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Amazing Race 2014: TAR 25 Episode 5 Recap


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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap episode 4 of The Amazing Race 25 live on Friday, October 24, 2014 where we saw the downfall of Team Weith.

Jess explains that Shelly and Nici were upset with Whitney and Keith because Keith cut in front of them for the clue even though Whitney had not got up to him yet. Jess concludes that technically Shelly and Nici were right but she feels that they over reacted. Jess would expect this behavior if it was at the pit stop. She thinks that both parties are at fault, Keith should not have pushed them and Shelly and Nici should not have freaked out. Rob thinks that this was the worst possible time to get into a fight like this as it was a leg with a U-turn.

Rob and Jess feel that Keith and Whitney’s appearance on the race as not hurt or helped the legacy of Survivor and Big Brother contestant going on the race. Jess also feels that going on the amazing race is far better than any honeymoon Keith and Whitney could have gone on.

Jess explained how there is two indicators to know when to switch detours. The first is when you are doing something over and over again and you don’t know what you are doing wrong and the second is if you do know what you are doing wrong but you are not getting any better at it.

Rob and Jess feel that Jim had the right idea about showing everyone that he still had the save because now everyone will stay away from them.

Jess thought the first task “carted out” was very boring. She felt that the teams just has to help the people going to sell the food, there was no skill involved. Rob was very impressed with Bethany during this task.

Rob felt that jim was getting very frustrated with Misti during their speed bump. Rob and Jess both think that Jim is trying to carry the whole team on his shoulders however Jess thinks there is slightly more teamwork then we see. Jess also thinks that they we very smart when Misti did the roadblock this leg after she messed up last leg. Jess feels that Jim and Misti have listened to some of her rules before going on the race when Misti did the roadblock and when Jim said never U- turn someone you are going to see again.

Rob really liked that Phil’s update told us that Misti and Jim were only 12 minutes behind however Jess didn’t care for it that much.

Both Rob and Jess felt that the roadblock seemed very disgusting. Rob admits that he does not have a good sense of smell so he thinks this task would not have been that bad for him. Rob and Jess did not understand why Jim was taunting Shelly and Nici during this roadblock. Jess loved the bicycle part of this roadblock. Rob felt it was really exciting when they were all at the same spot and Jess can’t remember another time when she has seen something like this.

Jess’s instinct was to go for the tea detour. Jess can recall that on other seasons of the race that tasks that involve spinning tend to be very hard.Jess thinks that the reason Adam and Bethany did so well in this leg is because they are very relaxed and they have a very methodical approach to each task.

Rob thought that the lead up to Shelly and Nici using the U-turn was very strange. He felt that is was like that we were getting a inside into Shelly and Nici’s head. Jess really liked it and loves that the race is trying new editing techniques.

Rob speculates that Keith and Whitney may not have completed the hat spinning detour and instead the producers just got a shot of Whitney spinning the hat and then let them go.

Jess thinks that this speed bump was on of the harder speed bumps she has seen. There was skill and thought involved in this task which is not usually the case with speed bumps.

Jess is conflicted about her feelings about Shelly and Nici. When they are doing well she finds that she really likes them but when they are struggling and under stress she finds them uncomfortable to watch and doesn’t really like them.

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Special thanks to Shane Gallagher for tonight’s episode recap

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