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July 2011

07/26/11 - 337 People, 20 Spots, 1 Podcast! It's the Survivor Top 20 list that you've been waiting for... we've tallied your votes and are ready to reveal the Top 20 Survivors of all-time according to the listeners in one mega-Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

07/25/11 - Rachel and Brendon are back in power in the Big Brother house. Who did Rachel nominate for eviction and how did David Hasselhoff almost destroy their relationship on our latest Big Brother 13 podcast.

07/22/11 - Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12 joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the latest eviction on Big Brother and what life is like in the Big Brother house with Brendon and Rachel on Rob Has a Podcast.

07/18/11 - Jordan just became the new HOH in the Big Brother 13 house, but she won't have an easy decision on who to nominate for eviction. Hear about all the drama and the brewing feud between Rachel & Cassi on Rob Has a Podcast.

07/18/11 - Rob and Nicole are back with a Friggin 5 covering Reality TV's emmy nominations, Parvati's adventure around the world, Carmaggedon, the latest Weiner scandal, your comments and much more on Rob Has a Podcast.

07/15/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down the recent events on Big Brother 13 including the homophobic remarks made by Jeff Schroeder, the first eviction in the house, the new HOH and who is likely to go on the block this week... all on Rob Has a Podcast.

07/14/11 - Rob Cesternino is joined by John Norton from The Tribe podcast to discuss the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David. Rob and John break down the season 8 premiere, the history of Curb and the most entertaining co-stars on Curb Your Enthusiasm on Rob Has a Podcast.

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