Vote for the RHAP Listener Top 20 Survivors

For some time you guys have been asking for a top 20 all-time Survivor podcast and now is the time to make your votes count.  We will be polling our listeners to get a top 20 all-time podcast list which will be revealed later this month on Rob Has a Podcast.

Use the form below to submit your votes for the Top 20 Survivors of all-time.


1.  Use whatever criteria you choose to come up with your Top 20 Survivor players list.

2. Please count all Survivors as one person rather than individual season efforts (i.e. you would be ranking Coach’s complete body of work rather than only Coach from Survivor: Tocantins).

3. This is simply for fun so we ask that each listener only votes once.

4. Each place vote corresponds to a certain amount of points from 1-20 (See below).

5. The results will be tallied in a podcast to be recorded later this month.

6. All votes must be recieved by 11:59 pm PST on Monday, July 18th, 2011.

7. The votes will be tallied by an independent 3rd party so Rob Cesternino or Nicole will have no knowledge of the actual votes or the tally until the actual podcast.


The voting for this poll is now CLOSED.  Stay tuned to Rob Has a Podcast for news about when the Top 20 results show is posted.  Thanks for voting!

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