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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers, Episode 2: I’m a Wild Banshee

LIVE after episode 2 of the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustler, Rob Cesternino & special guest, two-time Survivor, Kass McQuillen recap the episode and answer your questions!

Part Two of the podcast below!


Tribal Council Decision: Patrick vs. Simone?

Both Rob and Kass said that the edit had them believing that Patrick would be sent home, then Simone, but after Patrick’s abysmal Tribal Council performance, they, along with Simone, were blindsided by her exit. Rob then compares the Patrick v. Simone decision to that of the Garrett v. J’Tia, and believes that the edit made Patrick look overtly stupid, while Kass simply believed that the edit portrayed Patrick as the goofball. Kass mentions that Ryan is in the group of post-modern superfans, similar to Spencer Bledsoe. Meanwhile, both were very impressed with Ali’s gameplay. When discussing who controlled the vote, Kass says Lauren did while Rob says Devon.

Cole Helping Joe Find the Idol

The discussion moves on to the Healers and Kass mentions how Joe is trying to imitate Tony Vlachos and is absolutely confused why he would want to target Dr. Mike. What shocked Rob and Kass was Joe believing that the idol clue said that the idol would be a moving target in the ocean, and question why Cole told Joe the idol location.

Kass on the “Power” Couples

Next, Kass gives her opinion on the pairs in the game. She says Ben & Chrissy should not feel comfortable, JP will be voted out soon but Ashley is playing well socially, and that Devon & Ryan are in a very good spot, but questions his lack of a poker face, and that Ryan is too “game-boty.”

Kass’ Favorites and One Non-Favorite

Rob then questions Kass’ opinions on the season as a whole and she is happy to have an unspoiled, all-new player season, and is rooting for a woman to win this game. After tonight, Kass is a fan of Lauren (who she believes will come in 5th or 6th), Ali (despite believing that she cannot win the game), and Ashley (who is her under-the-radar winner pick). She does not like Chrissy in part due to all the hype Jeff gave her pre-game.

Audience Questions

Rob starts taking audience questions and Kass says that Cole was not thinking on his feet when he told Joe where the idol really was, she does not understand Patrick’s fear of crabs but enjoys eating them, and believes that Desi and Roark are doing well because they have been nearly invisible on day 6. When asked about Ali and Patrick’s pre-game relationship, Kass believes they pre-gamed, while Rob disagrees because then Ali would not have mentioned her knowing Patrick. Both were proud of Cole for chopping the idol clue off the tree. Kass announces that she has no plans to play again, but wishes she gave up her spot on Survivor: Cambodia to “T-Bird” Cooper. Lastly, she believes that Ali is actually calling the shots on Hustler beach, while Ryan believes that he is, and worries how Chrissy feels that she is dominating on day 6.

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