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Amazing Race 2014: Season 25, Episode 2 Recap | London, England


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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap Episode 2 of The #AmazingRace 25 LIVE on Friday, October 3, 2014

Rob explained how he was thrown off by the editing this episode as he thought Shelly and Nici would be eliminated after seeing a flashback confessional.

Can you actually practice for the race? Jess does not believe you can really practice for it apart from exercise. She feels that you can’t prepare for one single task instead you need to prepare for the race in general.

Jess thought that the twists made this leg was designed for the fans. The punting task was a throwback from Season 3. Jess also thought that the tasks had a good range of skills.

Rob felt that the pancake was the easier task by far.

Jess speculated if Keith and Whitney were getting a villain edit. Rob suggests that most teams which are from other CBS reality shows become the villains on the Race.

Rob wonders if the teams should have been told they did the task wrong as soon as they made a mistake instead at the end of the task however Jess pointed out that this is the best way to tire a team out but only if it’s consistent in both tasks.

Rob speculates if the drill sergeant was the most aggressive task judge they have ever had. Jess thinks Brook and Robbie got the worst abuse from the drill sergeant.

Jess noticed that the team of the episode one teams doing well in a task and finishing it really fast and other teams finding them very difficult.

Rob wonders if theres a difference in binge watching seasons of TAR as opposed to watching it over 10 years when going on the show. Jess feels if you have been watching the show for 10 years you will become emotionally invested in it.

Jess thinks that the Express Pass is almost as good as the Save for the surfers. Rob makes the point that you can be eliminated with the Express Pass but not with the Save.

Jess still has the Soul Surfers to win the race while Rob thinks the Dentists have the edge.

Rob points out that the tough love approach worked much better at the final moments of this leg for Shelly and Nici.

Jess likes the new introduction of feel doing a segment while the racers run by, she feels that it reminds us that phil is actually there and she feels like that they are trying to try something new.
Jess feels like the ratings can’t get much lower so they might as well try as much twist as they can.

Rob and Jess speculate that Keith and Whitney, The Dentists and Team Michael Scott could be villains this season.

Jess thinks Val and Jeremy would be the best pair from the current season of Survivor on the race while Rob thinks Wes and Keith would be the best.

Jess loved the new twist for the express pass, she feels that it was so much better than just giving it to the team that comes in first but next time she would like them to make it a bigger gamble.

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for today’s exit interview.

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