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Amazing Race 2014: Episode 10 Recap of Season 25


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Recapping Episode 10 of The Amazing Race 25 Live on Friday December 5, 2014 which concludes with all four teams finishing within minutes of each other

Rob feels like that it rarely happens that all four teams end up with Phil at the same time. Jess thinks that any one of these final teams can win this leg and she can see a narrative for each of these teams to win.

The top headlind this episode for Jess was the return of the ox. Rob felt that the ox was not needed as much durning this task as it was last time. But Jess confirms that the ox was needed the find the clue. Rob was also very confused at Brooke and Robbie’s decision to use the largest feild. Jess thought that they were too excited to be in first place so they weren’t thinking straight.

Jess thinks that there is no particular winners edit this season. However based on the edit Rob would be surprised if Brooke and Robbie win due to their “villian” edit. Jess thought they were the ugly Americans all through the race and especially during the episode.

Rob asks Jess if it is better to go to the airport or the travel agency first to buy plane tickets. Jess says that there is no hard and fast rule and that it is completely based on the country you are in. The clue will usually tell you if you have to go to a travel agency but other then that you just have try and make the best judgement. Rob thought that the big deal that the episode made about Jim and Misti not going to a travel agency was a waste of time.

Rob was expecting some fireworks between Brooke and Robbie and Amy and Maya after last week but instead Amy and Maya were very gullible. Jess adds that she would have been suspicious of Brooke and Robbie because of their profession. Jess also thinks that there is no need for Amy and Msya to get annoyed as it will only hurt them in the race but Rob would prefer them to get annoyed as he wants good TV. But Jess points out that if your goal is to be good TV you are very unlikely to win a million dollars.

Rob was amsued at the contrast between Maya and Brooke during this episode. Maya was a complete optimist and was loving every second of the experience while Brooke was complaining and miserable the whole leg. Rob says that he would love to see them on a team together. Jess adds that she finds Maya’s enthusiasm for the race very indering and liked to think that would be her on the race.

Jess would have chosen the fish detour this leg as it is just physical and does not require much skill. Jess wonders why Jim did not do this detour as it contradicts his previous statements in the race about physical detours. Jess was surprised that the rain motivated Brooke instead of making her complain. Rob loves how Robbie try’s to suck the kneecaps of the judges of the tasks throughout the race.

Rob thought that Jim was going to have a melt down during the motor bike detour. Rob and Jess were not impressed with Jim saying about screwing the nut in tight as they thought it was insensitive.

Jess could not believe that it took the race this long to go back to the oxen challenge as the first time was so iconic because of a racer called Colin and his famous phrase “My Ox is broken”.

Jess thought that Jim was having a lot of trouble with his ox and she likes to think that he had Colin’s ox from season 5.

Jess does not think that we will get the expected final 3 this season. Jess likes the look of Amy and Maya at the moment and she has a suspicion the Jim and misti will go home next week.

Power Rankings:
1. Adam and Bethany
2. Jim and Misti
3. Brooke and Robbie
4. Amy and Maya

Rob and Jess both felt that this epidode was a major down grade after last weeks episode. They both thought it lacked excitement and drama.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for tonight’s podcast recap!

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