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Amazing Race 2014: Singapore Leg Recap in Episode 9 of Season 25


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Recapping Episode 9 of The Amazing Race 25 live on Friday, November 29, 2014, featuring the shocking elimination of The Cyclists.

Both Rob and Jess thought that this was not just the best episode of the season but maybe the best episode that they have recapped. Rob thought it had it all from Suspense to Fast Forwards to Conflict.

Rob and Jess were both shocked at Kym and Ali’s elimination and can’t remember a team this strong and being eliminated so early, especially because Rob thought they were getting a winners edit. Jess is equally surprised that Brooke and Robbie are in the top 4.

Jess does not fault Kim and Ali’s decision to take the fast forward as historically they do not require much skill and Jess thought that the cyclists were very unlucky with this task. Rob thinks the main reason Kim and Ali did the fast forward was because they thought they were going to get U-turned. Jess thinks that if she was in this position she would have taken the fast forward and Jess is happy that the race is making the fast forward more skill based. Jess also loved the editing during this fast forward and throughout the episode. Rob loved the clock during this task as it reminded him of 24. Rob thought that Ali was a bit of a negative nancy this episode but was impressed as they almost got up to the rest of the pack.

Rob was loving the rivalry between Amy and Maya and Brooke and Robbie. He thought it was Brain vs Brawn and that Brooke and Robbie took on the villain role. Jess can not think of a reasonable explanation to why Brooke and Robbie and the dentists did not go through with Amy’s plan an U-turn Kym and Ali. Rob was also shocked that Jim and Misti did not U-turn the cyclists either after all of their conspiring against them.Rob is really looking forward to seeing the rivalry between The Scientist and The Wrestlers.

Jess does not think the Amy and Maya did something wrong not telling The Wrestlers where the clue was at the beginning of the leg and did not think it was karma for them when The Wrestlers pointed them in the wrong direction.

Rob was confused why they made the team go get a coconut, he thought it was a waste of time. Jess thinks that its so the race can show more locations for the viewers.

Jess notes that the new rule that you can only book one pair of plane tickets is a cost cutting measure to the race does not have to deal with get plane tickets refunded. Jess does not think it makes that much difference but Rob thinks that it adds a small bit of drama and suspense.

This was the first time Jess has seen someone fail at a high wire challenge. Rob notes that is was probably because a his weight but it didn’t seem to bother him.

Jess notes that in the past she has seen tasks that involve painful massages and this version lived up to the others. Rob and Jess don’t remember a time when they have seen so much blurred nudity. Jess also thought that Amy was going to drop out of the challenge as she seemed to be in so much pain.

Jess loved that there was a man in a crap suit at the crap side of the detour and Rob loves when there is people at a task trying to distract a team during a task and also loves when a cartoon whammy during a task.

Power Rankings:
1. Adam and Bethany
2. The Dentists
3. Amy and Maya
4. The Wrestlers

Jess does not think in past seasons that it was okay for teams to tell the other teams they are going for a fast forward but now if the race are changing the style of the fast forward it may not be a good idea.

Jess thinks that Kym and Ali are for sure a contender for the next all star season as they are in a demographic that casting has trouble filling and they are very entertaining. However Rob thinks that it will be a while until the next all star season.

Rob and Jess think ultimately the cyclists decision to do the fast forward was a bad one and they feel that their social game was sub-par. It reminds Jess of the Afghanimals.

Jess thinks that only the dentist and Adam and Bethany have a chance to win this season but she adds that we could have a beekman boys situation,

Jess does not think that the save will come back next season but if it did Jess thinks it will like be the hidden immunity idol and have much less power. Jess would like to see a salvage pass introduced from TAR Australia.

Rob and Jess both agree that this season has been the best season since they have been recapping The Amazing Race.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for tonight’s podcast recap!

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