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Celebrity Apprentice

Follow all of the antics of Donald Trump and the latest batch of crazy celebrities competing on a reality show with the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice podcast hosted by Rob Cesternino.

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11/10/14 - Reactions to the New Cast of Celebrity Apprentice from Rob and Mike Bloom

05/23/13 - Unfortunately, another season of the Celebrity Apprentice has come to an end. We started out with two teams picked by Bret Michaels, the first one fired, and Trace Adkins, who would go on to win. Donald Trump made his usual arbitrary firings, Omarosa made more enemies, and Penn and Trace made ice cream. What a season!

05/20/13 - Rob Cesternino reacts to the selection of the winner on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice with Ryan Pappolla

05/16/13 - Rob Cesternino discusses Trace and Penn in the Celebrity Apprentice finale with Ryan Pappolla.

05/08/13 - Trace Adkins, Penn Jillette, Lil Jon, and Lisa Rinna each believe that they should be hired as Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. The following lays out why these celebrities should sit atop the Iron Throne of the Boardroom.

5/07/13 - Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12 joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the Foxwoods task on Celebrity Apprentice

05/01/13 - Week 9 MVP: Gary Busey If you came here to read about Penn, Lisa, Trace, Marilu, Lil Jon, or Donald Trump, you’re out of luck.  Gary Busey was fired (Forced Into Retirement Early Dammit!) in what was one his greatest episodes ever.  Not only is he the MVP this week, he is by far the most valuable player of the season.  He definitely went out with a mechanical bang.  YAY! Foot on the […] Read More

4/30/13 - Rob Cesternino talks with Eric Curto about the antics of Gary Busey and The Mechanical Dog on Celebrity Apprentice

This week’s episode of the Celebrity Apprentice inspired me to take a trip to South Africa, so I’m actually writing this from my hotel room.  I’m slightly distracted due to the number of people that have been murdered outside my window, but the lovely romantic sky is keeping me calm.  After this, I think I’ll go for a bush massage and some bunny chow.  Hopefully I don’t get killed by a shark fart along the […] Read More

04/23/13 - On this week's Celebrity Apprentice, Gary Busey once again stole the show. We'll break down all of the hijinx and the terrible job by team Power in this week's Apprentice recap.

04/16/13 - In one podcast Rob Cesternino updates you on an "Amazing" night of Reality TV with recaps of "The Celebrity Apprentice" and "Amazing Race"

The Dictator: Chapter 1 His hands shook as he stared at the TV in disbelief.  How could this happen?  How could Donald Trump fire such a great man?  He had never had much respect for Americans, but Ambassador Dennis Rodman was different.  What a rebounder; not just in basketball, but in life!  “What is the point of watching this show without my good friend Dennis”, thought the dictator.  As he replayed the episode in his […] Read More

03/08/12 - The week the teams on The Celebrity Apprentice went to work for Melania Trump and found out exactly how hard it is to spell Melania.

If Gary Busey doesn’t win my MVP this week, I deserve to be fired.  This would cause problems for me, and while problems are opportunities in disguise, I’d prefer to keep writing this blog. No Gary, MVP does not stand for Major Vasectomy Problems.  This week Busey was not only great; he was great great, very great, greatly great, and excellent.  After starting the task by playing with clay (not Aiken) like a four year […] Read More

04/02/13 - Talking with Survivor writer Mario Lanza about the latest episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice