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Amazing Race 2014: Recap of Season 25, Episode 7


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Recapping Episode 7 of The Amazing Race 25 live on Friday, November 8, 2014, as Tim and Tejay are saved by the second non-elimination of the season

Despite Phil informing us that tonight was the 300th leg, Jess is not sure if it is infact the 300th leg as she does not know if they counted super legs a two or one legs.

Rob loved seeing the development of the rivalry between The Dentists and The cyclists. Jess recalls two types of rivalry in the race, there are ones where both teams make each other better and there is the one where both teams just hate each other. Jess think this rivalry is the first one and feels that this rivalry is in good nature.

Both Rob and Jess thought it would be a non-elimination coming into this episode due to the number of episodes left. Jess cannot point one thing that Tim and TeJay did wrong this leg but she could see how they were not up to the standards of the other teams.

Rob wonders if the racers had to dance all night but Jess likes to think that they actually couldn’t stop until the morning.

Jess thinks that taking a cab with another team completely depends on where you are in the leg. She thought it made sense for the Dentists and the Cyclists to share a cab when they first arrived in Sicily but it would not have made sense for them in the morning. Rob and Jess also thought it was amazing how Brooke and Robbie caught up to the other teams after it took them forty minutes to find a cab.

Both Rob and Jess were really impressed with the racing roadblock this leg, especially after season 24. They felt it was like real life mario kart. Rob also really liked when Kim was racing against Jim and she was catching up to him. Jess thought that this roadblock was both fun to watch and fun to do and felt that all the team members that didn’t get to do the roadblock would have been really disappointed. If Jess had to choose a racer to be on mario kart should would choose Jim and Rob would have been TeJay.

Rob thought it was really awkward when the racers had to ride in an old car back to their partner and make small talk. Jess thought that Adam had the worst small talk skills.

Rob felt like that the poser detour seemed much easier then the painter detour. Jess thought that the fact only four teams could do the painter detour made the teams think that it would have been an easier task. Rob thought the painter would have been more fun. Rob felt that their were so many factors in the painting task that made it much harder.
Rob enjoyed Brooke and Robbie this leg, he liked how they were both in a good mood. Rob thinks that one of Brooke and Robbie’s biggest flaw is that they syc themselves out before they start a task.

Jess realised that she might be wrong about the fact that the final memory task having something to do with animals as there was no animals involved in anything this leg.

Rob thought there was no drama in who was gonna come last because he thinks that we would have seen a lot more of Adam and Bethany if they were gonna come in last.

Jess thought that it didn’t make a difference that there was a language barrier with the judge at the detour as she was very expressive but Rob thought that it would have been difficult.

Rob and Jess both think that the save will not be used as there is only one week left to use it and because of the fact that they have already have had their bad leg.

Rob explains his theory that if a team says the episode title they have immunity for the leg. He has looked back over the episode titles for this season and his theory held through but he does not know about previous seasons.

Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for tonight’s podcast recap!

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