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Amazing Race 2014: Season 25 Episode 3 Recap | Scotland & Sheep


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Rob and Jess are here to recap episode 3 of The Amazing Race 25.

In this recap Rob and Jess share their thoughts and discuss the events of episode 3:

Jess is really happy about this season, she feels that it is simple fun and the people on the race are great and Rob agrees.

Rob and Jess agree that team Michael Scott’s ultimate demise was going to the bar for direction instead of the museum and not Scott’s injury at the beginning of the leg. Rob think that they should have questioned the directions they got when they heard the pitstop was 27 miles away.

Jess prefered the traveling in this leg compared to last season as there was 3 different modes of travel instead of staying in the same city or only have one mode of transport.

Rob questions if Misty and Jim are getting too cocky but Jess feels they are not because they can back it up. However Jess doesn’t agree with their goal to become the most dominant team of all time. Rob thinks that they are being set up to be a villain or being setting up for a fall.

Jess felt that Jim summed up the detores up perfectly. He said that one task you can just power through it and the other is has much more skill involved.

Jess felt that the animals in both task gave back what ever attitude you were giving to them. The more stressed out a team was the longer they were at the task.

Rob was surprised at Keith and Whitney’s relationship and how Phil questioned tell about it at the pit stop. Jess explained how she was surprised at how good tv they are, she was expecting them to be that team who you forget about.

Rob felt that the only thing Tim and TeJay did right this leg was getting directions to the pit stop.

Jess thinks that Rob and Brook are just a hot mess and will scrape through even though they shouldn’t. She feels that they will be the Suki and Jinder from TAR Canada.

Jess also thought at the beginning that Shelly and Nici would win the leg but then they just disappeared throughout the episode. Jess and Rob have no idea what will happen to them next leg after the preview.

Jess finds it hard to get an impression from Amy and Maya as they are getting a completely invisible edit.

Jess also feels that the next leg will be an non-elimination leg and that there will be a big time difference between teams arriving at the mat.

Power Rankings:
Misty and Jim
Adam and Bethany
Kim and Ally
Keith and Whitney
Amy and Maya or Brook and Robbie

Rob and Jess speculate that the final memory task might have something to do with all of the costumes of the greeters at the pit stop. However Jess tells the listeners that speculating what the memory task will be will make you crazy so she suggests to not do it and just enjoy the race.

Jess questions why there has been only one roadblock this season. She feels like it was because of last season with Dave doing only a small number of roadblock. Rob suggests it might be because of Bethany’s disability however Jess disagrees.

Jess thinks that Misty and Jim shouldn’t be u turned because they have the save however Rob suggest if they were it would be like flushing the hidden immunity idol on Survivor. Jess also thinks that they will be u turned just because people are emotional.

Jess felt that Tim and TeJay completely over thought the sheep task instead of doing it the much easier way.

Thanks to Shane Gallagher for the recap of today’s podcast.

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