Parvati Shallow on Going Around the World for Free

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole went over to ESP Wellness in Santa Monica to catch up with Parvati Shallow, the new host of “Around the World for Free 3”.  Before Parvati leaves on her trip she spoke with Rob and Nicole about:

– How will the viewers determine her fate over the next 100 days of her life?

– What kinds of things does she hope to avoid during Around the World for free?

– How does she stack up against Boston Rob Mariano, in terms of travel show hosts and Survivor players?

– Why is she working so hard to turn Nicole into a killing machine?

It’s a Parvcast so good, that you won’t believe it’s for free either… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.


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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino with Parvati Shallow, host of Around the World for Free 3

Rob and Nicole with Parvati, Pre Around the World for Free 3

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