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Rob Has a Web Show: Recapping the Amazing Race Finale

As recapped by the Amazing RHAP intern and recapper, Amy (@RHAPrecapper) 

Rob and Nicole are back from NYC and a harrowing plane ride to discuss The Amazing Race Finale, Survivor, and more. They announce that the Survivor post-finale spreecast will be at 11:15 PM EST on Sunday, May 13th. RSVP now!
Rob and Nicole congratulate Edna on new baby Dean (which is an anagram of Edna). Nicole believes BareEase helps in the birthing process.

In baseball news, Mr. Heidi Strobel (Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels) threw a baseball at Bryce Harper. Afterwards, he admitted that he threw it at him on purpose. Rob and Nicole then get in an argument over Mr. Stephenie LaGrossa and Nicole’s baseball viewing habits. The chatroom feels Nicole won the argument, but Rob was the clear victor. [Editor’s note: Rob told me to write that.] Tune in to judge for yourself.

Spoilergate: A lot of people (or maybe just a vocal minority) were upset that Rob said Kat started following him on twitter last week.

Rob and Nicole talk about Reyes acting up in foul ways last night and leaving behind some evidence (that was not dirt) in the hallway.

Amazing Race: Rob and Nicole congratulate Dave and Rachel, the winningest team in the history of The Amazing Race. Rob marvels at how they were able to fight so much and still win 8 legs. They also analyze the physics of the sled challenge and whether Rob would be able to bring home the chicken. They also discuss Vanessa’s sprained ankle, which contestants would do well on Survivor, whether Mark and Bopper will be back for All Stars, and which TAR couples will last the longest.

WARNING: This web show gets an EXPLICIT rating around the 45 minute mark.

Survivor: Rob thinks Tarzan could win because of the bitter men on the jury. Rob and Nicole speculate about Kim’s end game and they debate about using an idol to get rid of Sabrina. They think Kim has 110% chance of making the final 3. Rob mentions how La CucaraCHA loves the Fincher video and is a great sport. Nicole predicts Sabrina will go home tonight; Rob thinks it’s Tarzan.

Fan Favorite: Rob’s Official Endorsement is rooster and friend of RHAP, Matthew J Quinlan. If he wins, it will really show the power of RHAP fans.

Coming Attractions: Keep your eye out for the Best of Survivor One World, the return of the Friggin 5, Rob has a Lovecast, movie and Glass House podcasts, the Big Brother Player rankings, as well as Rob has a Web Show throughout the summer!

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Derek_Sye

    I wrote a grand total of 3 sentences about the “spoiler” last week. Seems like I may have struck a nerve with you Rob…

    • To be fair, I got a few more comments than just yours… I just try very hard to avoid spoilers so I don’t want people to think that I am giving out any sort of spoiled intel on the shows.

  • No mention of Rupert’s political progress today so I thought I’d give you an important election update.

    Since the Indiana governor’s election primary was yesterday and is considered “perhaps the most important race on the November general election ballot” by the Northwest Indiana Times, I thought I’d mention that it’s officially down to a 3-way race between Mike Pence (R), John Gregg (I), and Rupert.  Rupert locked up the Libertarian nomination in February though.  

    Maybe I can be your self-appointed correspondent in the field for the remainder of the race.  And by “in the field” I mean that I’ll read things online from Los Angeles.  

    • Absolutely, I see a Friggin’ 5 segment with your name on it in the near future!

  • Hey Rob, remember last week when you said you wanted something Kim could stamp as her ‘big move?’ Are you happy now? Once again, she continues to play with a massive millstone around her neck in Chelsea, who completely blew up her spot once again, and yet she STILL managed to completely turn it around and convince Alicia to vote out her strongest ally. She’s dominating this game while playing with frickin’ stunt conditions at this point. It’s like Kim said before the season, “I think what I’m going to do is get an ally who manages to out my plans to everyone every few days, just to give myself something to do because winning normally is simply too easy.” That’s a big damn move, and I think it’s about time we might want to consider starting to throw out a different meaning of goat (or should I say GOAT) when talking about Ms. Spradlin.

    • I for one really want to appreciate and get excited for Kims gameplay, what stops me though is that her opposition is people like Tarzan and Alicia.  I cant help but think she has no real competition.

      • That argument has been brought out quite a bit, but it’s something of an improvable hypothesis either way. I will just say this, it’s interesting that the people that have played the most dominant games (Heidik, Boston Rob, Russell, Cirie/Parvati, JT/Stephen, etc.) are always coincidentally on seasons where the players around them are “soo terrible.” Maybe the truly elite players are just really good at making other people make mistakes, and making them look dumber than they actually are? There are fish on every survivor season, but the greats are just able to show how completely out of their depth they are.
        Throughout the season, how dumb was Alicia really? Loathsome, sure, occasionally delusional, yeah, I can see that, but she formed a majority alliance early that still has 4/5 members, including herself, she kept herself safe when she was on the wrong side of the numbers at the swap, she put herself in a great endgame position where she could force Kim to switch because Kim wouldn’t be dumb enough to go to rocks in a 33% death scenario to save Chelsea. Until tonight where Kim absolutely played her under the table, I’m not sure how ‘stupid’ she actually was. I’d make the case that outside of Sophie and Coach, she might have been the best player on the previous season… at least homegirl had a plan. And the thing is, if Kim wasn’t an absolute master, her plan probably works. She gets Chelsea tonight, gets Kim out at 4, and beats Tarzan and Christina at the end. This was not an unforced error by any stretch of the imagination. Alicia had a good plan, Kim just countered masterfully. For an example of people looking dumb with another of the all-timers, look back at Thailand. Was Helen really a stupid person when she was giving that speech on the boat to her husband about what a straight up guy Brian was, and how he was going to play fair, even though we at home knew the truth? No, he’s just a high-functioning sociopath that was exceptional at presenting that image of himself until he could turn into the Lord of Darkness within when it was too late for people to stop him. It’s pretty rare on a season where there’s a dominant player that it doesn’t look like the other players are idiots to the viewers at home.

        • Honestly I dont remember Thailand well enough to argue about it so ill stick to this season.

          On the is Alicia dumb point? She spent 3 days ridiculing Christina for no strategic purpose just cause shes a loathesome person…then somehow managed to get Christina to be her pawn.  Is this great game play by Alicia? Or is this more proof that the cast is simple? I would go for the latter.  Also Alicia tonight decided to loose one of her pawns in favor of the girl who has been brought on every single reward..the one who clearly is beloved  by everyone left in the game.  Is that smart? I dare say its the opposite, Alicia though one of the better players this season, is a bad player, which really only serves to underscore how bad this cast is.  Really the fact that Colton, probably one of the most clueless people to ever play the game was able to dominate the season so completlly early on is all we need to know about how terrible these players are.
          So sorry I hear what your saying, and I think there is something to be said for the greats make people look stupid…but I think this is one of the dumbests casts that show has ever had, not Kim is making them look dumb anyone with half a brain can make them look dumb (again see how clueless colton was able to dominate them).  I hope we have an all star season soon and get to see KIm on it, I would like to see how she does with some people of average intelligence.

          • Ok, how about this. So I can see where you’re coming from here, when is the last season you’ve felt like they had a truly competent cast, because for my money, these fish are no worse than those on South Pacific, Redemption Island, Nicaragua, or Samoa just in terms of recent vintage.

          • That is an intertesting way to look at things, looking at it that way I must admit the last competent cast was HvV, who of course was competent because they had all played before and even then many of them (Tyson-sorry RHAP Tyson fans) sucked.

            But that being said, I think the south pacific cast was more competent than the current cast.  They made mistakes, (cochran) but their mistakes were generally in trying to improve their position, which I respect more than the current seasons strategy which seems to be to kiss up to the most powerful person in the hopes she will grant them boons.  I also dont think there was anyone on South Pacific who was utterly clueless like Tarzan or ChaCha. 
            So I take your point that most seasons are full of bad players, but I still think this season has an even larger share of useless players.

          • Well, here’s the thing about South Pacific. The reason I think that cast is so abysmal is that not ONE person from day 1 to day 39 actually seemed to even contemplate a move against Coach. Alicia’s plan last night with Tarzan and La Cucharacha was more effort than a single person on South Pacific put in to taking out Coach, Kim just managed to usurp it. And given that post-game, both Jim and Ozzy have publicly said that if Coach had not rambled aimlessly about honor and integrity and instead just said, you know what, I played strategically because I wanted to win, they both would have voted for him, and he would have won, so he would have had a completely uncontested win from day 1 to day 39. This cast is bad, but at least these idiots are making a conscious effort to think for themselves (Kat boot not being what Kim necessarily wanted to do) or trying to take her or her allies out (last night, Troyzan) whereas South Pacific, they all truly were being led like lambs to the slaughter to the inevitable final 3 that was there from literally day 1 of the game. And don’t forget as well that the person leading all these lambs to the slaughter in South Pacific was, before the season, considered one of the worst Survivor players in history, and yet still managed to easily dominate that game.

          • I dont think Coach could have ever won.  First I dont necessarily believe what anyone says about who they would/coulda/shoulda have voted for, but even if you take what Ozzy and Jim said at face value…well saying if coach didnt drone on about honor and integrity he would have won is like saying if Russell wasnt a delusional narcissit he would have won…so yeah if coach was a completly different person he might have won..ok maybe but he is who he is and him alienating the jury with honor and integrity talk was as predictable as the sun rising and in fact Sophie (and I assume others) did correctly predict it so there was never a need to vote coach out. 


  • BS

    Hamels honesty would be refreshing if he actually had a good reason for beaning Harper.  Instead, his explanation for throwing at Harper only confirms and amplifies his douchiness. #PhilliesSuck

  • Andrew Hedspeth

    Brendon and Rachel would not have gotten a penalty for taking the cab because they came back to the original spot and then walked from there. If they had taken the cab to the next roadblock, then they would have gotten a penalty.

    That was clearly the biggest mistake in the finale. They probably would have won if they had followed the clue correctly the first time because at that point, they were just a little behind Dave and Rachel and ahead of Art and JJ.

  • silvercoyote

    When can we get an audio version of this?

  • I too, would like an audio version.

  • Is the audio going to be posted?

  • Thanks for posting the audio.

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