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The Amazing Race 25 Premiere with a leg going from New York to St. Thomas where three teams took a time penalty and Miami Realtors, Lisa & Michelle, were eliminated.

It’s back, Rob and Jess are here to recap The Amazing Race 25 premiere.

The Three way time penalty

Rob questions that I it would have been a good move to let the other teams take the penalty and to continue with the task but Jess feels that if one team didn’t take the penalty no one would have. Jess thinks that it is the right move to take the penalty. Rob thinks it was the right move for Lisa and Michelle but not for the firefighters. Jess did not enjoy watching the teams fighting for cabs at all. Rob questions if it was against the rules but Jess thinks it is allowed.

Lisa & Michelle

Rob is sad that Lisa and Michelle left as he thinks they are good tv but Jess is happy they left as she thinks they were “that girl team” this season. Rob and Jess both agree that they were not wearing the right outfit for the race.

First Impressions of the Amazing Race 25 Cast

Jess thinks that the save is too powerful, she feels that it is Tyler Perry idol esch but Rob likes it has he thinks it will replace a non-elimination leg and has a feeling that it won’t even be used. Jess is happy that it will be used before the 9th leg.

Rob and Jess both feel completely terrified by the dentists, Rob finds them really intense and Jess says she would never U-Turn them.

Jess admitted that she really liked Brook and Robbie which she did not expect, they remind her of Tyson and Sally from The Amazing Race Australia. Jess also tells us that she didn’t like the firefighters as much she thought she would.

Rob thinks that Keith and Whitney did not have a good night and Jess was surprised at how much we saw them in this episode. She also feels that they will be the team that will call each other babe all season. Rob and Jess were not disgusted by Whitney as she knew some passed Amazing Race knowledge.

Rob doesn’t think that Adam and Bethany have what it takes to win. Jess and Rob were surprised at the amount of air time Tim and Te Jay got this episode and were even more surprised that they got second.

Jess thinks that Isabelle and Dennis were low key this episode and thinks Isabelle will provide a couple of hashtags this season.


Jess noticed a lot of the teams ask Frank from season 1 where they needed to go for the first route marker.

Jess believes nobody came off well during pengate and thinks it made no difference to the actual placings. Rob and Jess feel like the sea plane segment was almost an advertisement for travel ausity just minus the gnome.

Jess doesn’t think that the compass was not that weird or different. Jess would give this challenge a 7 out of 10 for difficulty and she liked how it wasn’t all about brute force. Rob questions whether the treasure chests were actually that close to the racers at the end.


Jess gets a good vibe from this season but doesn’t think she can’t be certain yet, she feels she needs to see more episodes to make a fair judgement. Also Jess still hates the hashtags, she feels that it’s like an old person trying to be cool and relevant.

Power Rankings:
1st The Dentists
2nd Adam and Bethany
3rd Tim and Te Jay
4th The Wrestlers
5th Kim and Ally

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