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Amazing Race 2014: Recap of Season 25, Episode 6


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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap episode 6 of The Amazing Race 25 live on Friday, October 31, 2014 in which we see Shelly and Nici get lost in Morocco.

Both Rob and Jess dressed up for the occasion. Rob was dressed as a prisoner and Jess dressed up as passed racer Rachel Reilly.

Jess thought it was nice that Shelly and Nici didn’t get the edit where we don’t see them for the whole episode and then they pull up to the pitstop at night during the last 5 minutes. Rob felt that their exit was anticlimactic after their blow up a few weeks ago. Jess also thought that they showed an improvement in character as they did not have a meltdown when they got lost instead they stayed calm and cool.

Rob and Jess thought it was out of character for Phil to build up the rest of the season. Jess thought is was too much like Probst. Jess also thought that the super tease was did not contain a lot of spoilers unless you were looking very closely.

It did not bother Rob or Jess that the teams stayed in the same country as long as this is not going to be a frequent occurrence.

Jess thought both of these detours were more difficult than we have seen this season. Rob was surprised that Kim and Alli switched when they heard the butter was going to take 45 minutes. He thought that even if they were really fast at the tent task they would not have gained that much time.

Jess was impressed that Misti has done 3 roadblock in a row, Jess thought that Jim would have done the roadblock tonight. Rob notes that Jim and Misti are either in the front of the pack or in last place, never in the middle of the pack.

Jess thought Kim and Alli doing the butter task was one of the most entertaining moments of the race when they started to sing back to the demonstrator.

Rob thought that this roadblock was pretty intense and thought that the puzzle was not Amazing Race like, Jess felt like it was more Survivor and Jess did not like the addition of it. Rob was surprised that Misti did so well on the puzzle after her last mental roadblock.

Rob admitted that during this episode he was very impressed with Bethany. He thought she was amazing when she was able to lift the hay bale. Rob was especially impressed with her during the roadblock, he told us that he would have been scared with two arms. Jess and Rob was so amazed when she completed the puzzle with her feet! Rob did not think he would like this team as they were most likely stunt casting but he finds them so easy to root for.

Rob and Jess were really not impressed with Brooke’s attempt to complete the puzzle. They thought that he negative mindset from the beginning was a huge hindrance. Jess sees in this happen in a lot of other versions of the race.

Jess speculates that the memory task on the final leg might have something to do with all of the animals in each leg. Jess also was impressed with the dove’s tricks at the pitstop.

Jess was a little disappointed with Amy and Maya this leg. She thought that Maya really could have done better in the puzzle considering her scientific background. They have been a “backpacker” along with Brooke and Robbie for the entire race.

Jess still believes that it was the right decision for Shelly and Nici to U-turn Keith and Whitney instead of Misty and Jim. She thinks that Shelly and Nici would have been eliminated this leg no matter who they U-turned.

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