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Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings

Welcome the the Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings podcast. Rob Has a Podcast reached out to thousands of dedicated Survivor fans on the ultimate quest to compile the definitive ranking of Survivor seasons. Each week, Rob Cesternino will be joined by a panel of guests to countdown the top 40 chart. Along the way, we’ll take a look back at each season and highlight some of the standout moments, players, and moves.

The Early Boots (Ranked #40 – 31)

40. Island of the Idols 

Kicking off our rankings with the 40th BEST season of Survivor, is Island of the Idols. Rob Cesternino is joined by two RHAP idols, Chantele Francis  (@Chan___Fran) and Chappell (@Chappells_Show), to look back at this season.

39. Redemption Island

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #39: Redemption Island

Rob is joined by host of the KowSkiCast, Mary Kwiatkowski (@FrailMary) and RHAP Class of 2020 shining star, Jason Reed (@JayR1085). We’re duelling our way back into the game to discuss season 22, Survivor: Redemption Island.

38. Thailand

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #38: Thailand

Rob heads to the beaches of Chuay Gahn and Sook Jai with another amazing panel of RHAP podcasters to discuss the 38th best season of SurvivorSurvivor: Thailand! Joining the team for a trip to Thailand is host of Why X Lost, David Bloomberg (@DavidBloomberg), and two standouts from the RHAP Class of 2020, Sasha Joseph (@funSize_04) and Chappell (@Chappells_Show)!

37. One World 

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #37: One World

Joining Rob to recap this season is host of the Drag Race Rucap, Aman Adwin (@AmanAdwin) and RHAP Class of 2020 standout, Sarena Foster (@SarenaFoster).  From the Manono tribe’s big no-no of sending themselves to Tribal Council to Kim’s dominant win, we talk through the highs and lows of One World.

36. Edge of Extinction

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #36: Edge of Extinction

Seriously dude? We’re heading to the Edge to take a look back at the 36th best season of Survivor – Survivor: The Edge of Extinction. Rob is joined by some all-star podcasters to raise the sail as they discuss the highs and lows of this season. Two pilots are steering the game and the podcast, as Matt Scott (@MattScottGW) and Ari Ferrari (@AriFerrari) take a trip to the Edge.

35. World’s Apart

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #35: Worlds Apart

Whether you are white collar, blue collar, or no collar, gather round as we break down the 35th best season of SurvivorSurvivor: Worlds Apart! Rob is joined by two stellar podcasters to dive into this season. Please welcome Jenny Autumn (@jennyautumn) and Phil Thompson (@listenupphilip). We promise you this podcast won’t be anything like doing dishes on your birthday.

34. Nicaragua

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #34: Nicaragua

We’re heading to season 21 of Survivor to discuss Survivor: Nicaragua! Rob Cesternino is joined by AJ Norris (@Thekidnorris) and Jacob Jones (@jacobj_jones) for this leg of the countdown journey. They discuss the highs and the lows of this season, from Fabio’s luscious locks to several quits.

33. Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #33: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

We are heading to Fiji to discuss the Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers with a panel of RHAP podcasters. Rob is joined by co-host of the Tough As Nails recap, Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie), and RHAP Class of 2020 shining star, Brandon Chappell (@Chappells_Show). Of these three podcasters, who is the hero, the healer, and the hustler?

32. Ghost Island

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #32: Ghost Island

We’re attempting to reverse the curse as we head to the beaches of Naviti and Malolo for Survivor: Ghost Island. Joining Rob for this leg of the journey is two podcasting legends, Liana Boraas (@LianaRHAP) and Phil Torres (@philerd). Nobody on this podcast will be putting the mic down, bro, as they do a deep dive into the 32nd best season of Survivor.

31. Game Changers

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #31: Game Changers 

We’re discussing antiquing, advantage-geddon, and Debbie’s iconic tiger bathing suite as we dive into Survivor: Game Changer, the 31st best season of Survivor. Head to exile with a panel of experts to to discuss the good and bad of this season (and no, it’s not John Cochran waiting aboard a pirate ship). Today, Rob is joined by Grace Leeder (@hifromgrace) and Aysha Welch (@AyshaLikeAsia) to break down this game-changing season.

The Pre-Merge Seasons (Ranked #30 – 21)

30. Caramoan

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #30: Caramoan

Rob is joined by New Girl Old Guy co-hosts Akiva Wienerkur (@Keev26) and Ali Lasher (@lashtweets). Together, this trio unpacks a fans vs favorites season like no other, Survivor: Caramoan. They discuss Cochran’s winning game, among other highs and lows of this season.

29. South Pacific

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #29: South Pacific

Two Cochran seasons back to back?! Just as this season brought in two experts, we’re bringing in two experts to break it all down. Rob is joined by host of the RuPaul’s Drag Race podcast, Beth Dixon (@AugustaWind11), and host of the Love Island RHAPup Brian Scally (@Brian_Scally).

28. Fiji

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #28: Fiji

We’re heading to Fiji 1.0, back before it became the backdrop for many seasons to come. Rob is joined by an incredible panel to dig into this season. Please welcome Aaron Robertson (@AARobertson94) and Gia Worthy (@classicallygia).

27. Guatemala

This season, like the idol, is not on the ground as it sits promptly at 27. Rob welcomes two coaches, Taran Armstrong (@ArmstrongTaran) and Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype) to the panel. Together, this panel discusses the highs and lows of Survivor: Guatemala.

26. Gabon

Fashion your buff into a bowtie for the 26th BEST season of Survivor… Gabon! Rob heads to the Sugar Shack with Maggie Morgan (@_mlmorgan) and Phil Thompson (@pntjrx) for this leg of the season rankings.

25. Samoa

What? Did someone say Samoa was the greatest of all time? According to our listeners it’s the 25th greatest of all time.  Pooya (@Pooyaism) and Mel Hulst (@YouCanAndYouMel) join Rob to break down Survivor: Samoa.

24. All-Stars

An all-star season calls for an all-star panel. Rob is joined by Shannon Guss (@ShannonGaitz) and Matt Liguori (@mattliguori) to reminisce on the 24th BEST season of Survivor… Survivor: All-Stars 

23. Vanuatu

Do you hear the rumble of the 23rd BEST season? Take a trip to the Islands of Fire with Rob, Grace Leeder (@hifromgrace), Kevin McClain (@AsianNarc) and Nigel Bocanegra (@bocanegra_nigel), as they look back at Survivor: Vanuatu.

22. Marquesas

We’re heading to the French Polynesia in the southern Pacific Ocean. Rob is joined by Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie), and Geneva Guadalupe (@peaceloveGen). Together, this panel discusses the highs and lows of Survivor: Marquesas.

21. Survivor Africa (Part 1Part 2)

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #21: Africa

This was such an iconic season, that we couldn’t even fit it into one podcast! Catch part one here and part two here. Pack your bags and travel to Kenya, because it’s time to cover Survivor: Africa! This season introduced us to some iconic players, a new continent, tiebreaker trivia, and some of the harshest elements. Such a jam-packed season calls for an expert panel. Rob is joined by host of the Top Chef RHAPup Haley Strong (@hstrong_) and special guest Lindsay Wilson to crack open the season and a can of beans.

The Merge (Ranked #20 – 11)

20. The Australian Outback 

We’ve made it to the merge as we hit the 20th BEST season on our countdown. This week, Rob takes a trip to the Australian Outback with Chappell (@Chappells_Show) and Aimee Chan (@survivortragic) to break down this iconic season. Grab some beef jerky and get ready to dive into Survivor: The Australian Outback!

19. Cook Islands

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #19: Cook Islands

We’re out of the twenties and into the teens as we march on up the Survivor season rankings. This week, Taran Armstrong (@ArmstrongTaran) hatches a Plan Voodoo of his own as he fills in for Rob to host this week’s episode. Taran is joined by hosts of the Wrestling RHAPup, Matt Scott (@MattScottGW) and Mari Forth (@MariTalks2Much) recap this iconic season. Will these podcast hosts decide to mutiny? You’ll have to listen and find out.

18. Palau

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #18: Palau

We’re singing “We are the Survivors” as we paddle into the 18th BEST season on our weekly countdown. Today, we’re travelling to the tropical waters of Micronesia to discuss Survivor: Palau. There will be no dwindling down to a tribe of one on this podcast. Rob is back from his move and is joined by special guests Lita Brillman (@LitaTweeted) and Chantele Francis (@Chan___Fran) for this week of the Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings.

17. Kaoh Rong

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #17: Kaoh Rong

Bro, did you know Kaoh Rong was rated the 17th BEST season of Survivor by the listeners of RHAP? Today, Rob Cesternino is joined by two podcasters who represent all of brains, brawn, and beauty, Jenny Autumn (@jennyautumn) and Pooya (@Pooyaism). Where will Mark the Chicken be remembered in Survivor’s history?

16. San Juan Del Sur

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #16: San Juan Del Sur

Sorry Keith, but we aren’t quite sticking to the plan this week as we speed things up in the RHAP All-Time Top 40 Countdown. Today, Rob is joined by Sasha Joseph (@funSize_04) and Josh Williams (@joshceojw) to break down the 16th BEST season of Survivor… Suvivor: San Juan Del Sur, a season that’s basically a badass. Who will win the Kelley Wentworth award for best pre-merge boot?

15. Panama

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #15: Panama

Are you listening to this podcast on your blackberry? It seems only fitting to pull out Shane’s rock as we head to Exile Island to discuss the 15th BEST season of Survivor… Survivor: Panama! Today, Rob is joined by Jessica Sterling (@TheJessSterling) and Lindsay Wilson to dive into this season.

14. Blood vs. Water

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #14: Blood vs. Water

Is blood thicker than water? We’re answering this question as Rob sits down with Mary Kwiatkowski (@FrailMary) and AJ Norris (@Thekidnorris) as they wander their way through Survivor: Blood vs. Water. It’s a podcast as epic as the moment Ciera voted out her own mother.

13. Borneo

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #13: Borneo

We’ve reached the season that started it all! As we set sail to cover the 13th BEST season of Survivor, we look back at the cultural phenomenon that paved the way for every season to come. Rob is joined by two Survivor experts, David Bloomberg (@DavidBloomberg) and Mel Hulst (@YouCanAndYouMel). Together this trio passes the torch to Survivor: Borneo. 

12. Millennials vs. Gen X

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #12: Millennials vs. Gen X

It’s the battle of the generations on the RHAP All-Time Top 40 Season Rankings, as we debate the linguistics of texting “you” vs “u.” One thing is for sure, you/u won’t want to miss this podcast! Rob Cesternino is joined by Kirsten MacInnis (@kirstensaidwhat) and Aysha Welch (@AyshaLikeAsia) to break down this iconic season.

11. Philippines

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #11: Philippines

We’re inching closer and closer to the top ten as we finish out the teens. Rob is joined by Brian Cohen (@CohenBrian_) and Ari Ferrari (@AriFerrari) to mat-SWING into the 11th BEST season of Survivor… Survivor: Philippines!

The Jury (Ranked #10 – 4)

10. Tocantins

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #10: Tocantins

We’ve made it to the TOP 10! It’s time to take a flight to the Brazilian Highlands to cover the 10th BEST season of Survivor… Survivor: Tocantins. Rob is joined by quiz master and host of TWISH Ultimate Trivia, Jordan Kalish (@JordanKalish), and host of the Challenge RHAPup, Ali Lasher (@lashtweets), to walk you through the season.

9. Cambodia

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #9: Cambodia

It’s time to give Survivor: Cambodia a second chance as we look back at this season on the RHAP All-Time Top 40 Rankings. In line with the season’s theme, we had a fan vote that determined this to be the 9th BEST season of Survivor. What better way to look back at this incredible season than to welcome Dr. Christian Hubicki (@chubicki) on the podcast?

8. The Amazon

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #8: Amazon

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for. Rob takes a trip down memory lane with Mary Kwiatkowski (@FrailMary) and Maggie Morgan to cover Survivor: The Amazon. Grab a jar of your favorite peanut butter, sharpen your machete, and get ready for a wild ride.

7. Winners at War

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #7: Winners At War

Cue the Winners at War theme song, because we’re hungry for more Survivor! Rob is joined by two Survivor experts, Taran Armstrong (@ArmstrongTaran) and Shannon Guss (@ShannonGaitz) to break down this winning season. Climb up Tony’s ladder and the rankings to the 7th best season of the series.

6. David vs. Goliath

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #6: David vs. Goliath

The 6th BEST season of Survivor is none other than David vs. Goliath – BING! We have a panel of podcasting Goliaths ready to break this season down. Rob shares his jacket with Chappell (@Chappells_Show) and Jason Reed (@JayR1085) as they revisit jacketgate, the idol nullifier, and so much more.

5. China

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #5: China

It’s time to read up on The Art of War, because the 5th BEST season of Survivor is none other than Survivor: China! That’s right, we’ve reached the top 5 baby! Come and join Rob, Kirsten MacInnis (@kirstensaidwhat) and Brian Scally (@Brian_Scally) as they revisit this unforgettable season. As Chicken would say, “damn” that sounds like one good podcast!

4. Micronesia

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #4: Micronesia

It’s not an f-ing stick, it’s the 4th BEST season of Survivor! Hold onto your immunity necklace and join Rob Cesternino, Mari Forth (@MariTalks2Much) and Lindsay Wilson as they bring you Survivor: Micronesia. We’re running through our favorite moments of Fans vs. Favorites as we revisit the highs and lows of this season.

The Final 3 (Ranked #3 – 1)

3. Pearl Islands 

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #3: Pearl Islands

We’re bartering our way through a season loved by grandmas everywhere. Set sail with Rob, Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType), and Haley Strong (@hstrong_) as they revisit the 3rd BEST season of Survivor… Survivor: Pearl Islands! Throw on some tie dye, a “die jerks” bandana, and get ready to travel to the beaches of Panama as we enter the TOP 3 seasons.

2. Cagayan

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #2: Cagayan

Show us your llama impression as we hit the second BEST season of Survivor on our countdown… Survivor: Cagayan. Rob welcomes Mr. 90 Day Fiancé, Pooya (@Pooyaism), and Washington Post TikTok guy, Dave Jorgenson (@davejorgenson), to the panel. Together, they throw on some purple pants and dive straight into Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty.

1. Heroes vs. Villains

Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings | #1: Heroes vs. Villains

Congratulations to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, on being crowned the season that will officially go down as “the greatest of ALL TIME!” After rewatching every single season of Survivor, we’ve officially made it to the best of the best, the true hero of seasons. We’re capping off this incredible countdown with one last stellar panel to marvel at this top tier season. Rob is joined by Shannon Guss (@ShannonGaitz) and Chappell (@Chappells_Show) to close out the All-Time Top 40 Rankings with #1: Heroes vs. Villains.

You can also catch up on all of our top 40 rankings with this YouTube playlist.