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Amazing Race 2014: Malta Leg Recap in Episode 8 of Season 25


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Recap episode 8 of The Amazing Race 25 live on Friday, November 22, 2014 where Tim and TeJay get eliminated after failing to complete a slippery detour

Jess does not think that the greased pole detour is not an actual sport as we saw the person greasing the pole fall off. Rob and Jess both agree that the correct strategy is to go for the red flag first, they thought that the person who got the yellow flag would have been better at getting the red flag. Rob thought that it made no strategic sense for Tim and TeJay to switch detours after they had spent so long at it. He felt their only play was to get the red flag. Once they switched they were guaranteed to come in last. Rob and Jess were both disappointed to see Tim and TeJay get eliminated this episode as they are fans of the show.

Jess thought that Adam and Bethany’s use of the express pass was good tonight and Rob notes they lately they are really strong. Jess predicted this at the start of the season and is very happy to be right. Rob is very confused that the save is allowed to be used one leg longer than the express pass.

Jess was a bit blindsided at the animosity towards Kim and Ally as they are a very fun team and as the race has been very friendly so far.

Jess really liked the task involving caring the wine glasses and alcohol at the beginning of the leg, Jess wishes we would see a task like this every leg. Rob questions if you could interfere with another team but Jess thinks you would have to be very suital. Rob was got annoyed when the knights we very mean to Bethany when she broke one of the glasses but Jess doesn’t think she should have special treatment.

Rob concludes that Amy is the inferior member of the Sweet Scientist team. Jess notes that Maya is properly the superfan of the race and she just brought Amy along. Rob thinks that Maya needs to tone it down a notch because she is making Maya look bad.

Rob is continually impressed with Bethany during this leg after her roadblock. He admits that he would vote for her for president. Rob was not expecting to root for them because usually the team with a disadvantage is unlikeable and gives us a reason not to root for them. Jess is feeling really good about her winner pick.

Jess loves any opportunity when the race gives the racers a situation where they have to think so she was a fan of the blind detour. Jess says that she would have picked flag over shine based on the words. Jess would give the detour 2 or 3 tries and if you are not improving you should switch otherwise you should try it at least a couple more times. Jess thought it was smart for Amy to immediately switch detours as opposed to wasting time when there was no chance that she was going to complete it.

Jess that it was ironic that Tim and TeJay’s speed bump was the same thing that caused them to come in last in the previous leg; Painting.

Rob found it really annoying that Brooke is very negative during every task. He notes that she always wants to switch detour even if the other task is harder and the other teams can’t do it. But Rob did like that Robbie was complementing the judges of the detour.

Power Rankings:
1. Dentist
2. Adam and Bethany
3. Kim and Ally
4. Brooke and Robbie
5. Amy and Maya

This was the first time that Jess saw a greeter at the matt insult the racers. Both Rob and Jess thought that Phil’s request for Robbie to answer with his pecs at the matt was very strange. Jess notes that Phil is getting very personal with everyone this season.

Jess and Rob think that we don’t need a team to hate this season, they think it’s fine when you like all the team. They feel that the problems arise when we hate all of the teams.

Jess would prefer if at the beginning of a leg all the teams would vote for who they want to get U-turn like what has been done in The Amazing Race Australia.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for tonight’s podcast recap!

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