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Amazing Race 2014: Episode 11 Recap from Season 25


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Recapping Episode 11 of The Amazing Race 25 live on Friday December 12 2014, where the second non-elimination leg in a row saved the final four teams ahead of next week’s finale

Jess thinks there was an extra non-elimination leg this season because the save was not used. Jess thinks it’s gets a little boring when no one gets eliminated two legs in a row. Jess gives the race credit as she did see this coming at all.

Rob and Jess felt that they handled Amy’s medical issue very well. Jess thinks bought that Phil did a much better job than Jeff Probst showing concern for the sick contestant.

Jess likes the fact that the racers did not know what the different detours entailed but she does not want this to happen every season and is okay with it if it is just a once off. Rob thought that the detour “this” was by far the easier detour as the kids they were playing basketball against we’re not very good and he also thought that the bike task we dangerous and difficult. Both Rob and Jess were very impressed with Bethany playing basketball, Jess think that she is most likely better than her at basketball.

Rob was surprised that Misty’s foot injury did not have too big of an impact during the leg after the set up at the beginning of the episode and Jess was also surprised because they had built it up a lot during the preview last week.

Rob and Jess loved how Amy and Maya and the dentists were in the jeepni for 20 minutes talking about how great they were for making good travel decisions and then only to realilise that they were going to wrong direction.

Jess felt that the speed bump this leg was very easy compared to other speed bumps this season. Rob was annoyed how Brooke decided that she didn’t like the speed bump 3 seconds into the task and no one was going to change her mind.

Rob loved Brooke and Robbie playing basketball and very much enjoyed when he was faking an injury. Jess thinks that they are a very fun team and is pleased that we are getting them for one more leg. Even though rob thinks that they are the villians of the season he find them very amusing.

Jess thinks that if you know you are the last two teams you should always choose the different task to the other team as you then have the chance to make up some time. Jess can recall a number of times when this has befitted some teams. So by this logic she thinks that Amy and maya and the dentist made the wrong descion when choosing the detour. Rob thinks that this task would have made Kim and Ali very annoyed. Jess thinks if someone died during a task the race would not air the season but rob thinks they would air it.

Jess felt that the race missed an opportunity with the name for the roadblock, Jess would have liked if they called it “Who wants to be a coconut bandit”. Rob was really surprised that all four teams missed the clipboard, Jess thinks that it must of been really hot so the teams were distracted. Rob thought that Amy was at a huge disadvantage as she was the only women doing this task. Rob thought that the teams that used a cart were going to get a penalty but Jess thought it was just thinking outside of the box.

Rob can’t think of a time when all four teams were all heading towards the pit stop at the same time but Jess feels that it was just editing and teams were not really that close together. Rob wishes that it was an elimination leg but is excited about next weeks episode and Jess feels the race has made this move because the final 3 leg as been a little dry the past few seasons. Rob felt really bad for Amy as if he was her because he wouldn’t of wanted to keep racing, Jess has to give Amy credit as she could easily be negative but keeps a semi post I’ve attitude.

Power Rankings:
1. Adam and Bethany
2. Brooke and Robbie
3. The Dentists
4. Amy and Maya

Jess is conviced that Adam and Bethany will win the race, she feels that they are the strongest team left and they have the best edit out of anyone.

Jess thinks that this season might be in the top 5 seasons of all time but it does depend on the ending. For Jess this is because of the cast and the tasks.

Jess thinks the most likely racers to come back from this season are Kim and Ali, the dentists and the wrestlers. But Rob thinks that Adam and Bethany are the most likely to come back as the race loves having them on.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for tonight’s podcast recap!

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