Nooooooo. Everyone is gutted that Locky just won individual immunity. We haven’t even discussed a Plan B. This throws the whole camp into chaos.

You mean it throws the camp into what it always has been since day one?



Luke gets teased for losing to Locky in the final round two rounds in a row. Tara is pissed her plan has collapsed. She doesn’t know what to do now.

Ziggy tells us everyone thinks she is a physical threat, and now is gonna go out of her way to paint the target onto somebody else.

Ziggy talks to Tara about how Luke and Jericho have a greater chance of beating Locky in challenges. If Michelle goes home, the probability of Locky winning immunity goes down.

Ziggy pitches to Luke that she wants to align with him. She repeats her idea of eliminating Michelle. Luke is keen on it.

Tara sits down with Locky and Luke.

TARA: Where are we at?

LUKE: Michelle. Solid. Easy.

LOCKY: Sit back and chill then.

As Locky furiously chops a coconut, he tells us he wants to make an even bigger move.

Locky and Ziggy have a chat. The Michelle plan is recapped.

LOCKY: Nah, Luke’s too dangerous.

Did Locky win immunity or Power of Veto.

LOCKY: I am more leaning towards getting rid of Luke. . .He is probably my biggest threat. He’s strategic and good around camp. . .if I want to be the best, I have to beat the best and to beat the best you have to vote them out.

That’s how you use Sarah’s own Final Words against her.

TARA: But if we don’t do what we just said to them they won’t trust us next round.

LOCKY: We won’t need them next round.

Yikes. Locky is so done if he loses immunity.

Locky celebrates as Tara nervously chews on her nails in front of him.

TARA (erases her nervousness): Yep! Done!

Tara exposes the plan to Luke as Locky tells Petey to eliminate Luke.

LUKE: God damn.

The Game of Thrones. Luke opts to go for Ziggy because she is a threat and will do anything to stay alive.

Jericho and Petey have a rare chat alone together. They insist to look out for each other.

JERICHO (ultra serious): A lot of sharks. . .We’re all voting Ziggy. Even Tara.

PETEY (equally ultra serious): Thank you for telling me.

Their conversation is so awkward.

Now the buddy of Petey and Michelle have a chat. Do they go after Ziggy or Luke? Petey wants Luke out. If he betrays Locky, Locky will be on high alert. Michelle doesn’t feel today is the right day for it–she wants Ziggy out because Ziggy has worn the necklace twice as well as that Super Idol.

Luke flashes the ‘okie dokie’ sign to Michelle in the shelter.

Jericho packs his teddy bear with him. For all I know this tribe would vote out the teddy bear in the biggest blindside yet.

Jericho and Luke review their percentage of progress in the game.

This vote is all centred around Michelle’s decision. She’s so damn good at this.






JLP has a bit of stubble. I think Asaga has shaved more recently than him.

Sarah walks in.

LOCKY: Stunner.

TARA: She looks like a model now.

Well, that’s a backhanded compliment.

Everyone jokes about people who go for firewood and come back with three pieces.

Immunity wins are discussed. Specifically by Ziggy or Locky.

TARA: What’s the word? Uh. . .it’s like a big annoying thing to deal with.

A nuisance?

ZIGGY: There could be twists and turns I am oblivious to. I’m worried.

Sounds like Zig.

Jury goats are a topic too.

Petey asks Michelle who to vote for.


MICHELLE: Say a name.

PETEY: Luke?

MICHELLE: You’re not changing?

Michelle says you can’t have a big say in who goes home because there are other people in the alliance. You can’t always drive.

JERICHO: You want to take the steering wheel, and tonight I want to get on that steering wheel and get a few passengers the certain way, and my passengers may jump out while I drive but I’m still gonna go.

JLP: What would you say to them from opening the door and jumping out?

JERICHO: I say please put on the kitty lock because if we do then we may all be safe. Then if not. . .as you jump out of the car you might die as well.

What’s with drowning cats and people run over in hit-and-runs? Every single one of Jericho’s analogies goes to the darkest place imaginable.

It’s time to vote.

LOCKY (voting LUKE): You’re way too powerful.

There has been no evidence of that power since Tessa was eliminated.

Luke strolls past the jury like he is a combination of The Godfather and Jeff Jarrett from WWF.

LUKE (voting ZIGGY): This is just a vote to try and get out whoever is wearing that immunity necklace too much. You’ve worn it twice and I haven’t even worn it once yet. That’s pretty much it.

There’s got to be more reasons than that, right?

Does anybody have an idol? Not to my knowledge. No idols are played.



Luke grins and starts laughing.



Two votes apiece.


Henry is confused.

SIXTH VOTE: LUKE (something is written at the bottom but I can’t read it)

Luke starts rambling as he gets everybody “to bring it in”. It’s a Genie-like group hug from Aladdin.

Luke walks to JLP without his torch; Locky has to remind him.

The torch is extinguished.

LUKE: God damn it!

JLP: Nothing is certain and anything is possible.

JERICHO: Oooooo.

Yes, JLP just quoted Kevin Garnett.


Next Time on Aussie Survivor: With Luke gone, Jericho comes out swinging. And with his name on the chopping block, can Locky win his third straight immunity?

Luke does a King’s Ransom in his final words.

MICHELLE: I’m so sorry. . .but I didn’t have enough people to walk down the path with me to vote otherwise.

As in one more.

Luke can’t wait for people to see himself hiding in a bush when watching Survivor as an old man. Jericho was fully aware he was being voted out.

LUKE: One last message to the tribe is big moves, play sneaky, have fun, and buy me a beer and a snitty when you come to the home. King of the Jungle. Signing out. That’s it. That’s a wrap. . .Where’s the food? I’m starvin’?

They ran out of popcorn chicken. Sarah ate it all. Now you starve.


Another intense week of Australian Survivor is done.

Is next week the final week? But that doesn’t make much sense as the final episode last year had the Final Immunity Challenge, Tribal Council, and Final Tribal Council. The only way that can happen next week is if they have the dreaded Final Three at the end of the game.

Of course, that Final Three has been speculated upon simply due to it being a nine-person jury rather than a ten-person jury if they go that route.


I am very happy that production did not hide any new idols after Ziggy played hers in the previous round. With seven people in the game, it was refreshing to see that producers did not want to do anything crazy like in Millennials vs. Gen X where a new idol was planted with just two days before the expiry date.


I didn’t expect Tara to spearhead the plan to go after Locky. That may gain her some points with the jury. In fact, the only way Locky makes it past any more Tribal Councils is if he wins immunity every single time. There have been many shakeups to this season, but I don’t think Locky will ever be able to shake off that target. Can he win three or four more challenges in a row? I doubt it.


Luke was such a fun character this season. Yes, he did constantly puff out his chest and give himself an array of head honcho titles, but it was more in fun rather than sincerely believing it. With Ziggy becoming the first person to be perceived as a goat to take to the end, albeit a goat that can win challenges half of the time, Luke wasn’t able to get that crucial majority to save himself.

Considering the bajillions of times Luke has been targeted since after his error with trying to save Mark W, I am amazed Luke made it this far and wasn’t even the intended person to go home for this round.

You don’t see too many people on Survivor who behave like Luke, and that’s a shame.


Knowing this season, a bold prediction like this probably means he will be the next to go out, but I see Petey making it to the final day of the game. He is on absolutely nobody’s radar. I think a hilarious ending to this season will be if Petey goes on to win this thing.


Now that Luke is gone, everyone should hide the machete and sleep with one eye open for the night. Jericho says the war is about to start. Lock up your cats and lock up your doors. He’s snatching your Survivors up. . .

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