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RHAPpy Hour 36 – Big Brother Canada 3 Breakdown with Godfrey Mangwiza

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This week Jordan is joined by his slop brother and Big Brother Canada 3’s runner up Godfrey Mangwiza. Jordan interviews Godfrey about his upbringing in Zimbabwe (4:38), his preparation prior to playing Big Brother (32:00) and his experiences in the house (54:06). Things discussed in this episode include:

  • The many nuances of Godfrey’s strategy (including asking “would you rather” questions among other things)
  • Godfrey’s initial game plan
  • Godfrey’s thoughts on The Ginja Ninja
  • Godfrey’s perspective on what happened during Week 5 (Jordan’s blindside)
  • Whether the various stories Godfrey told about his life were true
  • And much more!
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